Autism Recovery Parent Panel: Meet Eleven Parents of Recovered Children at AutismOne

frankieThe road to recovery with my son started eight years ago. I remember thinking to myself we’ll do this diet thing for a year, maybe two, and then he’ll be healed and ready for kindergarten. Yeah, not so much. I quickly learned that the road to recovery was going to be anything but a short and sweet journey. I think back to how many questions I had and how helpful it would’ve been to have had someone to talk to during those recovery years, someone who had “been there, done that” recovering their child.

What if YOU could have access to parents who have recovered their children? What questions would YOU ask them? Well, here’s your chance! The Thinking Moms’ Revolution( is thrilled to announce that at this year’s AutismOne Conference in Chicago, we will be hosting the Autism Recovery Parent Panel on Friday May 22, from 2-4 p.m. in the Montrose room! We will have a panel of eleven (yes ELEVEN!) moms that have recovered their children from an autism diagnosis,  and we’ll be taking questions from the audience. This is a GREAT opportunity to gain insight from moms who have “been there, done that” in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

The panel will feature three founding members and authors of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution and several co-authors of the TEAM TMR (a 501c3 not-for-profit organization created by the founders of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution) book, Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing.


MarissaModerator – Marissa Ali, a.k.a. Dragon Slayer, is a mother of two children who are recovered from autism. She is the co-author of Autism Beyond the Spectrum, the vice-president of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution, and the co-founder of Brightstars – Life Skills For Exceptional Kids, a holistic school for children with autism, ADHD and learning challenges. She lives with her husband and children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For more blogs by Dragon Slayer, CLICK HERE.




Moderator – Kim Spencer, a.k.a. Blaze, is a graduate of The University of Georgia and a former patient advocate for Dr. Ramon Ramos, a MAPS doctor. After realizing her child was vaccine-injured, she has worked for the last 10 years to recover him with much success. She is a co-founder and co-author of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution and now serves as a VP of TMR. She speaks all over the country about children’s health and rights. Read blogs by Blaze here.

Cam Pearson, a.k.a. Mountain Mama, is the mother of two boys. Her older son was diagnosed with autism and has subsequently lost his diagnosis. She is a homeschool Mom and actively involved in Cub Scouts. She is an avid gardener and a co-founder of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution. Read blogs by Mountain Mama here.


AndreaAndrea, a.k.a. Frankie, is the mother of three children. Her middle child was diagnosed with autism and has subsequently recovered. She is co-author of Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing and serves as a Development Coordinator for Team TMR nonprofit charity. She lives in California with her husband and children. Read blogs by Frankie here.




Jill Rege, a.k.a. Zorro, is a mom, writer, and parent educator. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and three boys. Her oldest son has recovered from autism, her middle son has everything-but-autism, and her youngest son is going to be President. Jill is grateful to be a part of the Thinking Moms’ Revolution as a co-author of From Hope to Healing, a member ofTeam TMR, and as a contributor to the blog writing as Zorro. A nutrition and health nerd, Jill has her own blog on healthy eating and alternative treatments for autism, epilepsy, food allergies, and chronic fatigue at Read blogs by Zorro here.


EileenEileen Iorio lives in New York with her husband and three children. She is a certified holistic health coach. Her eldest, her son Sean, was diagnosed with autism but has since recovered from most of his symptoms. Eileen began biomedical healing two and a half years ago and believes that diet and detoxing to be the most important factors in healing her son. Eileen now helps other families on a similar path to healing through her health coaching practice.




Ginger Lee, a.k.a. Cougar, is mom to four children, the oldest of which is recovered from autism. She is a leader in her local homeschool community where she has been a Classical Conversations tutor for five years. She is co-author of Team TMR From Hope to Healing. Ginger, her husband and children live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Read blogs by Cougar here.



Jennifer Young, a.k.a. Chief, is a registered nurse and a health and fitness enthusiast. Her daughter, Madison, is the lone girl of four children and is recovered from autism. As a member of Team TMR, Jennifer co-authored Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing. She lives in Nacogdoches, Texas. Read blogs by Chief here.




Shannon Strayhorn, a.k.a. CRUSH, is a mom to two amazing daughters. Her oldest, Cali, is recovered from “autism.” She is proud to be a part of Team TMR and co-author of Evolution of A Revolution: From Hope to Healing. Shannon has operated her state’s biomedical organization for the last three years and loves nothing more than spending time with her husband and girls. Read blogs by CRUSH here.


Terri Hirning, a.k.a. Shawty, is the mother of two children; her oldest is recovered from autism. As a member of Team TMR, Terri co-authored Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing. She works from her home in Flagstaff, AZ for both New Beginnings Nutritionals and The Great Plains Laboratory in addition to homeschooling her son. She also runs the blog, Life on the Roller Coaster, as well as mentoring others in her “spare time.” Read blogs by Shawty here.





Come join us at the Autism Recovery Parent Panel by The Thinking Moms’ Revolution!

  • Time: 2.oopm – 4.00pm
  • Date: Friday May 22, from 2-4 p.m.
  • Venue: Montrose room, Autism One Conference 2015

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution is proud to bring you these parents inspiring hope and healing. Recovery IS possible! Whether you are just starting on the road to recover your child, or have been traveling it for awhile, please join us for what is bound to be an enlightening, informative and fun afternoon!

~ Frankie

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5 Responses to Autism Recovery Parent Panel: Meet Eleven Parents of Recovered Children at AutismOne

  1. Kat says:

    I’m so glad to hear there are others out there! My daughter suffered eczema, colic, and regressive autism following DTaP. At age 2 we saw what was happening early and began a heavy metal detox, organic diet, probiotics, and milk thistle, which led to most all her ASD social behaviors, food intolerances and eczema to disappear (all within a 6 week window). Now 6 years old, I would claim she is recovered though she has some lingering issues, she has minor SPD that is still improving, and has a few fears/ anxieties. are almost completely controlled with Omega 3s and an herbal supplement that controls cortisol (adrenals). She’s indistinguishable from her peers in non-stressful environments now! I’m really thrilled for all these parents… but I’d love to hear their stories! Is there a link to the panel video?

  2. amma cross says:

    I am interested please contact me

  3. Jill C says:

    I am also the mother of a 21 year old son, recovered from Autism. He is currently married with two children and serving in special forces in the Army.
    What boggles my mind on a regular basis is people who either assume his autism wasn’t that bad to begin with, or peod who think there can be no true recovery, only adaptation. that he somehow must still be autistic, just faking wellness or something.
    Well folks, he used to flap his hands, had a variety of verbal tics, didn’t start talking until he was three, stared, laughed inappropriately, wore costumes in public until he was eight years old, didn’t develop theory of mind until he was nine, and two years ago he passed Army psychiatric evaluations well enough to get into, and pass special forces training. Healing is possible, without drugs. Don’t listen to experts.

  4. Vince says:

    I wish everybody who ever said “there’s nothing you can do” or “it’s incurable” or “maybe you can get *better*, but you can’t recover completely” could attend this. Or at least, listen to these women’s stories. 30 year old thinking on autism isn’t serving our kids. Recovery may not be in the cards for every child and every family, but we can all shoot for it and in the process give our kids the best life possible.

  5. Meghana says:

    How do pple like me who live outside the US read about all that will happen at the conference?


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