Where the Hell Are Our Stories? Hello, Fearless Parent Radio!

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Provocative “Fearless Parent Radio” Launches November 13 – Buisness Wire

“Our stories are missing!”
“NPR would be great if it didn’t suck.”
“We know what we know!”

There are exceptional conversations about parenting happening on social media. If you’re reading this blog, you already know that. You’re a gutsy parent. You’re on the front lines of parenting. And you know that nothing in mainstream media captures the reality of parenting today. Not even close.

Imagine a show hosted by parents like you.

What if they held a microphone up to your conversations… to report back with honesty, humor, and respect?

What if they interviewed some of the smartest people they could find—authors, scientists, thought leaders… to connect the dots to the reality you see at home, in schools, and in our communities?

We are Fearless Parent Radio. www.fearlessparentradio.com. FPR. Radio for parents, by parents. Fearless parents.

We love writing for our Nurture Parenting blog. But we realized something. Information about the new parenting we’re covering is moving faster than we can capture with the printed word. While editing the “you can’t make this stuff up” conversations—raw, hilarious, rich with the support and pragmatic solutions taking place all around us—we wondered if we risked missing this change revolution as we fussed over our writing.

How could we highlight these vital conversations as they are happening? In one extraordinary week, Alison wished for a radio show and Louise was asked by Progressive Radio Network if she wanted to put one together.

Fearless Parent Radio was born!

TMR readers know that Alison has a vaccine injured son who is healing. Many of you also know Louise’s journey and the successful healing of her two boys from early over-vaccination. You’ve probably read her book, Vaccine Epidemic, and followed some of her committed advocacy for parental rights, and health and healing.

Here’s where we are asking for a leap of faith from the TMR readers we love. When you listen to FPR, you won’t hear us using the familiar words of autism and vaccine injury as often as you might like. And here’s why.

Everyone is maxed out with too much information. When we use the word autism, we lose big numbers of parents right off the bat. They don’t have children with autism and they don’t understand that our stories can help their kids. They tune us out. Just like we sometimes tune them out. The truth is that our children are just sicker versions of every kid in America right now.

For a time, when the diagnosis is new, it can be vitally important to insulate ourselves within the autism world, where we feel others ‘get us’ and what we are going through. It is tempting to continue holding on tight to autism, both the word and the community, because it gives us a sense of security and belonging… even as we wished more people better understood. Now, we see an opportunity to be more open, and to embrace Every Parent’s concerns about the health and well-being of all children who, after all, aren’t very different than our own.

To welcome the widest audience of receptive, thinking parents possible, we are going to use those words less frequently. We’re inviting people with fresh perspectives and new energy who are, like us, united in our common desire for healthy families.

We aim to stay right on top of the most relevant topics and dynamic experts. Don’t think for one minute we have left the cause. Not happening.

The information autism parents share so generously with each other is information every parent needs. Similarly, the information that parents in many likeminded communities so generously share with each other is information we need, in such areas as sustainability, health freedom, and the varied factors impacting the quality of our food, water, and air.

We’re all connecting around the knowledge that parents must go beyond what we’ve been told and:

– Question authority
– Leave the herd
– Make informed decisions
– Trust our instincts

Many of us are finding the heart and soul of parenting inside the conversations we’re having with each other online. Now we want to take those conversations ON THE AIR!

We hope you will tune in to Fearless Parent Radio on Wednesdays at 11am Eastern. Our first live show airs tomorrow with author Leah Hager Cohen discussing her wonderful new book, I Don’t Know, In Praise of Admitting Ignorance. She has pearls of wisdom for every single one of us. Listen and see!

If you miss us live, download our show on iTunes! Most of all, we hope you will help us shape our show by calling in, asking questions, and sharing your ideas.

Together We Are Fearless!

Alison and Louise

Fearless Parenting

Alison MacNeil and Louise Kuo Habakus are nervous, excited, and awfully grateful to everyone for your good wishes. Let’s do this together!

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7 Responses to Where the Hell Are Our Stories? Hello, Fearless Parent Radio!

  1. nivchek says:

    Tuning out is the first step in leaving the herd. We don’t own a TV, don’t listen to any gabby radio, and don’t read the news. Then, tune in to the conversations around you. Find out what people are thinking, real people on the ground. Most people still think in terms of diagnoses and fatalism. The diagnosis is the foundation; it is immovable and firm. You cannon and shall not peel it back for a look at the subsoil.

    I tell EVERYbody with a shred of interest about the long list of things we’ve recovered from in our family. It’s not just ASD, as you were saying in the post, with all those kids sick with so many other old-people’s illnesses. I had some horrible un-diagnosable condition that was killing me, we all suffered horribly from a 3-year exposure to black mold, and our mental health was another project after all we’d been through. But look at us now, by God’s grace we are still here and better than ever. And all the bad things we went through and all the new troubles we encounter, have been for our ultimate good. It’s a wonderful story to hear, but to live it is amazing. You can’t tell that from my messy house or my unstuffed schedule, but the success is all on a plane that is invisible to most people. My children are normal. I function. These are blessings most people take for granted, and I’m so grateful I can hardly contain myself.

  2. Deb squires says:

    I just recently happened upon your site and am so thrilled for the support for parents of all children. I am a 55 year old grandmother, of soon to be, 10 lovely grandchildren. I have been researching not only vaccinations but also, gluten sensitivities, GMOs, environmental toxins, all sorts of myriad, poisons our children/grandchildren are daily exposed to. I work in the healthcare field and get the “punched in the gut” feeling each time I uncover another deception of so called science in regards to the aforementioned topics of research interest. What I find most appalling is the fact that our society has been so propagandized in most of these topics that it is very difficult to have open, honest discussions on many of these subjects. The labels fly when one attempts to do so, conspiracy theorist, hippy, whatever label that keeps folks comfortable and not having to deal with the issue. Whomever started this campaign was a genius! At any rate, I’m hoping the conversations begin with sites such as yours because it is getting very serious here in the trenches. I know personally of 2 deaths after the 4 month DpT vaccine and 1 whose parents thankfully, walked in on him not breathing and were able to get intervention soon enough for his survival. It pains me greatly that the immunization schedules have been beefed up to include such a large amount of vaccinations even before the first year of life, and the ignorance in the medical profession that is in, for the most part, lockstep with the CDC.
    Again, thankyou, for investing time and energy in your very busy lives to help bring these issues to the forefront of the minds of young parents, for what I hope will be serious debate regarding the truth.

  3. Kim Housley says:

    “The truth is that our children are just sicker versions of every kid in America right now.” Perfect! Best wishes and prayers as you seek to inform and change lives–can’t wait to listen!

  4. Can I tell you how much I LOVE this?!!! I’ve bought the book and watched all you thinking moms from the sidelines because, while my son is vaccine damaged, I listened to my mommy gut (because I’d been a mom for sixteen years already at that point, and I trusted myself and his tremors) and stopped vaccinating him after his four month visit to the pediatrician, so his issues are less pronounced.

    I’ve cheered TMR on, I’ve shared blog posts on Facebook, I’ve tweeted and written about vaccine damage and vaccine choice, and I can’t WAIT to listen to FPR and participate in the conversation! WE CAN promulgate change, and help ALL the children who are impacted by a multitude of choices that are made on their behalf, and without their input, many by people who don’t even have kids. I love that FPR will be open to dialog with parents whose children might not qualify as *autistic*. Like you, I believe that these conversations need to be happening in the open, NOT just behind the veil of *autism*, leaving all other parents to feel like it doesn’t concern them. It does. It concerns us all. I think this will prove to be an important breakthrough in destigmatizing this important conversation. How many parents like me have concerns about their kids social skills, learning or ability to focus, that can be helped when we’re all talking about, sharing and banding together to change those things that make a difference for our children. Congratulations! (aka, GlutenNaziMom)

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  6. Mary Cavanaugh says:

    You guys are awesome! What is ” autism ” anyway? Much much more!
    Glad you are getting away from that!
    Why do one out of 2 kids today have a chronic health condition? What is happening in our schools? Why are they in trouble? I know I am talking to the choir here. So proud of you all’s work!!! Let our voices be heard!!!

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