The Flaw of Herd Immunity in the Face of The New Epidemic of Chronic Childhood Disorders

shawty2Have you read the article gone viral on marriage not being “for you”? It was a poignant read and brought about lots of oohs and aahs and sentimentality. It is true. And I see so many parallels between that story and our own in the autism, ADHD, vaccine injury, etc. crowd. Yes, we post ad nauseum about vaccine damage, corrupt pharmaceutical industry practices, science backing up the harm these “life-saving” vaccines are doing to a whole generation of children. We talk about the evils of GMOs and reducing toxicity. Our mantra has been consistent in the FACT that environmental assault has harmed many of our children and will continue until the parents rise up and educate themselves.

And yet when we do put ourselves out there with this data we are jumped on by naysayers and trolls. For what purpose? If you went to a restaurant and ordered the same dish as two of your friends, and the three of you got sick and the fourth (who ordered something different) didn’t and you claimed food poisoning, how would you feel if the owner told you flat out that was impossible and too bad for you? And then what if you found out that many others who ate that same thing also got sick? What if the owner continued to deny that it was his food? Would that make your symptoms go away? Would it make you less likely to go back again for another round? I don’t care if you vaccinate your child. I also was in the pro-vaccine crowd once. I also used antibacterial wipes like they were going out of style, slathered toxic body products on my body and ate GMO-filled foods. The point is, I don’t anymore, and I hope that my story and the healing we’ve done to help our son can potentially help someone else.


I don’t need to debate YOUR choices. I don’t care. You are in charge of your family’s health, and I am in charge of mine. My message and voice is there for those with their minds open. Your message of herd immunity is severely flawed. Immunity lies with the individual. Quit pushing the responsibility of your child getting a cold on my unvaccinated child. Period. I did not seek out the random person who gave my child chickenpox at six months (and then again at three years).  It took two pediatricians to diagnose him at six months since it is so rare for children that young to get them. Also, they were baffled as to why he never ran a fever during the infection. His immune system clearly wasn’t functioning properly which is why he got sick — twice. What about the people who get the FluMist which is a live-virus vaccine and is shed by that individual for weeks? Should we quarantine them? What about when you run to the store for groceries before you feel those first cold symptoms coming on? Wow, should we run back and obsessively wipe down every surface we touched? Please. Get over yourself and your fear-mongering hysteria.

If you don’t like our message, pass it on by; our message is not for you. If you are a mom/dad/caregiver desperate for answers for your chronically ill child, whether that be autism, ADHD, eczema, allergies, chronic gastrointestinal issues, food allergies, etc., we are here for you. We have lived your story and have come out on the other side with healthier children, with more knowledge of the science behind this and with COMPASSION for those facing the same things we once did. Too often the message from the mainstream medical complex is “Here is a prescription” or “Hmmm, we aren’t sure why your child is having that reaction.” Come to the Thinking side, we’ve got your back!

~ Shawty

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4 Responses to The Flaw of Herd Immunity in the Face of The New Epidemic of Chronic Childhood Disorders

  1. Shannon says:

    Love this whole site and love your story. I tried my best to prevent autism in my daughter by spreading out the amazing amount of vaccines she was required to take in order to go to school, guess what? She is autistic and was diagnosed at 2. She is now 3 and a half and we are blessed to have her in an autism charter school. I thought I was a good Mom by breast feeding, organic food, etc. I was even an extremely healthy pregnant mom. I wonder sometimes if she had just gotten the vaccines I got as a child (1980 baby) if she still woul have autism. Not that it change things now, but I will tell you I am not having another child in case it is genetic between me and my husband and also I am scared. Thank you all for listening! Sincerely Shannon

    • cg says:

      No Shannon it is not genetic. There has never been an epidemic caused by genetics. It was those vaccines. Why not read how Dr. Kartzinel turned his own kid autistic and how he tells how vaccines injure in his book Healing and Preventing Autism. Vaccines are Russian Roulette. Now back to my vaccine injured child.

  2. You said exactly what I’ve tried to say to people who want to push their ideas and beliefs (yes, I have come to think of it as a belief system) regarding vaccinations and herd immunity. It’s frustrating. What’s interesting is that when I say I don’t care about someone else’s choices and that I believe differently, it’s ignored…whether written or spoken. It’s like I never said those words, like the words can’t be comprehended, like I’m speaking another language…I don’t get it. What I do know though, is that I believe that herd immunity is not something that can happen through vaccination and that vaccination is damaging (increasingly so, at that) and that modern medicine isn’t about health and healing. I will remain true to these beliefs. I have seen and read and heard enough to no longer question what’s right or wrong (for me and my child and family).

    Thank you for being such a strong advocate and fighter. I realize I’m not quite ready to battle so continuously with the lies and the fear-mongering and the pressure….

  3. Laura Hayes says:

    Loved this! Thanks, Shawty 🙂

    We are here for those with the ears to hear, the eyes to see, the minds to understand, and the hearts to care. Thankfully, we have reached many, and will continue to do so. The truth won’t be denied as it can’t be squashed down and hidden, and it will have the final say.

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