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Stolen Sleep

I have been home, in the house by myself, for two weeks and one day exactly while my children are at school.  I have always been a working mom, and my vacation days were taken around school schedules. So it … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: Autism One

Autism One.  Best friends.  Can’t wait! ~ Goddess    

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Two Words

Just about this time last year, when Harry was four, we got our first consistent word. Fast-forward to now, and a year of intense healing gone by, and we finally, finally, have two words together.  At five. I deliberated and … Continue reading

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Autism Beyond the Spectrum: What You Need to Know

Feel like you are seeing a lot of promotion for the Thinking Moms’ Revolution: Autism Beyond the Spectrum book that makes its debut in April? Me, too. We are living it 24/7 as we gear up for the book launch. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Babies!

Today is January 11, 2013.  Five years ago my water broke as I tried to swing my leg back up on the bed at 2 am, after yet another trip to the bathroom (I swear, if Daddy told me it … Continue reading

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Each year my husband’s family makes predictions on New Year’s Eve.  They go into a sealed shoebox, not to be opened until the following New Year’s Eve.  Sometimes they are poignant, sometimes accurate, and sometimes just plain … Continue reading

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Asking WHY?

For as long as I can remember, every doctor we’ve seen has commented that Harry has low liver function. We have supplemented. Detoxed. Flushed. But his liver function has remained pitifully low. We recently saw a new physician whose name … Continue reading

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Ignorant Bitch

My husband and I were at a wine tasting event last weekend, when happenstance found me in a conversation with a retired high school teacher.  She rushed compliments at me for working full-time and raising three young children.  When talk … Continue reading

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What Have You Said To Your Child’s Teacher?

Now that our kids are back at school, the Thinking Moms shared some of the things we have said to our children’s teachers. Please read and share with us what YOU said. Can you top this?   ~ Goddess xx … Continue reading

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I am unwritten Can’t read my mind, I’m undefined I’m just beginning The pen’s in my hand, ending unplanned… Every morning after I finish dropping my kids off at their respective camps and head to work, I quickly press the … Continue reading

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