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Stop Trying to Change Your Child with Autism!

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There are times when I forget that not everybody sees things the same way I do. It doesn’t take long to be reminded, however. It might be when I am speaking to another parent of a child with autism, and … Continue reading

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Tell Your Story

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In our book, we shared our stories and bared our souls to the world, detailing our experiences as parents while being open about what we wish we had done differently in caring for the health of our children.  You have … Continue reading

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The Fireflies

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A few weeks ago, Cupcake posted her blog about stolen childhoods.  It was a powerful piece that lamented the things that our kids miss out on, not only our children with autism, but their siblings as well.  But it also … Continue reading

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Revolutions Never Go Backwards. – Wendell Phillips

There is a revolution taking place and it is happening now. Autism is a tragedy that is showing up in households across America and around the world. As it takes root and grows in a generation of children, there is … Continue reading

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