The Letter I Wish I Could Send To My Old Pediatrician

Dear Dr. Asshat;

You probably haven’t even noticed that I pulled my child out of your practice but I wanted to take a minute to explain why I did. You SUCK!  Your lack of curiosity about my son’s medical decompensation and subsequent Autism after his over-vaccination under your care is offensive. Apparently “do no harm” really means “do not care”.

Do you know that my husband hates you so much that I can’t mention your name in his presence? Yes, we blame YOU. Since the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) had the forethought to indemnify all pediatricians with zero legal liability before implementing the harshest vaccine schedule in the world, my only recourse is this letter.  “Oh, but…” you whine, “we don’t know that vaccines cause Autism.” Actually, if you read the vaccine package inserts we do know and they do.

I saw that glint of panic in your eye when I brought Nick in at 18 months, three months after receiving the MMR, Dtap and Hib in one visit. Over those three months we had been in the Emergency room, spent countless hours with On-call pediatricians and Sick visits for unrelenting ear infections, bronchitis, and endless rounds of antibiotics. At that 18 month visit I told you Nick had stopped speaking and I saw the faintest shadow cross your face. That was your suspicion about what had happened. If you’d had the balls to say it out loud then; “Vaccine Adverse Event”, we could have begun the healing immediately. Instead you abandoned the truth and left Nick and I helpless to figure it out.


There were so many moments when you failed my son. The most shocking realization came when I called you to tell you Nick had been formally diagnosed with Autism at 21 months.  You told me you had an Autistic daughter.  I had asked you at Nick’s 15 month shots, if you had the decision to make  again for your children, would you still vaccinate with the MMR? You assured me it was safe.  Guess that MMR may not have worked out all that well for you either?

When I told you Nick had been diagnosed with Mitochondrial dysfunction you replied “that’s strange?” What’s strange? That a mom knows the word ‘Mitochondrial’? Certainly not that an Autistic child has a Mitochondrial issue?  The UMF, the United Mitochondrial Foundation, estimates Mito Dysfunction is possible in as many as 80% of Autistic kids. Mito dysfunction should be one of the first things you look for in a child that regresses like Nick did.


Or the office visit when we realized that Nick had gone from the 95th percentile in height and weight down to the 33rd in nine months.  You told me there was no cause for alarm because obesity was the greater concern in children’s health.

When I told you I had put Nick on a gluten free/casein free diet and his horrific diarrhea had decreased by 50% and he had started putting two words together you tried to dissuade me from continuing. You said “but food is social and these kids are too isolated already”. Let me tell you, there is nothing social about chronic acidic diarrhea. You called it “Toddler Diarrhea” and told me I gave him too much juice. We gave him no juice. It was Clostridia that you had failed to diagnose. And the condescending CYA (cover your ass) note that you wrote in the chart about ‘mom not following your advice’ was a nice touch too.  Following your advice not to try new bio medical interventions to heal my sick and injured baby would have had far more toxic results than anything we have tried.


You broke my child. You took a healthy baby boy and by 18 months you left me with a yard sale of medical problems and neurological damage. Your response was one lousy referral to Early Intervention. Quite simply, you stole my son’s future.  Pediatricians should be looking harder at Autism than anyone else. They should be the most worried.  You are, as a group, guiltiest of refusing to acknowledge the enormity of the Autism crisis. The silence from the pediatric community on Autism is deafening. Your colleagues are ignoring their role in the decimation of a generation of children.  You are practicing a form of medicine you cannot defend. There have been no studies on the full vaccination schedule’s subsequent effects on a baby. You have no research to fall back on. The studies don’t exist. Pediatric medicine has left common sense behind.

It disgusts me that as a pediatrician you can get continuing education credits for seminars that teach you how to deal with parents who question vaccine safety. It’s not the parent’s problem that your work life as a pediatrician has become so untenable that the 15 extra minutes it takes to review a family history for the red flags of auto immunity or weigh the pros and cons of a certain vaccine could cause pediatricians so much aggravation. What other profession could survive with the ‘my way or the high way’ tenor of so many pediatric practices today? Can you imagine if an interior decorator took that tone? “You do the whole house in ‘Retro ‘50’s Suburban’ or I walk”. We are consumers of your care. We pay for your services. If we cannot partner with you in our child’s health than how can we work with you?

My God I hope you are learning as children crash from vaccine damage in your practice. But if you are not, know this; The moment it hits you… the total sum of the damage you, individually, are responsible for,  there is nothing I could say to you that will hurt as much as the cracking blow of that realization.


Mama Mac

Now that I have put my anger where it’s due I’m going to fill my heart  with the loving energy I need to heal my son and breathe in the hope and grace of all of the courageous Autism parents I get to hang out with at Autism One next week in Chicago.

Let the healing begin.

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  1. I even think things like the sonograms they are doing when a woman is pregnant to show you the fetus. Read my book “Doctors Are More harmful Than Germs”.
    If you tell the doctor that your child is probably allergic to eggs because is a family history, they will become exempt from vaccines because most vaccines are grown in egg embryos.

  2. Janice says:

    Great letter. I added your son’s story to my “Stories of vaccine-injured children” blog list:

    Keep fighting the good fight!

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  4. Dr. Nicky says:

    I am chiropractor in the US and have two children who are unvaccinated. Reading all your posts helped remind me why I am so adamently against them and renewed my passion for helping parents in my practice “see the light” before they allow their pediatricians to harm their children. Any good books, magazine articles, etc. that I could use to help educate them would be much appreciated. Thanks to all of you for taking time to post your stories and share your feelings on this subject. I hope I am not the only one who is “re-inspired” to spread the word.

  5. Vioet Sunderland says:

    I would like to suggest leaving print-outs in laundromats for other mothers to see, especially large apartment laundromats.

  6. cia parker says:

    It would be excellent if this letter were to be broadcast widely, it’s obvious all the moms who have commented here would strongly support it. I would donate what I could to a fund to pay the expenses of publication and distribution. Could you consider it?

  7. My son’s autism was obvious FROM BIRTH, as was my PND. My doctor did nothing and my health visitor called Social Services. Social Services ignored all of the CLASSIC and OBVIOUS signs of autism and accused me of parental neglect, taking me to court to try to remove my son from my care.

    During that awful time my son was diagnosed (according to the specialist he had “The most profound case of autism I’ve ever seen in a child so young” – my son wasn’t quite three) and the court cleared me of neglect. A care order was placed to give myself and my son access to extra services and the social worker walked away with her tail between her legs.

    My son no longer lives with me because of my epilepsy and his violent meltdowns, but I see him regularly. He has born autistic and I believe that vaccines can only excacerbate something that is already there rather than cause it (I don’t think I actually even allowed my son to have the MMR) but I agree with everything else you’ve said here.

    You ought to send that letter, to any organisation you can think of who will sit up and take notice.

    • yankeegirl says:

      It could be an exposure in utero. My friend and I talk about autism all the time. She has two young grandchildren and I’ve done everything I can to educate her so her grandkids don’t get hurt. She told me her daughters has a friend who works in a lab. She actually tested some prenatal vitamins and the vitamins tested postive for formaldhyde. Now why would formaldehyde be in pre-natal vitamins. The poisoning starts before birth and the dosing continues with the vaccines.

  8. Leah Molly says:

    Bravo! Powerful letter. We posted it on our Facebook page, Autism – Two Moms On A Crusade For Answers.

  9. Kerian Savill says:

    You people all need to unite and make such a fuss that something will have to be done.
    I have personally seen a number of children who were perfectly normal before those injections but now have autism and other serious problems. How the medical fraternity can keep insisting that they are safe is beyond me.

  10. Liz Hempel says:

    Wow. This post hits so close to home.
    Very hard to read, but so candid and real.
    Thank you for sharing xxx

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  12. Pam Long says:

    Thank you for saying everything I wanted to say to my pediatrician back in 2006 at age 2 as he chose complete denial about my son’s regression. My son is doing well thanks to biomedical treatment, and this letter gives me some closure. I tried to educate my pediatrician, and my vaccine-giving OB-GYN, for their benefit and the benefit of other children. However, this letter was for my good–to know that this rule-following mom has a right to be angry, disappointed, and justified to throw a few curse words about the whole apathetic approach to a generation of sick kids.

  13. Sharlene says:

    I loved your letter…brings back memories!!
    Your letter should be sent to the American Academy of Pediatrics:
    141 Northwest Point Blvd
    Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-1098
    Fax: 847/434-8000
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Here is the AAP Response to Parental Refusals of Immunization of Children:
    “The goal of this report is to assist pediatricians in understanding the reasons parents may have for refusing to immunize their children, review the limited circumstances under which parental refusals should be referred to child protective services agencies or public health authorities, and provide practical guidance to assist the pediatrician faced with a parent who is reluctant to allow immunization of his or her child.”
    I hope your letter spread like wildfire :)

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  15. Regina says:

    Thank you for being such a strong women and saying what so many of us want to. I pulled my 6 yr old son from a pediatric practice before any damage was done, thank God! I wish more parents would wake up and start protecting their children. Please send the letter. Bless you

  16. concerned mom says:

    I simply love your letter. It should go public in every way possible including being left at every peds office! I have 7 kids, of which only two have received two shots until I was brave enough to stand up to my doctor. All have had chicken pox , contracted the natural way , as well as two from CP vaccinated classmates. I never took my kids to a ped. We only had a regular family MD who would mention the odd time I came in that my kids were not vacc’d. But he never pushed it. He is very old school when it comes to vaccs. I refused each time saying “i can always vaccinate , but I can’t unvaccinate (you all know what I mean) I had school exemptions for all of them and it was never an issue until child #3 went into nursing this past year. Her placements required shots. I spent months working on this and was able to get away with all but tetanus and MMR. We figured if it was going to jeopardize her university and career, at 19 , she could manage the two shots followed by a major detox afterwards. AFter all , she was not a 7lb infant being injected with adult tolerance limits of crap! It was the best we could get away with without looking suspicious from avoiding/exempting the flu, hepb, cp, etc shots. She is fine and spent two months under a detox protocol.

    At least if the infants were put on a less stringent vacc schedule, such as Sears, in the extreme, I think that they would not suffer as much. autism has risen exponentially…sure there are odd cases of it where there have been no vaccs but those are few and far in between. These kids are being subjected to huge toxic loads be it from one thing or another. Everything is suspect, and so it should be. Environmental hazards, diet, stress, etc all play a role in all diseases. I know. Though none of my kids have autism, despite every precaution I could take (nursing, no vaccs, organic lifestyle, natural childbirth, I am a holistic nutritionist, tested non municipal water, living in the country, blah, blah,……) I still ended up with my youngest being diagnosed with leukemia at the age of four…..go figure.!!!! So , nothing is 100% foolproof, but at least we can reduce/mitigate the effects of whatever damage has occurred and improve quality of life. I wish more people would understand how the vaccinations are causing a potential negative in their children, as well as themselves instead of falling prey to the massive propaganda put before them. We have been given a brain with which to think; too bad it is only a small portion of parents who are doing this.

    • Congratulations on your apparent proactivity and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. My daugher, a home birth (now 31), was never vaccinated because my wife and I were concerned abou vaccine safety–in the early 80’s! She still home-schooled Jennifer so she wouldn’t have to be vaccinated! I say to all concerned parents: JUST SAY NO! Read also, “Callous Disregard” by Andrew Wakefield and learn all you can about exemptions–medical, religious and/or philosophical.

      The profession of Pediatrics is now so discredited, I think they (the vaccine pushers, that is), ought to be ashamed of themselves. We treat many vaccine injured children in our medical center and it’s sad…very sad, the callousness and lack of concern of doctors to what’s happening to our children all across America.

    • cia parker says:

      I agree with your methods of ensuring health in your children, and am sorry about your child with leukemia. You’re right, nothing is 100%. Are religious exemptions not permitted in nursing school? They may not be, at least not everywhere, I don’t know.
      I would add a caveat to your recommendation of Dr. Sears’ vaccine schedule. He recommends that babies get the DTaP, Hib, Prevnar, and rotavirus vaccines absolutely the same as the recommended schedule, and I strongly disagree with him on this. My daughter is autistic, damaged by the hep-B at birth, which Dr. Sears does not recommend, but also by the DTaP at 18 months, which made her lose the only two words she had started saying, and she didn’t say another word until 34 months of age. Babies don’t need the tetanus vaccine until they are running around outside, and even then, you need to research it. I had both arms paralyzed for two days by a tetanus booster when I was nineteen, brachial plexal neuropathy, and then later developed MS, which I think was a reaction to the mercury in the many vaccines I got as a child which my body does not detoxify efficiently.
      The pertussis vaccine is very ineffective, causes asthma, allergies, seizure disorders, autism, and SIDS, even in its new acellular version. My baby had the DTaP at 2, 4, and 6 months, and then got pertussis at a La Leche League meeting when she was 9 months old, and gave it to me. It was a pain, but not dangerous. It’s usually only dangerous to babies less than four months old, and the only way to protect them if pertussis is in town is to keep them in quarantine at home, since they can catch it even from appropriately, recently vaccinated people.
      Rotavirus is very rarely dangerous to babies in the First World, and I think it would be better to rehydrate them with Pedialyte and, if they are old enough, use the BRAT diet, than to compromise their immune system with a vaccine like that for rotavirus.
      Prevnar is a dangerous vaccine which has caused many deaths and cases of disability. Hib is not as dangerous, but it has also caused its share of death and disability. Parents should read Dr. Mayer Eisenstein’s statistics, VAERS reports for each vaccine, and citations of scientific studies before they consent to any vaccine.
      I like Dr. Sears and especially his father’s attachment parenting philosophy, but parents should be aware that his modified vaccine schedule is probably safer, but is a long way from being safe.

      • concerned mom says:

        Yikes, I was not trying to promote Sears, just giving an alternative to the mainstream formula for those who may not be aware that there is one, yet are leery of not vaccinating. My first two only had two shots and I was always off schedule with those anyways.

        My cancer child got the CP one year off treatment from a classmate. Despite his compromised immune system from treatment, which we always supported during treatment, the CP was nothing serious whatsoever. Three days of spots, a product called Skin Gel and there were no new lesions by the fourth and back to school shortly later. Really it was nothing of note. Strangely enough I do have one child who has never had them despite full contact with her other sibs.

        In nursing school, (canada) you have to get the shots because of a practical placement requirement which varies from setting to setting. You can claim an exemption, but that jeopardizes your placement and without the placement mark , you get a fail. They got you coming and going one way or another. You can argue under constitutional rights as well, but I did not want to create an issue at the university and mess up her year. I was happy enough that we got away with the least amount possible. As a healthy young girl, (hasn’t been to the dr’s since she was an infant) we both figured she could tolerate the two shots, spread apart. Amazing to me is that as children in any school setting, we never had a problem due to filed exemptions for all. I never thought about it…until this nursing thing came up. Funny how it is easier for a parent to get an exemption for their child, but an adult has a more difficult time. (in Canada, one can get an exemption without a problem for a child, problem is unless one is aware, most drs won’t bring it up…..downloadable off the gov’t website, gets filed with the school and public health and never an issue)

        Personally, I think Sears is against them in general, but has to make it look good to the public eye. His site has changed. I was always worried about the vaccines even as a young mom…today I think there is more to be worried about and more education needed for new parents as a result. Despite my cancer child never having been vaccinated (there goes that correlation) I have often wondered if perhaps my own shots as a child did not somehow cause DNA damage to my child decades later given other unknown factors which create “the perfect storm” . Weston Price showed how a poor diet can affect generations of offspring in mice and cats. Extrapolating from that, let us consider the effects of our own lives, diet, habits, meds etc and how that may come to bear on our eventually conceived children as well as their own. Scary thought for me……..

  17. rose says:

    this is awesome! u should send it

  18. John Gilmore says:

    I’ve have come to the point where I believe that if a child is not visibly ill it is better and safer for the child to avoid pedia tricians altogether. What do they do at all those “well baby” visits other than inject vaccines? And I am not completely convinced that it isn’t better to stay away from pediatricians even if a child is visibly ill.

    • John Min says:

      You are right. If you don’t need the emergency room, you likely don’t need a pediatrician. Well baby checks are baby poisoning sessions only…parents can by a chart that tells them were there baby compares to other kids with respect to height and weight. To often the peds are not only vaccine pushers by mindless chart readers…twice I have had my highly trained and educated docs tell me our child was underweight when she was a massive chunk at 9 months old and overweight as a 5 year old. If these highly trained docs would actually look at the patient instead of their charts, they never would have made such obviously stupid comments. When my wife told me of these events I had to laugh…and these are docs practicing in the prestigious Cedar’s Sinai in Beverly Hills. Blind chart readers is what they are.

      Look, medicine kills between 250,000 to 800,000 people in this country every year….what is true about your ped is probably close to your GP too. God help you if you show up with an LDL cholesterol of 201…time for statins the rest of your life. Some idiot MD lately was talking about the need for statins is so great that maybe we should put them in the water supply. Medicine needs a major reformation. Unless I need to ER, I stay the hell away from them. Medicine kills more people each year than die from cancer and heart disease…caveat emptor!

  19. John Min says:

    I love this thread, more and more parents are learning they have been lied to. The AAP is an evil organization and have turned into the marketing arm for the vaccine industry. The CDC and the FDA have not done their jobs either and are also in the bag for the vaccine industries. For more info, you can go to the Coalition for Mercury Free Drugs and read Paul King if you want some catharsis or ammunition to slay your pediatrician ( For ongoing efforts in this field and to stay current, go to

  20. Meagan says:

    WOW! So well written. Bravo! I am so thankful I was told I had a choice before my first child was born. When will our medical community wake up to it’s many many down falls.

    Thank you for this powerful message. Love in abundance to you and your babies!

  21. Mandi says:

    Oh how I love a good rant! But even more than that I LOVE how you concluded by filling your life with light and grace for your son and his healing. Bless you on your journey.

  22. If I only I were so eloquent! I did tell Dr. Fuchs the Gastroenterologist at Arkansas Children’s Hospital Autism Clinic that I felt it was very unfortunate that HE was THE Gastroenterologist working in the Autism Clinic after he told me that he prefers to treat a child with Autism who has GI problems exactly the same as a NT child who has GI problems because the Autism has nothing to do with it. He asked me not to return.
    I would like to see your letter in every newspaper and magazine in the country – how much would that cost? To take out an ad? I would support the fundraising efforts!

  23. Erin says:

    You go mama! I’ve so wanted to send a hate letter to all my ex-pediatricians and “specialists” too. I may just have to adopt the term “asshat” in place of “pediatrician” in all future conversations! May you heal your son and yourself!

  24. Kathryn Berg says:

    As a homeopath, mothers have made many comments about stupid things that Doctors have said. The winner in my practice is a doctor that said, “She’s too pretty to be autistic.” REALLY!!!??? Like autistic kids are ugly or something? What an idiot he is.

    On another note, I really encourage all of you to find a CEASE practitioner in your area. This is a methodology that was developed by Tinus Smits, MD, a Dutch homeopathic physician. If there isn’t one in your area, it can be done over Skype. Go to You will also find links to blogs there that you can read to learn about what this is all about. Dr. Smits also wrote about his therapy in his book Autism: Beyond Despair. It is very encouraging. He also reams out the system for injuring the kids, so there is a bit of justice in reading it as well. You can download it from Amazon or order it there.

    A couple weeks ago 38 new practitioners were trained in the US, so there are more and more of us out there who are able to help Autistic kids by removing the energetic imprints of causative agents (vaccines, drugs, etc.) through isotherapy. It is also accompanied by Orthomoleculars (only a few and only those that are necessary) and Classical/Inspiring homeopathy. The three pronged approach is tremendous.

  25. Paracelsus says:

    There is a reason they lowered the recommended age for MMR from 18 months to 12 months. A lot of obvious development is observed between 12 and 18 months. The regression was more obvious when the MMR was given at 18 months. To eliminate those observations and voices of retrospect concern by mothers, lowering the age MMR is administered to 12 months leaves mothers with no discernible development to regress. Take regression out of the equation and you lessen the opposition.

  26. Taximom5 says:

    My first thought (as already posted) was that you should send the letter.

    But I have a better idea.

    Let’s take out a full-page ad in USA TODAY and print the letter, in its entirety, there. It’s not just doctors who should read this. EVERYONE should read this.

    Except we need an acceptable-in-print, yet colorful word to substitute for “ass-hat.” Any ideas?

    • Canada mom says:

      I would definitely give money to publish a letter like this as a full page ad. A letter from thousands of moms and dads written to the so-called health-care providers who have been complicit in the damage. And then maybe the next week, a letter to all those parents out there now who are as naive as we once were.

  27. Canada mom says:

    I’m not sure that if your ped read this, he could even process it. As you said, the moment it hits him, nothing will ever be the same for that man–it’s why the majority of professionals will never let it hit them. In Canada, peds don’t vaccinate, public health nurses do. When I confronted a public health nurse who was promoting flu vaxes at a kids’ play area with the fact that her vaxes contained mercury, and then pointed over to my severely autistic son, stimming in a corner, and told her he wasn’t autistic 10 months earlier, she denied that mercury was in any vaxes. I told her look at the insert, research what thimerosal is, and she started crying. She knew I was right. I moved shortly after that, and don’t know what she might have done with her life after, but I suspect she fell quickly back into denial and to this day is vaxing kids. She would have to quit her job, accept responsibility for her part in the damage, and then try to do something about that. Not too many people are up for that sort of courage.

  28. Simpson Wood says:

    Send the letter – we all need to send the letter to our respective Pharma Harma’s .
    We should all coordinate our efforts and send the same contemptuous letter on the same day . A protest against the coordinated genocide .

  29. Natasa says:

    I do hope you send that letter Mama Mac !

    (and I hope that Dr. Asshat tries to save his soul by first admitting the damage he’s done, then getting himself truly informed and then open and vocal like Dr. Palevsky)

  30. leah says:

    how come you cant send it to him? I would drop it in every clinic that vaccinates. Bless you ox

  31. Rachel says:

    I am right there with you. My beautiful little boy was robbed of his happy healthy future at the tender age of 14 months. The cause: the MMR vaccination. He is going to be 10 this year, and there has not been one single day that I have not cried for him. I have 3 other children, and I can tell you our lives have been leveled by this. While I feel lucky my son has responded to treatment (what little that I can afford) he will NEVER be the same, and this NEVER should have happened in the first place. I HATE pediatricians (99.9% of them!) they should be PROTECTING our children, not HURTING them! If any of them would get their head out of their a$$ MAYBE we could start helping our kids and STOP injuring others! The lame A$$ doctors are so afraid of being “wakefielded” that they won’t so anything about it. They need to grow a pair and put a stop this! I have been kicked out of 3 pediatricians offices in 5 years for refusing to vaccinate my children any more. All because they are so busy bending over for the government!

  32. Karen G says:

    I think this needs to be hand delivered. I am so sorry you ever needed to write it.

  33. Peacemom says:

    My 16 month old sat on my lap, bald from ripping her hair out, limp, and in a vegetative state. It was a follow-up visit to her pediatrician one month after she had been injected with nine vaccines. The pediatrician had the audacity to tell me my daughter’s behavior was”normal” and “a stage” all the while avoiding eye contact with me. She couldn’t look in to my eyes because she knew what she had done. She knew she had put too many vaccines in my little girl. She knew when I had asked “Are you sure this is safe to give all these at once?” and she answered “yes” with that same avoidance of eye contact that she had lied through her teeth. I heard someone in the medical community say that pediatricians are the bottom rung of the medical profession. That they are only glorified drug and needle pushers. No real thought or emotion goes in to their daily work. What once was a prestigious position is no more.

  34. Jaci VW says:

    Oh dear, Mama Mac. I wish that not so many of us parents had stories that so closely mirror your own. As a naive young mom, I blindly trusted my pediatrician too much. We followed the vaccine schedule without a question or hesitation. After all, these doctors know far more than we do and want the best for our precious little ones, right? At first, I appreciated that our pediatrician wasn’t too quick to prescribe antibiotics for every little ear infection. However, it seemed like every time we went in, my son had a “little ear infection that should clear up on its own in a few days.” Shouldn’t this have been a red flag?
    When my son’s development began to lag, whereas he’d been ahead of the curve until his 18 month well-visit, it was all dismissed because I’d just had twins and he’s a boy. Boys are notorious late talkers. Never mind that he had begun saying words for common nouns at one year, and then completely stopped by his 18 month visit. He wasn’t even saying “mama” or “dada” like he had previously. By his two-year well-visit, there was enough concern to refer him to our local birth to three program for evaluation.
    After the official diagnosis, we set up an appointment with our pediatrician to ask questions and get as much valuable information from him that we could. I still deeply trusted and respected this man’s opinion. That quickly began to shatter after he made me feel uneducated and hysterical for putting our son on a GFCF diet. The final kicker was when I brought up vaccines and he told me with obvious annoyance that vaccines do NOT cause autism, and wrote down the name of a book he really wanted me to read. He did his residency with the author and felt he was far more knowledgeable than all the crazy autism parents out there. That book was Autism’s False Prophets by Paul Offit. We immediately switched pediatricians.

  35. Jenn says:

    Namaste ~

  36. Jackie Murphy says:

    We should all commit to printing fifty copies and sending them to pediatric offices in our counties. Open up the phone book and put the addresses on. Return address can be the CDC or AAP! I love this! It is a brilliant piece!

  37. Jackie Murphy says:

    From the mother of a severely autistic child, and….I am a reformed RN!

  38. Karen Dana says:

    Beautifully said! Can you please make Asshat buttons for all of us to give to our child’s doctors.

  39. Mama Wolverine says:

    I see the hags in pseudo-science are up in arms over your post. Keep up the good work. Someday I will send my already prepared letter[s] to my pediatricians who were absolutely worthless. I love my child dearly and will do everything in my power to heal my sick child, unlike some who would toss them away like soiled clothing; because they couldn’t be bothered.

  40. Allie says:

    Mama Mac, you are AWESOME!!

    “The moment it hits you… the total sum of the damage you, individually, are responsible for, there is nothing I could say to you that will hurt as much as the cracking blow of that realization.”

    Oh, to just be in the building in that moment, to witness the cracking blow…to see the condescending, bullying jerk that I had literally known my WHOLE life (and babysat for as a teenager), who wrote me off as a crazy, paranoid, granola earth-mama…to see him realize that I WASN’T crazy and he WAS wrong, dead wrong, for SO many kids…

    Where is the accountability in pediatric medicine? ER doctors and surgeons are routinely sued for being unable to save patients’ lives, or for making mistakes on the operating table, even though ALL surgery and anesthesia carries inherent risks. But an entire GENERATION of children are harmed EVERY SINGLE DAY, and no one is to blame? The silence from the pediatric community regarding autism is indeed deafening.
    Keep up the amazing work, Mama Mac and TMR. In the midst of all of that silence, your voices are coming through loud and clear. Wish I could be at A1 to hug you all!


  41. Michelle says:

    I totally relate.

    My son’s lack of speech was attributed to the fact that he’s a boy.
    The diarrhea? That’s a stomach bug…apparently a bug that last 4 years. He prescribed antibiotics. HA!

    The doctor’s son was later diagnosed and the doctor was in denial about it. He refused to accept the diagnosis as being accurate.

    Poor kid.

    What makes me laugh is that his doctor STILL asks if we’re sure he’s autistic. Yup, it’s pretty fucking obvious.

  42. Susan says:

    I say SEND THE LETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These SOBs need a cold, hard slap in the face . . . over and over and over again!!! As with your husband, I can’t mention my son’s pediatrician around my husband or he goes ballistic. My son is now 16 years old and my husband to this day remains filled with rage toward the pediatric practice where our son was a patient (and a VICTIM) from birth – 2 years old (we moved out of state shortly after our son’s 2nd birthday).

    As always Alison, EXCELLENT post – unfortunately, you speak for thousands upon thousands of us. Now, SEND THE LETTER GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you again at Autism One next week :)

    • MM says:

      I am so glad to hear your husband cares. Mine does not. He still thinks my son will outgrow his autism. Yeah, just like kids can outgrow juvenile diabetes and cancer, right? Good luck with that! You are lucky to be married to a very caring man. Wish the best for you and your family!

  43. Diane says:

    Beavo, Mamamac. Didn’t I just share with you that I can’t look at that guy? I have gotten to the point where, when I hear about a young med graduate heading for a pediatric residency, I immediately lose all respect. Collective asshats, they are.

  44. Well said. I am sorry that you and your family were not served by the veil of a shadow we have for a medical system here.

    • Karen G says:

      We don’t have a health care system in America. We have a sickness management system and I believe the goal is cradle to grave dependence upon pharmaceuticals.

  45. Suzanne Azar says:

    Thank you, Mama Mac. Your voice resonates across the globe to alert other Mama Wolves standing guard over their hurt children. God bless you.

  46. Nancy says:

    I sure hope you actually sent this letter. And I hope that other mothers send a similar letter to theirs. Bravo your brave wonderful mom. Bravo.

  47. Jamie Pacton says:

    Mama Mac, We should be friends. I just published this today on Age of Autism:

    I hear you, I hear you on the rage at pediatric incompetence and ambivalence. Good luck,

  48. Morgan says:

    Thank you for this.
    I am reeling over my two sons’ ASD. My 4 yr old is the worse-affected. He’s improved a whole lot w/ GFCFSF and Andy Cutler chelation with ALA.
    My 2 yr old had stopped smiling and eye contact, which he regained after the diet, but still has attention issues.
    I have definitely found hope with chelation. We’ve tried homeopathy (which did help, but I don’t think it’s getting the metal out like the chelation) and have them on the diet, supplements, ‘therapies..’ speech pathology, etc..
    My 4 yr old was almost completely nonverbal a few mos ago and now is starting to talk since the chelation. After experiencing several false starts w/ “healing”, I am convinced, after chelating myself and my husband too every week, that these kids just have to chelate, to get the HM’s (heavy metals) removed if they’re going to have a fighting chance at recovering. (and chelate early) ALA is naturally occurring in the body, also.
    Just want to spread that message of hope because I know the life of hell.
    I still live it, but cling to hope, as I watch them both progress, and as my husband and I try to get well from dental metal, too.
    Thank you for sharing your strength and just want to say I support you in your love and undying commitment to your son. I am in the same place, as well.
    Thanks for allowing me to share. I’m so desperate in this situation, too, and desperate not only to inform people of the dangers and brainwashing that is out there, but of chelation, that is bringing our two kids out of autism, week by week. -giving them more speech, eye contact, ‘connection’ with us, as well as learning capability. (and healing us of mercury’s ravaging effects, as well.)
    (IV chelation, however, can very harmful and is not recommended, despite the fact that some doctors recommend it, ‘shockingly.’)
    If anyone wants more info, you can check out the Autism_Mercury, child chelation Yahoo discussion forum. Someone ticked me off, telling me about this, and woke me up enough to try it one day and I’m so glad she was ornery enough to do so.

    Morgan Pocorobba
    Btw, I think you should send the letter. He certainly deserves it. And these stupid people need to know, and if not from us, then who…
    God bless

  49. Kiwismommy says:

    Stupid things said by pediatricians? How about immoral, callous, spiteful, and downright dangerous. Despite the protestations of the CDC in many doctors offices around the nation vaccine injury and vaccine induced autism are being subtly if not outright admitted. Here is a good one, “since we do not know exactly which one of the 7 vaccines she received that day caused her severe reaction why don’t we give just one at a time from here on out and SEE WHAT HAPPENS!” If that doesn’t make very clear that they could give a damn about your child I don’t know what will. Why don’t I just take her home and load a gun and play Russian Roullette? Would you approve of that Asshat? Other equally abrasive comments “Some children have to be sacrificial soldiers for the good of all”, “even if vaccines cause autism, don’t you think the benefit outweighs the risk?”(the fall-back plan for when the truth is revealed).

  50. Laura Sauls says:

    Beautiful, and made me cry! My son’s regression wasn’t obvious, but he had frequent ear infections (+ antibiotics, though now if any of my kids get sore ears, they get warm garlic drops and *poof* ear pain gone). The big slide happened when I weaned him at 15 months, and introduced milk — eczema AND ear infection. Of course, he got his shots at the same time, too, because you don’t want to put those off just because of a silly autoimmune response to milk. :/ I didn’t put two and two together for a few more months, and took my son off milk. But, my son’s doctor didn’t give a flip or know, either! I was the one who thought, “Hmm, this eczema doesn’t go away with this steroid cream. It started right after I weaned. Hmm…” Started him on soy milk. It went away. I then read about soy and switched to almond milk. Told all this to pediatrician who I’m sure didn’t give a rat’s ass.

    I got information about a neurologist to confirm my son’s autism from a good friend, whose son was a month older and had autism, not the pediatrician, who, of course, wanted to take a “wait and see” approach, since boys are late talkers (or apparently, learn 10 words, then plateau for a year. ) Once my son was diagnosed, I realized just how pointless the pediatrician was. He had nothing to offer us. Nothing. He did the anti-GFCF diet talk, of course, when I brought it up. Couldn’t give us any help in finding schools, therapists, etc. Again, got all of that from my friend whose ASD son was a month older. It was the hindsight that hurt even more, when I saw all those things that I, the clueless mom, brought up, that pediatrician should have cared about, should have caused him to think, to treat my child as an individual, but didn’t.

  51. Taximom5 says:

    Edit previous comment: the mum had her baby TESTED for mito. Stupid autocorrect!

  52. Taximom5 says:

    @babyfoodsteps: google “vaccine-induced mitochondrial disorder”.” Search on PubMed as well–I’m pretty sure I remember seeing things there, though heaven knows the vaccine industry will do their best to bury such evidence.

    I also remember reading a post–maybe a comment?” on AoA, where the mum had had her baby Estes for mito before and after vaccines. Before=no mito. After= raging mito. Surprise, surprise..

    Something like this shouldn’t be too hard to prove–except the vaccine manufacturers can see this coming; that’s why they’ve been pushing flu shots for pregnant women so hard.

    It also may be the reason why children of mothers who have requested that their infant’s cord blood be saved are in eligible for the latest vaccine safety/efficacy studies. They are trying very hard to bury any trail.

    • Thank you @taximom5…
      your comment on cord blood and ineligibility for vaccine safety and efficacy studies is interesting- need to look that up and do some more reading/researching… I had not heard that before….

      but I do believe the “study” would be fairly simple as well-
      take 100 children with ASD+mito whose mothers banked their cord blood at birth. Perform mitochondrial exome next gen DNA sequencing (now available through Baylor College of Medicine) on all the children currently and then run that same sample on their cord blood… and see if there is a change.

  53. yankeegirl says:

    I understand your anger and feeling of betrayal. My son, who had been developing normally, also regressed after his MMR and was dxed with autism at age 3.

    My son’s life changed after that fateful visit to the pediatrician to get his MMR shot. I remember sitting in the exam room with my almost 2 year old son in my lap. As he was preparing me and my son for the shot, my sons pediatrician started talking about autism. He said that there was no proven association with vaccines. At the time, I couldn’t understand why in the world he would even bring up autism afterall autism is quite rare isn’t it? My son was healthy so I shrugged it off. Little did I know how much the course of my son’s life would change.

    I’ve though about this alot. I now think some of these MMR shots have powerful immune stimulants that are specifically designed to over charge/ shock the immune system. These ingredients are toxic to the mitochondria resulting in a dysfunction. The ingredeitns can also cause a powerful inflammatory response in the brain that stunts neurodevelopment. I think peds maybe unwitting participants in what is a covert global plan to control the worlds population growth. This plan is being implemented gradually over time so the population can get acclimated.

    I’ll explain so please bear with me.

    I think unbeknownst to the the peds, what they are injecting into our children is not a benign vaccine but a bioweapon. I think there are those at the WHO, in the US government as well as other world governments who know damn well what is happening to our kids hence the reaction “There is no autism crisis.” This is by design. I think our kids are victims of a global agenda to curb population growth.

    Think about it. Because of their social impairments, most of our kids will likely never reproduce. The worlds population hit 7 billion last year. Global resources are dwindling and competition is only to get more fierce. There are those who want to reduce population by whatever means possible. Infant mortality is rising in the US. At 23rd in the World for infant mortality, the US is now tie with Slovakia and Poland. How is it that a country with the best healthcare in the world has such a high rate of infant mortality? Diabetes, cancer, severe allergies, neurological diseases are all on the rise especially among young children in the US. Why? What is the common denominator? All these diseases are related wto a immune system dysfunction.
    All these diseases can concievably shorten their life span.

    The push to vaccinate. The denial about the crisis. The emphasis on genetics research.

    In the context of population control it all makes perfect sense to me.

    • Kathryn Berg says:

      The population control idea is not a theory, it has been admitted. If you go to and do a search for Bill Gates, you will find a video there where he actually says that the vaccine program is part of the population control program.

    • IamtooaYankeeGirl says:

      I totally agree with you Yankee Girl. The more I open my mind to the real world surrounding us the more I realize that my son was injured on purpose. They DON”T want our children to reproduce – too many people means less control for them. What a great way to control the population… these vaccines are good for you, they will make you live longer, your child won’t get sick. What a load of crap! Open your mind to what is going on in this world, look around and see the truth.

    • Terri Lewis says:

      You are so right.

  54. Anne McElroy Dachel says:

    If we started a list of the stupidest things said to autism parents by medical people it would be eternal. I usually try not to think about what heard back 25 years ago. If anyone thinks doctors are dumb today, just imagine back then when autism wasn’t even on the radar.

    The scariest part of all this is the complete lack of any curiosity about why this is happening.

    Mother brings in child who suddenly STOPS TALKING AND STARTS LINING UP TOYS AND ROCKING BACK AND FORTH. Clueless doctor suspects autism. Sends child to specialist for evaluation. Diagnosis: Autism. Nothing we can do. Check out ABA. Early intervention is important. Good bye.

    That’s it!

    Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

    • Professor says:

      Anne, I agree about the lack of curiosity. It is by far the most frustrating thing to me. These people are SUPPOSED to be “scientists,” and the single biggest hallmark of a scientific mind is curiosity. And yet they show NO interest in trying to solve medical puzzles.

  55. Pingback: » Blog Archive » Clueless doctors

  56. Ren Tags says:

    We can fill many many books full of this Pediatrician Incompetitance CRAP! And, they STILL GET PAID which grinds my A$$! Health Savings Accts would CHANGE THIS MODEL, please, be open minded if the country goes right and you are not. Please, see that HSA puts the patient in the drivers seat and when you are paying for a service, you have expectations and when they don’t deliver, they LOOSE BUSINESS. The current OPM (other peoples money) model makes people into sheaple, and “they” profiteers like that. CASH, CATASTROPHY, CHARITY = squeezes the collusive element out, lets the free market thrive!

    • Kiwismommy says:

      Unfortunately HSAs are simply a write off for people with money. They are not a viable option for anyone making less than 100,00.00 per year. You must put 8 to 10,000 per year in your account to make it viable and you can imagine how impossible that is for those already paying exhorbinant rates just to have the priveledge of putting more of your own money into an account. And for those making only $30,000.00 to put in that amount is of course impossible. In fact most people I know once they pay for the horrible high deductible you must have to be eligibile for an HSA they can now put no more than about $50.00 a month, if that. For me, my company switched to an HSA while I already had an autistic child and six months before I was diagnosed with cancer. Despite having put in 1/2 a million in my lifetime to insurance, it meant nothing, our system means we start all over every time our company changes policies. So I had nothing and wracked up hundres of thousands in debt thanks to an HSA. And it continues to wrack up year after year as I try to stay alive for my child. You need to be open minded and realize how unviable this is for the masses of those making less than 100,000 a year, unable to write off trips to Hawaii for relaxation treatments. I think HSAs should be illegal. But everyone is changing to them as they realize they can put the bulk of the burden on the employees even if it means their economic death if not actual death. It is like not being insured at all.

  57. Beebuddha says:


  58. Mary Romaniec says:

    So why can’t you send it? Or is putting it online enough?

    Our former pediatrician acted clueless about what to do for our son once ASD hit. But he didn’t patronize our efforts to get him well and in fact declared our son fully recovered at the age of four (and said he had not seen anything like it). This then gave me an opening to hand him a couple of books about dietary intervention and recovery from autism. . .to help his ASD son.

    I went on to mentor six medical physicians about their child. The one thing they made clear was that their own colleagues could not help them, nor would they ask because of the stigma that treating autism brings to their profession (which still makes me sick that they care more about their reputations than their child).


    • Professor says:

      Mary, you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for your educational efforts And thanks to your doctor friends for being open-minded enough to learn.

  59. Amy Becker says:

    P.S. Re-posted this on Facebook, with the following comment:
    “LOVE it. I have these retrospective thoughts all the time. No more Ms. Nice-girl… may make an appt with prior peds just to (respectfully) tell them they are keeping the trains to Autism-land running on time, and that I hold them morally responsible even when they are “immune” to such moral responsibility.”
    P.P.S. I’m feeling a powerful call-to-action coming on: massive mailings from the TMR to peds across the country, copying the AAP, holding them all accountable and compelling them into action(? — well, we can dream…).
    P.P.P.S. Carly was so cathartic.

  60. @virginia lee and @mama mac I too am concerned about the connection with mitochondrial disease, dysfunction, autism and vaccines. If you both have any resources on the connection, could you post here? @mama mac, I am so interested in the source of figure you quote ” The UMF, the United Mitochondrial Foundation, estimates Mito Dysfunction is possible in as many as 80% of Autistic kids.” (I checked their website ( and called them asking for the literature)… In my research, I don’t doubt this number is true….but I WOULD LOVE TO QUOTE the source in an upcoming blog post I am writing. Today, I head to Washington DC to attend the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children, to learn more about newborn screening… I hope that one day there will be a “screen” done on day one (before any vaccines are administered) that shows which of our littlest ones are susceptible to vaccine injury, so parents can be informed and protect their little ones with information, and make informed decisions focused on the HEALTH of their child. Thank you to all the thinking moms, for continueing to observe, and ask questions and use your voice to inform others…

    PS- the United Mitochondrial Disease foundation meeting is in Washington DC on June 13-16th…. with an advocacy DAY ON THE HILL day on June 14th… would love to have some fellow “thinking moms” join me!

  61. Kelly says:

    Not only would I put a stamp on this and actually send it, hand addressed, make it personal, I would make a copy for every person in that office, nurses, everyone… Everyone gets a little wake-up mail. Maybe some of them scoff, but maybe they take this tangible letter home and open it and read it again. They can’t unlearn it.

  62. Amy Becker says:

    I’m so inspired and compelled into action by your letter. I propose drafting one letter that represents all of our collective experiences, that can easily be signed by each of us, representing TMR, then copied and sent by each one of us to each one of our prior pediatricians. I will attempt to draft such a letter… stay tuned…

  63. Virginia Lee says:

    I have a question…….Isn’t mitochondrial dysfunction CAUSED by vaccination? Our DAN! md is Dr Cave, who was a biochemist/research scientist for 15 years before attending med school. I remember on our first visit with her that she had a chart showing all the body’s biochemical processes, and how heavy metals (in vaccines) can block these processes causing all sorts of issues, including mitochondrial dysfunction.

    • Professor says:

      Yep. Mitochondria are very sensitive to the heavy metals. So, yeah, the vaccines are sometimes CREATING the “underlying health condition” that makes children more susceptible to illnesses such as autism.

  64. Vera Alexander says:

    Right on! Shame on these pedis who refuse to educate themselves and are slaves to the doctrines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. I could put my son’s name in your letter, and so much of what you wrote would apply to him. My son received 7 vaccines on the same day “out of convenience” to his old pedi, a veteran in the field – and he regressed into autism. If the pedis are not capable of doing more for our kids, then at least “do no harm”!

  65. Gianelloni says:

    Your last paragraph reminds me on an interviewed I heard with Dr. Palevsky: Board-certified pediatrician trained at the New York School of Medicine, and one of the leading physicians in the country. Here are the transcripts when he explains the moment it “hit him”

    “On a personal note, I recently received the Visionary Award at the NVIC conference in Washington DC. In my acceptance speech, I basically broke down in tears when I told the audience how I felt when I came to realize that by routinely vaccinating thousands of innocent children at my clinic, I’d probably caused damage to many of them. It was a very difficult thing for me to accept intellectually and emotionally”.

    “When I went through medical school, I was taught that vaccines were completely safe and completely effective, and I had no reason to believe otherwise. All the information that I was taught was pretty standard in all the medical schools and the teachings and scientific literature throughout the country. I had no reason to disbelieve it.

    Over the years, I kept practicing medicine and using vaccines and thinking that my approach to vaccines was completely onboard with everything else I was taught.

    But more and more, I kept seeing that my experience of the world, my experience in using and reading about vaccines, and hearing what parents were saying about vaccines were very different from what I was taught in medical school and my residency training.

    … and it became clearer to me as I read the research, listened to more and more parents, and found other practitioners who also shared the same concern that vaccines had not been completely proven safe or even completely effective, based on the literature that we have today.

    … It didn’t appear that the scientific studies that we were given were actually appropriately designed to prove and test the safety and efficacy.

    It also came to my attention that there were ingredients in there that were not properly tested, that the comparison groups were not appropriately set up, and that conclusions made about vaccine safety and efficacy just did not fit the scientific standards that I was trained to uphold in my medical school training.”

    We can only pray that one day soon truth will “hit” your old pediatrician too!

  66. Guilded Thinker says:

    I daydream about sending our old pedi a letter like this. I would also like to send one to the hospital……

    • Jenifer Parker says:

      Send them to EVERYONE maybe one will pay attention
      Send them to your Senator and Congressperson
      inundate them so hard they will HAVE to listen to us

  67. I think I may just steal this letter and send it to the pediatricians who also, condescendingly, failed me and my children.

  68. BetseySha says:

    Did this doctor hand you the legally mandated Vaccine Information Sheets? I was injured by round of vaccines, and feel the same way about my former Primary Care Provider as you do about your sons’ pediatrician.
    I’m going to file a complaint with the state medical board about my doctor – who never gave me those VIS sheets for the 7 vaccines he gave me within 8 months. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know about those info sheets until 3 years into my Vaccine Petition case. I realize reporting him to the state medical board will probably not do a darn thing, but I want him to deal with the nuisance of it, and perhaps there’s the slightest hope that he’ll consider what he’s doing each time he jabs someone full of toxins. I encourage every parent and patient to start filing complaints when these sheets are not provided (apparently about 60% of the time).
    Great essay, by the way. Keep up the good work – my thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.

  69. Virginia Lee says:

    Love it!!!!! Our old ped, whose practice we left long ago, just told some pregnant friends of ours that, “Vaccines do not contain heavy metals; those have all been removed.”. Really???? Basically, this woman, who this previous couple is considering trusting with their newborn baby’s life, has not even read the CDC vaccine ingredients list. And guess what……She doesn’t have to; she cannot be sued. If pediatricians could be sued, vaccination in this country would look a whole lot different.

  70. Jenna says:

    This is fabulous. You should send it to the doctor!

  71. Jill says:

    Rock on.

  72. Elizabeth Vernon says:

    This is healthy for you to write this. To send it would help you one step further. I will repost this on FB and hopefully more and more people read it and pass it on. Just maybe it hits home with some pediatricians. I am thankful for you speaking out with the truth. I know it’s not easy. I am thankful you are not giving up and continuing to fight this evil!!! I am thankful your son is improving and I will pray that he will have a full recovery. Thank you so much for sharing your story it is so important everyone hears the truth!!!!! God bless you and yours xoxoxox

  73. Heidi Scheer says:

    Fantastic words shared by SO many parents. Thank you for sharing the thoughts and feelings of each and every parent who is trying desperately to heal their vaccine injured child. We need to continue to speak out in order to save the future for our children!

  74. Ana Maria Abba says:

    Thanks for sharing Mama Mac. Every story I hear is so sad; it fuels my anger and drive to make a change.

    It is so true that doctors have a blind eye but I would add nurses to that as well. It was a nurse who CONVINCED me to give the two flu shots in utero that I am sure started us down this journey.

    I have been thinking about finding her and writing to her so she can know her advice has serious repercussions. Oh if I had only known then what I know now..

    Thankfully I knew enough by the time my daughter came around. She does also have some tummy issues but she is not showing any signs of the big A. Which I think is a 4 letter word.

    Looking forward to seeing you at A1!

    Ana :)

  75. Diana Gonzales says:

    A person wears many hats, he wears his Ass-hat to work. I saw the same look in the pediatricians face when my son stopped having bowel movements after his one months. But was assured to “keep vaccinating”. This didn’t have to happen. I wouldn’t have to be LoRenzo’s voice if it wasn’t stolen in the first place!

  76. Jessica says:

    Simply put…you ROCK!

  77. sarahnicole8 says:

    Wow! Awesome letter! I’m in the process of trying to get my son, who regressed and is now quite a sick child, to get tested for mito dysfunction in melbourne, Australia. Its taken years of trying to find answers, still nothing. He’s had about two hundred rounds of antibiotics in over two years, averages three weeks in four that he’s sick. But we got very quickly discharged from the immunology department because his immune function is ‘normal’. Their answer to me asking why he’s sick so much…there’s a wide range of normal! We have been doing biomed for three years, he’s on the SCD, but is still sick alot. I do wonder if he was a verbal six year old in this much pain, and this consistently sick, if they would accept that answer so readily…the cynic in me doesn’t think so.

  78. Tilling Mama says:

    I hope you send it. I left my pediatrician when he told me that it was impossible that my children could have gotten tick borne illnesses from me. And now, he is back to being the doctor who has my back for everything. Even if he doesn’t understand all that we go through, he now knows that he was wrong. Doctors can learn, but more of us need to call them Asshats. But, keep in mind, my kids are NOT immunized, and his practice is the only one in town that will see homebirthing mamas for blood work and the like, so he might be a shining light in a world of dark.

    I’m glad the vent helped, because it was inspiring to me.

  79. Pamela says:

    EXCELLENT! I think you should just go right ahead and send this letter…..why “wish”? What do you have to loose and you might shake this doctor up enough to save another child. While you’re at it send him a copy of the story your Dad did. A good 1…2 punch. It’s time these doctors start start being held accountable….even if that is by simply putting it their face and making them live with it.

  80. Taximom5 says:

    I suggest printing a stack of these, and quietly leaving them in your old pediatrician’s waiting room on a Monday morning.

    • MM says:

      Awesome suggestion! Better yet, I say we all print a stack and quietly leave them in our own pediatrician’s waiting room on a Monday morning.

    • Kira says:

      That’s a worthy idea!!!

    • JUST ME. says:

      I was thinking the EXACT same thing!!!!! I’ve thought numerous times about printing stacks of all the research & personal experiences I have LOADED in my vaccine info notebook & “quietly” leaving them in the waiting rooms & on the counters of doctor’s offices everywhere. I DO believe that probably most physicians that have ZERO clue that these things really are hurting and killing human life. They’re trained to believe what they tell us by the pharmaceutical & medical university industries! But there are TOO many of them who DO know & do it anyway. Ugh. This makes me sick. My son has both Autism AND Aspergers issues. All started not long after his vac’s. :(

  81. Amen!

    This post is amazing and i want to thank you for being so honest, mama. : )

  82. Heidi says:

    My daughter’s former pediatrician did not diagnose her as (1) hypothyroid – I suspected and had to make a huge scene (where everyone looked at me like I was a nut) until they tested her (at age 3 and it was probably congenital – hospital at birth never tested her) and then when I was right and went back in for a prescription and the staff looked at me and said “a mother knows”. FU Pediatrician’s office!!!!! Next, the pediatrician said that she was obese (meanwhile my other daughter is skinny as a rail). They acted like I was feeding my child all the wrong foods, etc. Her endocrinologist then diagnosed her with IGF (insulin growth factor). She is now a normal weight. But the BIGGEST and most horrendous mistake they made is that my daughter – get this – could not sleep well from the time she was born and could not talk. After 5 years of no more than 4 hours sleep a night the pediatrician’s office put her on medication that lowers her blood pressure so that she could sleep (I gave it to her 2x and thought this is crazy!!!) They never tested her blood pressure. She would often scream and bang her hands into her ears – but they said she had no ear infections (how they were actually looking in her ears when she was screaming and moving around, I wonder). After almost going crazy I found an ENT that would actually help (went to 2 before him that did nothing). He did a CT scan and found that her adenoids were crushing her eustation tubes in her ears and that she was moderately deaf, in pain most of the time and it would cut off her air flow at night causing her not to sleep. A 15 minute surgery to take out her adenoids and now she can sleep, hear and is beginning to talk. BTW, she is now diagnosed with autism because of her language delay. I HATE her old pediatricians. They were USELESS!!!!!!

    • cia parker says:

      I have extremely severe permanent insomnia because of mercury poisoning from all the vaccines I got as a child. I reacted to the DTP as an infant with encephalitis, later got my ninth (!) DTP shot for the tetanus booster part when I was nineteen, and had both arms paralyzed for two days (brachial plexus neuropathy), which later developed into MS. My daughter reacted to the hep-B vax at birth with encephalitis and was later diagnosed with autism. My point is that chlorella/cilantro drops from the health food store are helping detoxify both of us (safe chelation), and the homeopathic remedy aurum muriaticum has been extremely impressive at relieving my insomnia. I got it in four potencies, 30 c, 200 c, 1000 c, and 5000 c, and am working up gradually, twice a week for two weeks at each level, but the 200 c has caused a healing crisis of extreme dizziness first thing in the morning, and I’ve waited an extra third week before going up to 1000 c. See book by Timothy Smits on homeopathy to heal autism, I can’t remember the name. I read in the book The Age of Autism that one of the first autistic children in the 1930s recovered from being given gold salts, which is the English word for aurum muriaticum. It may be a remedy effective in treating mercury or other heavy metal poisoning.

      • Kathryn Berg says:

        The Aurum Muriaticum may have been a good choice for you, but was likely chosen to suit your symptoms, not everyone’s symptoms.

        The Book is Autism: Beyond Despair by Tinus (not Timothy) Smits, MD.

      • Peggy Winkel says:

        I love the letter! And Cia, I too had ‘encephalitis’ right after a DPT vaccination. Mine was in 1949. I got dysentary right after that followed by an autism diagnosis. I have suffered many neuromuscular injuries as an adult.
        Chlorella is great and homeopathics also. I take manganese, Theanine and melatonin just to help me sleep well. My supplement list is pretty long. There are various therapies I have pursued that have been vital. If anyone would like more info, I think we could use an informational sharing pool, if one doesn’t already exist.

      • cia parker says:

        You’re right, the homeopathic remedies are chosen for each person’s symptom picture, but aurum mur was chosen for me just because it was at the intersection of severe permanent insomnia and MS, just those two symptoms were enough to suggest it, and it’s working! Since I know now that both symptoms are caused by mercury poisoning, it makes sense.
        I’d like to urge all parents of autistic kids to try the GFCF diet. My daughter has just been on it for two months, but it’s amazing! Not only did it immediately resolve the intractable chronic constipation, but my daughter had become very disagreeable, complaining and whining all the time, and telling everyone she saw she didn’t live with me, I wasn’t her mother, she lived with her teacher. As soon as she started the diet, she became sweet, cooperative, and agreeable. She’s also speaking in longer, more complex sentences, and seems to understand things going on around her better, and is commenting on them. I had put it off for years because we’re vegetarian, and I didn’t know how she’d get enough protein without meat. But Welcoming Kitchen was published last year, and it’s a wonderful cookbook, vegetarian and also GFCFSF and egg free too! (I add eggs to the cakes, my daughter is not allergic to them.) I give her soy milk three times a day for the calcium and protein, and each recipe tells how much protein there is per serving. My daughter loves the food I make from it. I made the chocolate birthday cake in it two weeks ago for her twelfth birthday, and it was wonderful! Great texture, great flavor, coffee as well as chocolate, made from a Red Mill gluten-free flour mix (but not SCD legal).
        How do you decide if you need to cut out soy as well, or go to the much more demanding specific carbohydrate diet? Would my daughter be likely to improve still more on a stricter diet? I guess I could mix pea protein powder with rice milk to make a drink with 8 g of protein.
        Her doctor was against the diet, and wanted me to bring her in in a few weeks to make sure she wasn’t nutritionally deprived. But she’s healthy and thriving! And happy and developing! I swear I would not have believed these results to have been possible, especially within days of starting the diet!

    • Jenifer Parker says:

      Bombard Congress and the Senate with these facts PLEASE.

      • Taximom5 says:

        Bombarding pharma-funded congressmen with copies of this letter would be similar to bombarding Nazi officials with how horrible anti-Semitism is.

        It would fall on deaf ears.

        Better to publish it as a full-page ad in USA TODAY, where everyone can see it.

  83. ellen says:

    Your words are strong and sound. You are awesome and one of many great voices for autism and the vaccine connection, which I am still failing at. We are not allowed to question the medical professionals (that is an oxymoron) about our children and as such are sitting ducks…
    Please accept my thanks on behalf of a million scared moms.
    Thank you!

  84. Paracelsus says:

    White Coat+Ego=Tool. Many pediatricians are no more than tools. Egocentric harbingers of neurological toxins. Talk to one about an uncontolled cytokines storm and the start mumbling about herd immunity. Then the have the audacity to tell a mother she just wasn’t noticing the signs. A MOTHER NOT NOTICING !!! The profession has too big of an ego to recognize their own brainwashing. Bravo to your letter. Should post it on a sandwich board in front of his office

  85. Sugah says:

    Very well said, Mama Mac.

    • gina searle says:

      I actually did speak out to the “autism specialist” Ped. at our local childrens hospital. I told her I had no idea how she could sleep at night. I said it was disgusting for her to lie to all the parents coming through her door about how their child got to be so ill. I went on and on,and she tried to defend vaccines to me. She eventually gave up ,and told me my then 4 year old son was “doing fine” and there was no need for me to return to the “Autism clinic”. His name was removed from their computer system, I later found out when he should have been due for an eye exam for new glasses. It was 5 years ago now,and one om my proudest moments. I say send the letter !!!!

      • tasha says:

        I say send the letter, too! You just never know what it could do!

      • Jenifer Parker says:

        And send it to your Congressperson and Senator.

      • Taximom5 says:

        I think it would be even better to publish the entire “Letter I Wish I Could Send My Pediatrician” as a full-page ad in USA TODAY.

        Senators and congressman are totally bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. We know it, and they know it.

        Better to have it appear in print where EVERYONE can see it, not just pharma-funded congressman who don’t give a flying fig about anything but their careers.

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