Asking WHY?

For as long as I can remember, every doctor we’ve seen has commented that Harry has low liver function. We have supplemented. Detoxed. Flushed. But his liver function has remained pitifully low.

We recently saw a new physician whose name I will intentionally withhold as we are too early into treatment for me to report definitives. He ran several tests and commented that Harry’s liver function was extremely low. I began to rattle off all the things we had tried and he stopped me and said: Have you ever asked WHY?

I paused. Well, of course I had asked that. Why wasn’t it working? Because it was impaired so we needed to help it function better.He, of course, meant the root cause. WHY is it impaired? Beyond the fact that he has autism, or an autoimmune condition, or a body full of toxins. WHY? What at this point is stopping it from working when we have made so much progress in so many other areas?

In our case, WHY was an organ full of liver flukes. In the US. Not a third-world country. Right here in my mostly clean home. We’ve done battle with yeast, clostridia, and viruses. It seems that parasites are our new frontier.

We’ve done homeopathy with much success and it does not focus on the root cause, so maybe I’ve gotten lackadaisical about asking that question. But I am asking it now. After two weeks on prescription meds and a few weeks rest afterward, we re-tested. Harry’s liver function was essentially normal. I’m flabbergasted. I wish I had looked at this three years ago. I am not writing about miraculous gains—talking in sentences, making a friend—but it feels amazing all the same. It gives me hope. If he could get this far with a filter that was merely limping along, what can he do with one that works well?

It was a good reminder to me to keep asking the question, and to leave no stone unturned in finding our answers. Ask WHY.


Goddess xx


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17 Responses to Asking WHY?

  1. Parasites, viruses and pathogens are often the root cause of many chronic conditions. By eliminating them you may have a greater chance of returning to health or at least to a better quality of life. Couple of years ago I treated a man who was dismissed by the medical profession as delusional for 20 years. He kept going from one doctor to another, even had been seen and had his stool tested at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases. Nothing was detected! Why? Perhaps because of the time elapsed between the taking and testing of the sample. Most parasites, viruses or bacteria die outside of the host.

    When he came to me he had with him a computerized reading of what he had – 27 pages of various viruses, protozoa, parasites and toxins (excrements) of the invaders.
    I treated him with the specific frequencies with a Rife generator and a homoeopathic remedy that I have found effective in the treatment of worms. After three sessions he came back with a list of just 3 parasites remaining (not pages). I repeated the same protocol couple of sessions more and that finished the case for good.

    It is important to do cleanses several times as there are different stages of the life of the parasites, from egg, larvae to young and fully grown parasites. Since the eggs and larvae maybe also be embedded in the fecal matter on the inside of the large intestine the next lot is ready to hatch.

    It is paramount with any form of clearing of parasites to drink plenty of water, preferably hot water to aid flushing out of toxins and decaying organisms. Hot water helps more than cold. The hot water since it has already been heated does not need to be brought to the required “heat” in the stomach so it gets into the small intestine without being digested by the stomach acids. Instead it gets absorbed into the plasma and carried into the cells.

    Cells have small pores in their membranes and therefore have limited possibilities to remove waste. But warm water helps by relaxing and opening the pores thus allowing the larger toxins to be excreted. I advocate drinking hot water, or silver tea as my patients have called it, minimum every morning on waking and last thing at night. However if you wish to help detoxifying faster, sip warm, previously boiled water during the day every half an hour or so, according to your thirst. It is not important how much you drink but more how often. It is like flushing of the toilet- the frequency of flushing prevents the toilet smelling or building up the scum. In this way your body does not struggle and your brain is clear.

    The parasites love sweet foods and hate garlic. If you have pets make sure you give them garlic supplements too, in order not to repeat the cycle. Make sure that you take plenty of friendly bacteria of highest quality and high doses of vitamins and minerals to replenish what has been depleted by the infestation in order to help the immune system to repair the damage and for you and your loved ones to have a vibrant health.

    One of the carriers of parasites are our pets. Make sure your child doesn’t eat or put hands in the mouth after touching the pet or their toys, bowls or bedding. The biggest carrier of viruses are the flees and they shorten your pet’s lifespan. Hope this has been useful.

  2. Tiff says:

    Well what was it???

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  4. Jackie Sebell says:

    Good news!

    Interested in the liver flukes and treatment as well. Mikey’s liver isn’t functioning either. We assume due to mito but even that still brings to you…why? For now, we’re supporting with Liver Life. I have questioned hep b/meds (for pain) contributing to it. A 7 year old shouldn’t have the liver function of a 40 year old alcoholic.

    – jackie

    • Thinking Moms' Revolution says:

      exactly. We did clear tylenol and hep b through CEASE but after two weeks of meds–essentially normal. PM me Jackie if you want to chat xo

  5. Jackie says:

    Please share the protocol that was used for liver flukes – thank you…

  6. kassie says:

    i’m curious about your comment re: homeopathy…
    did you do sequential homeopathy with a practitioner? or were you referring to simple homeopathic remedies for liver function?

    • Professor says:

      Classical homeopathy, which seeks to match the symptoms to the best “remedy picture,” does not ask, “Why?” CEASE homeopathy focuses on undoing damage from specific “insults” to the body/mind. It, therefore, is quite procedural and there is very little to question. Basically, it assumes that each “insult” does damage to anyone, and reversing them will undo the damage and allow the body to function.

    • Thinking Moms' Revolution says:

      Kassie I have done both. Classical for about 2.5 years and CEASE for a year.

  7. billie says:

    This is wonderful news it makes me very hopeful as my son recently tested postive for parasites as well… i believe you are absolutely right parasites are our new fontier!

  8. BB says:

    Amen! This is HUGE!!! Big, real BIG! High fives all around!
    Please keep us posted on what was done to find the problem and than what was done to fix it.THX!

    Just like corporations are not a person,
    Autism is not a defect, and ain’t nothing could be done about it matter
    Autism is a DISEASE, caused by INJURIES from various causes .

    Assumptions are made before they even get started with Autism “diagnostics”, and you can”t find what you’re not looking for or don’t know a damn thing about because you have not bothered to : study up on the product.

    Cars and computers have “diagnostics” done on them when they are “broken”, and presto changeo, the problem is determined, fixed, and usually for not too much money.

    It’s not just Autism. Stupid!
    People are screaming about how much special education etc is costing taxpayers when these kids ain’t able da learn nuttin and there is NO CURE anyways( translations: no hope for them, so fagetta bout it–hese kids are not MY problem).
    No compassion, none! Where’s the humanity?

    If all you care about is money, than be part of the prevention and cure–it will save zillions of dollars that could be put to good use elsewhere.

    It would allow for “those people ” to make groat contributions to society that might someday save you and your family’s life, should you and yours find yourselves broken and need “diagnostics” to get all fixed up and better–because your family DOES deserve that.–ours do too! meh.


  9. cia parker says:

    Did he get any hep-B shots? It’s directly related to liver conditions, and has even caused liver failure.

  10. Twyla says:

    What are liver flukes, and how are they detected?

  11. Thanks for the info! This is definitely something to look into.

  12. Taximom5 says:

    Great post.

    So did the new doctor have any possible theories as to WHY?

    Does the good response to prescription meds point to any possible explanation of WHY?

  13. Lisa says:

    Please share…Charlie sounds exactly like my son…the liver function has always been weak…

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