Our Cherubic Children

princesscrownAs for probably all of us autism parents, the journey through autism is and has been the most life-defining experience I’ve ever had.  I have spent innumerable hours researching the physical, medical side of autism, the emotional/behavioral side and, unquestionably most interestingly to me, the spiritual side of autism.  I’ve come to believe that autism was brought to me personally (and I believe to our entire world and universe) as a wake-up call and opportunity for all of us to move beyond our egoistic selves and enter a state of pure love.  A love that is unconditional.  Any autism parent can absolutely attest that they have surely experienced the ultimate opportunity to rise into this state of consciousness! And what a gift I’ve discovered it to be, personally, for my own human evolution and spiritual expansion.

I’ve come to learn and realize that, while autism is absolutely a physical expression of toxic overload and an iatrogenically caused hodgepodge pandemonium of bodily maladies, there is something much deeper going on here, in addition, for me and my son, and I believe, for all of us and our children.


Such is the intricate and complex beauty of our synchronistic universe, pulling powers and people as pawns to help the deeper growing of our collective consciousness!

I have been studying and researching the pursuit of happiness as my primary focus in life for the past year or two, after connecting my emotional state and well being to my son’s progress.  Over the past year, this has developed into an even deeper awareness – that not only is my emotional well-being tied to my son’s growth, on a far deeper level, my spiritual growth is as well.

There are many works in the metaphysical world, positing the spiritual significance of autistic children today.  Some metaphysicists and spiritual researchers believe children with autism to possess special powers, such as telepathy or supernatural traits, abilities or psychic levels of intelligence.  These kids are often broken into a few groups.

The first group of kids are often referred to as “indigo children.”  These are kids who are here to trailblaze our world into a newer consciousness, one with a higher spiritual awareness and greater integrity.  Indigo children can energetically sense when they are being lied to or cheated or manipulated and are wired automatically to resist these old, less enlightened patterns of being and to rise up and inspire a collective ‘turning in’ and spiritual awakening for our universal consciousness.  Indigo kids are here to squash old systems that no longer serve us, such as government, educational and legal systems that lack integrity.  In order to do this, they need fire and a resoluteness about themselves.  Talk about canaries in the coal mine!  Indigo children are usually seen as ‘problem children’ who cannot conform to general and societal structures and systems.  These kids’ unique purpose is to inspire change in the rest of the world. On a personal level, I believe my son has many elements of this characterization and also the reason we’ve chosen to adopt therapeutic approaches that are loving and accepting of his uniqueness.  His recovery journey has very much become our therapy and personal growth as we now understand that our emotional and spiritual states of being are interconnected with his expansion.  Interestingly, indigo children are referred to as such, due to the high level of indigo in their aura, or spiritual bodies.  Indigo is also connected with the third eye or “ajna” chakra.  This is also what is often referred to as the “sixth sense.”  The implications of this are endless, one such being that attention to chakra balancing and alignment can help us help ourselves and our kids.

Next are the crystal kids. Indigo kids are described as being here to pave the way for the crystal kids.  Crystal kids are similar to indigo children in the fact that they share many of the same telepathic abilities.  Crystal kids often are non-verbal or speak later in life as they are vibrating on a higher plane than the rest of us – one which is less reliant on verbal communication and implements a faster more intuitive form of communication.  They tend to have a sweet disposition and to be even tempered and with a calm soothing energy.  These kids are described as being psychically aware and available for psychic telepathic communication.  As wild as this sounds, I have experienced this in so many ways with my son since making these connections.  By sharpening my own attention to my higher self through activities such as meditation, yoga and energy and vibrational healing modalities, I have begun to develop my own psychic modes of communication with my son.  I believe this also to be part of the reason he has started making more gains in his expression and attempts at communication through more conventional ways, since our energetic relationship is forging a bridge between our states of experience and planes.  I have also experienced miracles with energy healing as a result of this — often when he is undergoing physical discomfort I will turn to forms of energy healing based around my own visualizations and positive thought, and he will literally respond with calmness immediately, only further proving his psychic and energetic sensitivities!

Lastly are the rainbow kids. Rainbow kids are the kids of the future. These are kids who are fearless and often born to crystal children mom and dads.  Rainbow kids give me great hope for our future.  They are already actualized and enter this world ready to share their gifts of love and serve all of humanity.   I am excited to watch our world transform into one full of rainbow babies and I can already see it happening.

So how do we, as the parents, caregivers, lovers and safe-guardians of these honest-to-goodness angels, tap into the reservoirs of interaction waiting for us with our kids, now being aware of these alternate dimensions of consciousness and connection? Oh my gosh, this is the best part ever!

I am so excited about the infinite possibilities of this discovery for us and our children!  In addition to the all the therapies and interventions we are constantly researching, experimenting with, and implementing for our babies, we can simply turn inward.  It is that simple.

I have discovered that getting into alignment with my higher self prior to interacting with my son yields magical connections I was never privy to prior to doing this work.  And best of all, in the most practical way ever, by taking care of and grounding myself, my tank is full, my cup literally runneth over, so that I am able to be available to him in every way, but most of all, intuitively.  By engaging in regular mediation practice, for instance, I am able to tap into his needs in a deeper way.  The possibilities truly are endless!  Chakra balancing and alignment, Reiki, Healing Codes, positive affirmation and intention setting – the modalities really are never ending – but most of all – self-love.

When we love ourselves, we are able to reflect that love back to our kids in the deepest possible way. What a blessing our babies are to us to help us literally wake up! and reach these higher dimensions of ourselves and our consciousness.  Perhaps the only real motivator for many of us to give ourselves the attention of our own affections, and to dig so deeply, is one’s love for his/her own child.  It is because of this, that I can actually say, that I have never been so in touch with myself or happier in my entire life, than I am now, because of my sweet son’s autism.  This is not to say that I am not regularly challenged by it, but rather, to say that I can see the bigger picture at play and that, through this experience, I’m turning inward and waking up in a way I never would have otherwise.  This is not to be mistaken — I will work for the entirety of my life to connect with him and draw him more and more into our wonderful and beautiful world full of relationships and connections, until we arrive at a complete and total removal of his diagnosis — and beyond. But, in this moment, I am grateful and happy to be on this journey of discovery and personal growth – and I owe it 100% to autism.

Let’s reclaim our lives and our happiness together, one mama, one papa and one baby at a time.  Maybe, just, maybe, the universe has been looking out for us as a species, all along.  And, I would like to suggest, that it is us, the parents of these angels, who are the lucky ones.


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~ Princess

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  1. Amy winter says:

    Amen! The more I heal the more our entire family heals!

  2. My thoughts exactly. <3 <3 <3

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