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What’s The Healthiest Oil? 10 Cooking Oils Compared

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You already know olive oil is the healthy choice for you, but it shouldn’t be the only oil you keep in your kitchen. Which oil is suitable for sautéing, baking, dressings or deep frying? What’s the best cooking oil when I want … Continue reading

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The Miraculous Fat That Nourishes The Brain and Heals The Body! Why Coconut Oil Is Good For You

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What is this miraculous fat you ask? Coconut oil of course!  It is an incredibly healthy fat, no other oil is as versatile as the humble coconut oil. You can eat it, cook with it, apply on your skin, treat … Continue reading

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I’m Cuckoo for Coconut Oil

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When it comes to researching biomedical therapies for autism, I should have my Google PhD right now.  I’ve tried many things with the hope that whatever it was would prove to be the magic bullet for us.  And I always … Continue reading

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