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Visualize, Manifest, Pray: Positive Affirmations to Surround Your Child With Autism

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About five months ago I signed my oldest son up for a tutoring program. Before he began I had a conference with the director of the center to talk about his tutoring needs. I told her about his diagnosis (autism) … Continue reading

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Recovery and the Unexpected Downturn

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As my family is marching down the path toward recovery, I have been pondering what comes next for my kids. What am I going to be doing after they achieve functional recovery? We’ve addressed or are addressing toxins, pathogens, gut/immune … Continue reading

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Hey! Sugah here! Come hang out with me and let’s share a laugh. Take a short intermission from our regularly scheduled thought-provoking, insightful and often poignant blog posts concerning autism and other childhood developmental disease prevention and recovery. On occasion … Continue reading

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The Next Step in the Journey

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You may remember that I, Sugah, have been reading/researching the brain’s role in the symptoms our children our experiencing in the multitude of childhood developmental diagnoses. Previous journey blog posts can be found here, please read  A New Journey, The Journey … Continue reading

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