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The Ups and Downs of Life with PANS

February 3, 2016 Screaming, red-faced with panic in her eyes, like a wild animal caged and in fear of losing its life if it didn’t escape. This is what my daughter looked like as she tried to jump out of … Continue reading

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Thinking Moms’ Guide to Red Flags – Lining Things Up

Hindsight . . . I did not catch it at the time, 17 years ago, but looking back at the early warning signs that something was amiss, it is now a retrospective facepalm. I thought it was a sign of … Continue reading

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Brain Function Deficits

I am learning so much on this journey.  I have chronicled my journey, you can read it here A New Journey and The Journey Continues. Thanks to a comment made on the first blog post of this journey, I am … Continue reading

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