An Invitation From the Thinking Moms’ Revolution

We’ve gotten some great feedback on our blog since we went live back in February.  Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments and being a part of our Revolution!  But now we want to hear from you!  Do you want your voice to be heard?  Here’s your chance!  We would like to invite our fellow Thinkers to submit an entry to be featured as a Guest Blogger on the Thinking Moms’ Revolution! 

Are you up for the challenge ThinkingMoms and Dads?  If so, click here to get all the details.  We can’t wait to hear from you!


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3 Responses to An Invitation From the Thinking Moms’ Revolution

  1. Michele says:

    I wish there was something for those of us who have children so far unharmed. We listened and learned from you brave amazing talented parents but to try to make to right choices for our children as of yet not injuried by money grubbing idiots is lonely. I can’t complain as my son is developmentally right where he should be but how do I keep him there? DAN! Doctors do not have space (and they should put those babies first) and so many others have their heads in the sand. We are lost in the cracks. We are proof that what the Thinking Moms (and Dad) say is true. We researched your words, we followed your brutal journey, cheering for your children through the pages. Because of your work, our children are healthy, strong, speaking sentences at 18 months, understanding pronouns, “birds singing” not sing, without sickness (not even a cold) until 21 months… We don’t belong in either team. The blind or the brilliant. How do we rally? How shall I begin to join those like me together? What will it take to wake the blind up so that I don’t have to (yet again) find a new pediatrician who might just listen to my vaccine views or what I feed my child? I am worthy of more than an eye roll. I am proof that what those “crazy” people say is true. The Thinking Moms are correct. Come for a play date and I will show you.

  2. Mine would be a bunch of black boxes over all the profanities 😉

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