Playground Rules

Thanks for joining the conversation!  We’re glad you’re here listening to what we have to say.  We’re going to keep things simple here, so think back to Kindergarten.  Remember when we were taught how to take turns? Raise your hand? Be kind to your neighbor? Respect your friends? Listen and then speak?  Yeah.  All that applies over here, too.

We’ve invited you here to our playground, so make sure you know the rules:

1.  Even before Kindergarten you probably heard this from your own Mom:  If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.  TMR agrees.  Name calling, bullying, personal attacks or being plain ol’ mean and nasty is never allowed.

2.  Most Thinking Moms (and Dads) know a thing (or 2 or 3 or 1,000) about our children and the devastating issues affecting them.  We’re here just as Moms (and Dads) to share those stories, facts and sometimes helpful information.  If you are a professional or are citing research please let us know who you are and where you found the info.  We like to read.  We read everything.

3. Outsiders looking into our world are most welcomed!  We hope you are here to learn, share and also join the Revolution.  Since we Thinkers have been around the block a ton of times already we know a fake, a shill and a nay-sayer when we see one.  Feel free to stick around, but know that we’re here first for our kids, not to debate or fall for any negative juju.

4.  TMR will sometimes repost comments on other TMR-owned locations (like our FB page).  If you leave a super fantastic comment we might want to share it with other Thinkers out there.

See? We told you it was simple: Play nice.  Follow the rules.  Work together.  Are you ready?  Come on, get in there and make some noise!  Leave a comment.  Share our link. Have fun, kids!

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