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The Thinking Moms’ Revolution – Autism Beyond The Spectrum: Inspiring True Stories From Parents Fighting To Rescue Their Children

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A portion of the profits from the book will be the first funding our volunteer-led not-for-profit organization receives. And know that we will use that funding to help families struggling to pay for autism treatments. To find out more about our vision for TMR, please click here. If you would like to host a book reading event in your city, email us at [email protected]

About The Book

TMR Book Cover FinalTwenty-three moms and one brave dad make up The Thinking Moms’ Revolution. Their group stretches from Montana to Malaysia to Montreal. While parenting children with disabilities, they came together on Facebook to collaborate about bio-medical and dietary interventions, as well as doctors and researchers developing cutting edge treatments. In the process they became a tight-knit family dedicated to helping their children lose their diagnoses. Out of this collaboration they have created something far more substantial. Suspecting that the roots of their children’s autism, adhd, asthma, sensory processing disorder and food allergies may be found in the overuse of antibiotics, preventative medical care, environmental toxins and processed food, they began a mission to turn it around!

Here, Helen Conroy and Lisa Joyce Goes have collected TMR’s stories of healing and hope as they fight to recover their children from autism and related disorders. Each chapter is written by a different TMR member sharing how they found each other, what they have learned along their journey, and why the support of close friends, also parenting kids with special needs, is so important. In this book you will read about their individual experiences, and learn how their determination and friendships have become a daily motivation for parents worldwide.


Meet The Authors

Helen ConroyHelen Conroy is president of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution, LLC. After a fifteen-year career as a vice president at a Fortune 500 company, she became the development director for The ABLE Academy, a private school for children with developmental disabilities in Naples, Florida. Helen is married to Doug and has three beautiful children, including Harrison, who is diagnosed with autism and apraxia and is on the path to healing.

LJ GoesLisa Joyce Goes is a contributing editor for Age of Autism, an executive board member of The Canary Party, and head of public relations for The Thinking Moms’ Revolution. She and her husband Dave are actively working for healthcare reform in America, and have three children, one of whom suffers the tragic effects of iatrogenic autism.


Foreword By Dr. Bob Sears

Dr Bob SearsRobert W. Sears, MD, is a father of three, board-certified in Pediatrics, and a co-author in the Sears Parenting Library. “Dr. Bob”, as he likes to be called by his little patients, earned his medical degree at Georgetown University School of Medicine in 1995. He did his pediatric internship and residency at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, finishing in 1998. He is the author of The Vaccine Book – Making the Right Decision for your Child.


Excerpts From Dr. Bob’s Foreword

“The Thinking Mom’s Revolution’s Autism Beyond the Spectrum is a look into the hearts and minds of these families. After reading their stories you will want to hunt each one of them down, give them a big hug, and never let go. Not because they need it, but because you need to.”

“This book will make you examine your own understanding of autism. It will challenge what you believe causes, or doesn’t cause, autism. It will illuminate the myriad treatment options that are available. But most importantly, it will make you a better person. ”

“Well, nothing brings about change like a group of dedicated parents who are fighting for their own children. The Thinking Mom’s Revolution is one such group, and boy are they on fire! And they have a story to tell. ”


Did You Know?

A portion of the profits from the book will be the first funding our volunteer-led not-for-profit organization receives. And know that we will use that funding to help families struggling to pay for autism treatments. To find out more about our vision for TMR, please click here. If you would like to host a book reading event in your city, email us at [email protected]

Read our Blog and join us daily as we forge forward, hand in hand, into a future full of hope.


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11 Responses to Buy The TMR Book HERE!

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  2. Kim C Maine says:

    Thank you so much for writing this book. I just ordered and cannot wait to read it. I am the owner of a small home daycare and a Holistic Health Coach. I plan to raise awareness in my community with your book and link to your website. I give workshops on allergies and food intolerances to other child care providers in my area. My information does include the dangers of immunizing while sick, antibiotic overuse, removing toxins from the home, clean eating and gut flora imbalance and healing. I hope to become better acquainted with the autism community here and spread the word.

  3. Mary Tocco says:

    I am a vaccine researcher and a radio host. I want to interview someone about the book and the website! Great Job, lets tell the world.
    Vaccines are an assault on the body and based on old science….

    We must STOP the abuse.

    Please email me soon!

  4. An injured mom says:

    My sister and her husband did not vaccinate their four children, starting in 1985 through 1995. I view them as pioneers and heroes now. At the time, our family was entrenched in the propaganda of the medical world and thought they were terrible parents for taking such a risk. The funny thing is, I had to learn the hard way about not judging people. Until you LIVE the devastation that these toxic cocktails can produce, you have NO business saying a word! In some ways, I thank God every day it was me that suffered the consequences, so my children could be spared.
    I do not have vaccine injured children because as an adult, at 31 years old, I became a vaccine injured adult. After my experience and a friend giving me information, I learned that what I experienced as an athletic, completely healthy person with a mature immune system and fully-developed brain was happening to babies all over the world.
    It was at that point that the light bulb went off, thank God! Our children were spared because we became informed about the risks. We are intelligent, questioning, educated parents who began to question motives and not buy into the false science and fraudulent studies being sold to the public.
    I have spent years recovering my own body from the damage of only one vaccine! My heart goes out to all of the parents who did what they were told (I once trusted as well) and were devastated. They trusted those who should be there to help them and were deceived, just as I was.
    Sadly, it seems that many people are as ignorant to the facts, as I was pre-reaction. They continue to believe the pseudo-science and outright manipulated studies they hear. I hope that people will wake up to the truth of this tobacco science soon, before more children are devastated. I stand with all of the parents who are fighting to regain their children’s health and the right for all people to live free, without fear of being forcibly medicated.

  5. Joanne Antonetti-Beard says:

    I am a mom who recovered her son from severe autism. Cannot wait to read this book. Thank you.

    • Chrystal Geier says:

      Hi Joanne,
      If you don’t mind me asking, how did you do this? Every story I have ever heard about recovering a child from Autism, they were not severe. My son has severe Autism and I would love to hear about what you tried. Thanks : )

      • Autism Mom says:

        Joanne Antonetti-Beard, can you giv me the link to your blog. I would also like to read. Would love to recover severe autism….

    • Good evening Joanne,
      I would love to have access to your blog, I think we have finally walked out of the devestating world of autism after 4 years but still struggle with apraxia and social skills. My name is Nancy fitzpatrick from new jersey and my email is [email protected]. any thought would be greatly appreciates
      All my best
      Nancy Fitzpatrick

  6. Chris-thinking Grandma!! says:

    Only been reading your blog for less than one week! WOW!! your information is VERY GOOD and i’ll keep Sharing it and Sharing it! Thankfully so far don’t have any immediate family members diagnosed. Shared the post with a cousin & she said “I WISH this info would have been out there when my son was diagnosed” (over 14 yrs ago) Keep up the GREAT work! In process of preordering the book!! THANK YOU!!

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  8. Nikki (Jakob's Mom) says:

    All I can say is FINALLY! A book that tells it like it is.Parents trying to rescue their children that were INJURED.WOW, it’s been a decade for me.I am beside myself that things are finally shifting. But there is so much work yet to be done in the education area so this STOPS. Lisa and all you other parents ,THANK YOU! It’s an exhausting road and it feels good to know that there are all these wonderful ,intelligent moms’ travelling the same road and we will make it to the end no matter what.nikki and jake

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