March of Dimes and ‘Off Label’ Use of Flu Vaccines in Pregnant Women

shamrockThis was my conversation with the March of Dimes today.

Things are always a little vaccine-propaganda heavy around September time. It’s the time for back to school and, therefore, vaccine advertising. That sounds a little harsh, but that’s what it is. Kids are being bombarded with vaccine ‘information’ as soon as they go back to school, primarily for the two yet-to-be-mandated vaccines in most states – the flu and HPV vaccines.

My day started off grieving and sharing the donation page of Booty Kicker, Melanie Baldwin. I have no words for her bravery and the most awful choices she has to make now. I made a donation; that’s all I can do.

preggoMy attention then went to the CDC whistleblower stories of the day to make sure I didn’t miss anything overnight. It was here that a good friend posted this inflammatory article by the March of Dimes:  Flu Vaccine for Expectant Moms a Top Priority: Getting a Flu Shot Helps Moms Help Their Babies.

Normally I don’t get too annoyed about vaccine propaganda. I understand the marketing. It’s a medical product, the government mandates the schedule, it’s for the greater good, etc., etc. But when it comes to unborn babies getting the flu shot, I’m starting to get a little pissed off.

Three words: No. Safety. Studies. That’s it.

Full disclosure – my son is vaccine injured. He first reacted to what I thought was the first vaccine a baby can get at one day old: the hepatitis B shot. He developed jaundice. It was presented as a harmless thing that “is very common in babies now.” Ehhh, why is that exactly? I never thought to ask. I was just trained to trust whatever a nurse or doctor said on this subject. Ho hum, jaundice. No big deal. In fact, jaundice is a very big deal. It is a sign of liver disease. Go figure. How did that happen? But wait, isn’t hepatitis B a liver disease (only transmitted sexually or via IV injection)? He reacted to a bunch more and was later diagnosed with autism. He’s doing great, thanks to diet and natural treatments. You can read my chapter in our book:  Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing.

protectBack to my morning. So we are now in an age when hepatitis B is not the first vaccine our babies will receive, because they’re getting a good dose of government-recommended flu vaccine in utero.  That’s right, in utero. And March of Dimes jumped in to spread the message that every pregnant woman should receive their flu shot. I’m not an activist really. I am a big motivator and talker in TMR, but I’m not about to walk around with a sign around my neck, KWIM? And I am not really anti-vaccine either, I guess, because I gave my kids around 90 doses between the three of them before I woke the hell up — and we didn’t even finish the schedule. Since I now know the truth after years of research, I guess I am now anti-HPV for teenagers, anti-hep B for babies, anti-MMR for babies and anti-DTaP and flu for babies due to the aluminum and mercury toxicity, respectively. I also think that the biggest problem is not the vaccines’ toxic burden and the non-human DNA components, but the sheer number given — the combined effect of numerous adjuvants and antigens at once — and the young age at which they are given. There has never been a safety study done on the current vaccine schedule. There has never been a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study done, even though it’s entirely possible to conduct one. It seems like one enormous experiment — gone wrong. I believe that this untested schedule is causing the tsunami-like wave of chronic illness we are seeing in our children – obvious vaccine injuries aside. Now those, yes, I do believe cause much of the regressive autism we see today. But again, I digress.So right there on the March of Dimes blog post I see Todd Dezen’s phone number. He’s the media contact for the article. I just had to call him. I explained who I was and that I was concerned that the March of Dimes would recommend the flu vaccines, since the vaccine manufacturers themselves do not recommend the flu vaccine for pregnant women, because of the absence of safety studies. I thought that would do it; he would say, “OMG, so sorry! We’ll pull that article right now, how incredible!”

flulavalHe did not. Instead he cited the CDC’s recommendation for vaccinating pregnant women, “The CDC recommends it; so we are.” Has he not heard of the #CDCwhistleblower or #HearThisWell? I don’t think so.

He then proceeded to explain to me the ‘science’ (not sure how, since there are no studies) of how the vaccine crosses the baby’s placenta and therefore protects the fetus’s lungs in case the mother gets the flu while pregnant. Oh, right!  Uh huh. I had to point out at this critical juncture that most flu vaccines contain Thimerosal and formaldehyde and that, too, would cross the placenta into the developing fetus’s brain. Well he just had to point out to me that Thimerosal had in fact been removed from all vaccines and was I not aware of that?

O! M! G!

Or . . . not.At this point I had to school Todd on a few facts: The multidose flu vaccines (the form given to the majority of pregnant women) contain 25 mg of Thimerosal, which is 50% mercury by weight, and we don’t know how much of that crosses the placenta, because there are no safety studies and, therefore, no way of knowing the effect that has on an unborn baby.

He had no answer.

We then moved on to talking about the package inserts and the fact that the manufacturers of all five injectable flu vaccines and one inhaled vaccine, do not recommend giving their product to pregnant women due to the fact that there are no safety studies regarding the use of their product in pregnant or nursing women. He then told me that, “Well, manufacturers can’t recommend a pharmaceutical product to pregnant women, but sometimes you have to go ‘off label’ with these things.”

Yes, my friends. When pregnant, the March of Dimes recommends that you go ‘off label’ and use a product that cannot prove efficacy or safety (per all five manufacturers), least of all in pregnant women. Having said that, I’m not sure why manufacturers don’t just recommend it, since they are indemnified against any and all lawsuits relating to vaccines. I guess they have a conscience when it comes to unborn babies? But the CDC trumps the manufacturers and recommends it anyway. Who cares? Not the March of Dimes.

Of course Todd could not back down and said that if I disagreed with the CDC and the AAP that I should take it up with them! Take it up with them? Ha! I did laugh a little. He didn’t hang up on me, which is amazing, but I did get him to agree to allow me to email him with the facts per the manufacturers on all six vaccines:




I also sent him the list of ingredients in each one.

Listen, I know it fell on deaf ears, but someone has to sound to alarm. If it’s not me, then who? If it’s not us, then who? We need to be brave and share the information.

After my Facebook discussion today, a mom messaged me discreetly about Gardasil because she was “feeling the pressure.” My answer? “If you’re feeling pressured into something, it’s your gut telling you it’s not right.” We were born with an innate instinct that is being crushed in favor of ‘trained’ thinking by ‘superiors.’ Okay, I may have said brainwashing; you decide what to call it.

I’ll get back to Gardasil another day. Today was all about unborn babies being injected with Thimerosal.


~ ShamROCK

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26 Responses to March of Dimes and ‘Off Label’ Use of Flu Vaccines in Pregnant Women

  1. Alan says:

    Are you people all against seat belts as well? I can’t believe the conspiracy theory mentality that I am reading on this web site. There is a reason that this dribble is falling on deaf ears and may it continue to do so. People die from influenza including babies. Flu shots are good. There are so many real public health issues that deserve attention, not conspiracy theories and false facts about vaccines.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      No, no one is against seat belts because seat belts don’t kill or disable people when used correctly. Vaccines, on the other hand, do. That’s a fact and the reason why the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out over $3 billion dollars to date, and do you know what vaccine has the most frequently compensated injuries in recent years? The influenza vaccine!

      Yes, people do die from influenza, including babies, but people ALSO die from influenza vaccines, including babies. In addition, if they have high levels of mercury, their brains are poisoned for life. If you believe so strongly in flu shots (and the word “believe” was chosen deliberately because it is most definitely a “belief” that is not supported by the majority of facts), then you are welcome to have one as often as you wish, but that will not stop us from warning PREGNANT WOMEN that they have not been tested on pregnant women and the package inserts literally say they DON’T KNOW what harms it may cause the baby.

      You go ahead and address whatever you consider “real public health issues” that deserve YOUR attention. We will stick with trying to get and keep children healthy, thanks.

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  3. Ricky Barnes says:

    Thank you all! In my upcoming film , The Trouble With Boys ( we interview Dr. Brian Hooker (who outed the CDC whistleblower) and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who both weigh in heavily on the pregnancy flu-shot issue. The link is for a “crowd-funding” campaign now going on (my disclosure), and I hope to finish the film in 6 to 8 months. Feel free to take a look and best of luck to all in the meantime. Truly, rb

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  5. Jessica Meyer says:

    I was wondering have any indepth studies been done on metal allergies and the metals that vaccines have in them ? Why I bring this up is I have metal allergies and so does my daughter. She recieved the HPV vaccine because I was pressured by her then pediatrician and you know the Doctors know best…. She for three days ran a high fever, could barely get out of bed and when she finally did she had a seizure in the shower. I have never felt so helpless in all my life… do you know if anyone has looked into that?

  6. nhokkanen says:

    Sadly March of Dimes has actively fought against state bills to ban Thimerosal from vaccines.

  7. Lisa G. says:

    Amazing how you can sound so reasonable but your words fall on deaf ears?? Two things: Don’t more miscarriages happen during flu season? I thought it was because when a woman contracts flu, her body kills anything foreign. So why would they recommend injected these viruses into pregnant women?! Ugh. Also, the flu vaccine had a success rate of around 60% last year. Not the most reliable huh?

    Also, my friends’ father is a retired pediatrician and has a theory about the prevalence of autism and specific vaccines (MMR, Hep A, and Chicken Pox). I watched this youtube presentation the same week that I checked out all the #hearthiswell videos (well..only about 250 of them out of the 1,000+) and I want this message spread wide and clear. It fits perfectly with your view that not all vaccines are dangerous (you said “I guess I am now anti-HPV for teenagers, anti-hep B for babies, anti-MMR for babies and anti-DTaP and flu for babies due to the aluminum and mercury toxicity, respectively”) and I think that his theory carries a lot of weight. It is also no surprise that he can’t get any journals to publish his research. I have been thinking about how to spread his message that a study is needed exploring the link, and thought your site would be a great start. But please watch!!

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Lisa, I will watch that video later, it looks interesting! I don’t believe we will ever remove vaccines from our world, the theory and some of the science is so compelling. But I will advocate for vaccine education instead of censorship of information, informed choice and no needless vaccines (Hep B at birth) and over-vaccination (for e.g. the MMR booster – the MMR at all!). I also want to repeal the 1986 Vaccine Injury act as it is nothing short of criminal that the system has turned out to be so corrupt and vile towards families who are suffering with vaccine injured children – children! I appreciate your input and for taking the time to reply here.

    • Ricky Barnes says:

      Since the CDC started recommending the flu-shot to pregnant women, (I believe it was 2002) miscarriages and still-births have risen by over 4000%. Here is one of the studies (

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        NO! Ricky, I’m sorry, but that study refers to the introduction of the H1N1 vaccine to mix. There WAS a huge increase in miscarriages that year, but it was probably due to the combination of H1N1 vaccines AND regular flu vaccines. Now that H1N1 is included in many regular flu vaccines, there may be a similar rate, but it is not the case with the pre-H1N1 years.

  8. ShamROCK says:

    Trying… let’s hope March of Dimes does the right thing and at least mention the Thimerosal warning.

  9. Laura Hayes says:

    Important article, ShamROCK…and thank you for taking the time to try to educate the man from March of Dimes. As you said, if not us, the parents of the vaccine-injured, then who?

    Last week, Dr. Cindy Schneider wrote a great article for SafeMinds regarding the flu shot being recommended for pregnant women. Just below is the link to it, and a comment I sent in a couple of days ago which has yet to post for some reason. Perhaps you could send Dr. Schneider’s article to Todd Dezen along with the other information you have already provided for him. (link for the article again if you missed reading it…worth the read!)

    Critically-important and superbly-written article, Dr. Schneider…THANK YOU!

    There is a portion of a statement you make with which I disagree and feel compelled to comment on:  

    “While intended to protect pregnant women and their babies, influenza vaccines may inadvertently be doing more harm than good.”  I do not for one minute believe that influenza vaccines were ever intended to protect pregnant women and their babies. Rather, I believe the CDC’s recommendation that pregnant women and infants be vaccinated with the flu vaccine was made for 2 reasons.  First, the recommendation was an attempt to keep hidden what mercury-laden vaccines did to a decade and a half of children.  The CDC did not want the public to see what would happen if mercury was removed from vaccines, because they knew there would be a stark difference in the skyrocketing autism rate (it would begin to decline rapidly), not to mention a stark difference in the rate of other vaccine-induced childhood disorders and chronic illnesses (they, too, would begin to decline rapidly).  Thus, mercury was never required to be removed from vaccines, and instead, it was included as an ingredient in vaccines recommended for pregnant women and infants.  That was not a coincidence.  To make matters worse, and to further try to protect themselves, they allowed the increasing of aluminum in vaccines, up to 3X in some vaccines.  They permitted this knowing that aluminum is neurotoxic and problematic in and of itself, and even more so when combined with mercury, which they were still allowing in vaccines along with the increased amounts of aluminum.  Criminal and immoral, to say the very least. Secondly, there is an unholy alliance between CDC officials and pharmaceutical companies…some call it a revolving door.  It works like this…CDC official approves vaccines for pharmaceutical company (vaccine safety and efficacy are non-issues), and CDC official is soon offered a lucrative and powerful position at pharmaceutical company (case in point, Julie Gerberding, formerly of the CDC, now head of Merck’s vaccine division).  Thus, the recommendation of the flu vaccine for pregnant women and infants was not only used to institute a cover-up, but it was also used to protect and enhance positions, power, and profits.

    I think it is imperative that people begin to understand that concern for the health of our children is not at the root of our nation’s vaccine program.  Quite the opposite.  It has now become a covert, widespread operation of trying to cover-up years and years of vaccine-induced disability, illness, and premature death while continuing to cater to the hands that feed them…the powerful, greedy, and corrupt pharmaceutical companies.

    I have shared this article with many in hopes that mothers-to-be will read and heed your sage advice, and in hopes that a fair number of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists will somehow read this article and make immediate changes in how they practice medicine, returning to a “First, do no harm” mentality and ethicality. 

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this Laura. It is very important. Also, I’m not sure where you obtained that quote “While intended to protect pregnant women and their babies, influenza vaccines may inadvertently be doing more harm than good.” as it didn’t appear in my article. It must be from something else. But thank you for the vital information above and I will read Dr. Schneider’s article.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I believe that quote is from Dr. Schneider’s article. That section of her comment contains her comment on Dr. Schneider’s article.

      • Laura Hayes says:

        Hi again, ShamROCK,

        Sorry for the confusion with my comment to your article. Everything below the link to Dr. Schneider’s article is part of my comment to her SafeMind’s article. ProfessorTMR is correct…that quote you mention is from Dr. Schneider’s article. Hope you had a chance to read it 🙂

      • ShamROCK says:

        Oh I see it now, thanks ProfessorTMR

  10. Maria Rossi says:

    High five, ShamROCK! It takes time for people to shed a paradigm. You never know how much gets through, even if they are dismissive of the initial information.

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  12. Give ’em hell, Shamrock! You are the reluctant activist, and you know it!

  13. All I have to say is I love you Shamrock! Preach it Mama!

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