What’s the Big Idea?

I’m at a loss.  I really don’t know what to say.  Truth be told, I didn’t think this day would come.    I’m a bit shocked actually.

You see, I’m a person with a lot of big ideas.  I can see the end result.  I envision scenarios and various ways things can play out. I can imagine the impossible.  But can I follow through?   Can I actually make them happen?   Can I create beyond the dream and bring one of my grand ideas to life?    Can I put my money where my mouth is?   Well, let’s just say my track record on follow through isn’t great.     And that’s why I’m confused and perplexed and quite frankly – stunned.

Autism One. 2011. We were nursing our after dinner drinks at a long table in the hotel restaurant.   There must have been ten of us maybe?

We had met online in a Facebook group for clients of a well-known homeopath.   We had developed friendships and gotten to know each other in that group.  When the group ceased to exist, we started a private group of our own for strictly social purpose.  We had grown close and were excited to meet up at Autism One that year. We were going to meet some of our best friends for the very first time.

There’s some discrepancy about where and when I first said the word “book”. I remember it being at a dinner party at the hotel restaurant. Goddess remembers me saying it at the Unity Mixer. It’s turning into TMR’s very own version of an urban legend and we may never know what actually happened. Too much alcohol and too little sleep have rendered three or four different versions of when and how the idea for the book actually birthed itself. But regardless of specifics, the one thing we all agree on is that I said it and Goddess ran with it.

Now, if I had said “book” to just anyone, that would have been the end of it.  Thinking Moms Revolution would not exist.   My thought would have died right there.   The Facebook group would have dissolved after the inevitable drama that ensued in the months that followed, and you my reader, would be doing something else with your time right now.    Why?   Because I do not follow through.  I do not make things happen. It’s not in my nature to be a world changer.   I simply like to think about it.   But I didn’t say it to just anyone.   I said it to Goddess.   I had given her that nickname months before I uttered the magical “B” word.  I have a habit of creating nicknames for people I like, and everyone in our circle had one.  Her face lit up.   “That’s a great idea” she said,  “let’s do it”. Uhmmm yeah.  Right.  My skepticism kicked in almost immediately.   I didn’t let on though.

In the months that followed, I voiced support for the project, but did little to actually help bring it to fruition.   I watched from the sidelines as Goddess rallied the troops. Some of our group signed on immediately.  Others bowed out.  I flip flopped. The idea of writing a chapter seemed daunting and I hate work.  I was fascinated by how many of my friends were on board with the project.   Could others truly be that optimistic? It confused me. I was on the fence.   I didn’t know how to commit to a project I didn’t actually believe could happen.   None of my ideas ever happen.  How could this one possibly be any different? But Godess was determined.   I could see it in her eyes. I could feel it in her spirit.  She was going to do this.  Others fed off her determination and persistence.   Chapters were written, edited and re-edited.  They were moving forward and I was dragging my feet.

normal_big_idea_momentThen they started a blog. I would say “we started a blog”, but I wasn’t a part of the action. I was still watching from the sidelines trying to figure out what to make of it all.  Next thing I knew, Thinking Moms Revolution was born.  I didn’t know what to think.   Would anyone read it?   Would anyone care what my friends or I had to say?  The answer was definitely yes.   The Autism community identified with us. They wanted to hear from us. We were parents just like everyone else and we were saying what people wanted to say themselves.    I was blown away.    This thing was really happening.   For the first time, I was able to commit to the vision.   It wasn’t just a good idea any more.   My friends were taking action and I was a part of it.   I didn’t care if the book ever happened or not.   All I knew is I was a part of something big, and I was excited.   We were regular parents just hanging out at dinner one night, and now we were changing the world.   We were giving others a voice.   We were making a difference.   I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

So here we are.   TMR announced yesterday that the book will be released Spring 2013.   You can pre-order it right this very minute on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and other online retailers.  It happened.   We did it.  Well actually – they did it.     Goddess lead the way.   Princess designed the cover.   Professor and Mamacita did a lot of editing.  Snap and Sunshine served in leadership roles.   Prima and Princess and Dragon Slayer handled marketing.   Blaze took care of merchandise sales.   I could sit here and list every member of TMR and tell you how each person contributed to all of this.   I could go on and on about how they took action and made something happen.  Me?  I had an idea.   It was just an idea.   It was an idea Ididn’t even believe in.    And now?  It’s a reality.

It’s a tangible real thing that you can purchase on Amazon for $17.95.   

I’m humbled.

TMR is more than just a collection of stories or a blog or a book or a t-shirt.   TMR is hope.   TMR is proof that optimism and vision are stronger and more powerful than skepticism and doubt.  TMR is action and faith and strength in the face of criticism and controversy and impossibility.   So when people tell us we can’t do anything for our children, when we hear we have to accept things as they are, when the world demands we lose sight of our vision and let our big ideas die,  remember – we’re Thinkers.   We’re a part of something bigger.   We’re part of a Revolution.   We can take action and we can change the world.   Together, we can do anything.

So ask yourself… what’s the big idea?

~ Tex

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25 Responses to What’s the Big Idea?

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  2. Thinkingmominthedesert says:

    I started writing a comment here and it turned out to be way too long. Blog post worthy length! lol I did save it though. Hmm Wonder if I should submit it as a guest blog post? Anyway, what can I say…I have alot to talk about and no one around to listen. Haha! No-one who really gets it. No-one that understands the way u guys do. Wish I had some of u ppl as my friends in real life. I’ve been a TMR reader since day 1! Knowing u r there for me to turn to when the going gets tough helps me more than you’ll ever know.
    Oh, wait.
    U DO know!!! 😉

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Blog post worthy? I like the sound of that! We would love to read your story, please find the submission guidelines here. If you ever get to the Autism One conference, we would love to meet you. Thank you for reading and keep on fighting!

      Dragon Slayer

    • Thinkingmominthedesert says:

      See, I forgot to mention the whole point of my comment- the book!

      So glad the book came to fruition and will soon be available. One is definitely more likely to read if u shove a book into their hands as opposed to hoping they listen & read a certain website u told them to visit.
      I have never ever before in my life been more anxious and excited to read a book.

  3. Shiri says:

    I can’t wait to read it! You guys have been a source of strength and hope for me like you’ll never know. Just knowing that I’m not crazy, that there are others like me, dealing with the same emotions and chaos, has been empowering. Thank you for taking this step for all of us! Your stories are our stories and they need to be heard!

    • Tex says:

      YOUR stories need to be heard too!!! I encourage you all to continue to think BIG and keep your voices echoing LOUDLY!!! You are part of the Revolution after all!!! <3

  4. Gabriela G says:

    Thank you ladies for giving me the courage to realize I am not the only one that thinks the way you do. Before I found your blog I felt so alone and weak with my ideas as a first time mom. Now I have the courage to stand up to people and say NO. I’ve done my research and know what I’m talking about.

    Tex, this is my favorite quote that from now on I can relate to you. Thanks…..can’t wait to read the book.

    “The task is … not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees.
    — Erwin Schrödinger

  5. Jaime says:

    I love this group !! Everytime I read a post I am so inspired! I am so happy I found this group and so glad your idea became a reality. I can not wait to read it!

  6. Tina says:

    Yay!! Sooo glad for ur idea and everyone’s hard work!! Even though u don’t think u did a lot, u did & still do!!
    I already preordered one. Wish it was cmg out before Xmas bc I would buy that book for everyone as a Xmas present!! Good job ladies 🙂 love you all… Even tho I e never officially met u 🙂

  7. Worrior Sista says:

    Congrats ladies…where can I find a sampling of this nugget that I intend to shove down the throats, errr, i mean gift to those who I choose to prod n poke wakee wakee!

    • Tex says:

      No nuggets until the Spring. The bulk of the book is written, but we have a lot of details to iron out (table of contents, index, acknowledgements etc…) and THEN it has to go to press. Believe me – you guys will KNOW when it’s available for distribution. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks for your support doll.

  8. BB says:

    Please don’t go meow sorority celebrity on the rest of us now:).

    There’s no where else to go where autism warriors can talk and rant to others who so get it and not be belittled or bullied or forced to be on the exact same page as those in charge or risk being kicked out of the clubhouse..I am grateful for TMR.Thank you!

    I didn’t know that Homeopathy is what pulled the founders of TMR together. I have been attending AO since the very 1st one–and I did not know about you until more recently.

    Any victory against disease and darkness for any person, any family helps everyone.
    It offers hope that the overall human condition might improve for others who suffer and struggle.

    Our family has done “it all” and here we still are, suffering and struggling, still devastated and now broke too–so it goes for most families these days, even if their issues are of a much lesser nature.

    Everything is so messed up the world around.How did it get this way?
    We all know already, so I won’t discuss the dark side of man here.

    Our whole family traveled to and saw famous homeopaths too, for many years.
    It was very expensive, a huge struggle, and it caused our family harm in various ways.It did not help us at all.
    I need to say this and not be censored because it might not support what some of you believe. If it has helped some of you all, I really am glad for you and your family.I am.

    It is important to allow others to state this or that may not be a silver bullet– one size fits all everything you could ever dream and hope for treatment.
    Maybe, soon, one size fits all recovery and cure and prevention silver bullets will exist–praying hard that it will.
    ( A TMR status quo would be the same old same old mentality that George Orwell wrote about –of what is served up as for the greater good and awesome miraculous good for us all modern medicine like at “well visits” at OBs and peds).

    I beg you to never ever create a status quo TMR persona)
    We all have no where else go to talk openly and freely.
    Only an anything goes conversation and brainstorming environment allows for invention, solutions, and true victory over the dark side.

    Peace out!


    • Tex says:

      “Celebrity sorority” — that would be my personal *nightmare* Barbara. TMR would cease to be what we’ve worked so hard at creating. I might have been the one to say “book” and Goddess was the one to make it happen, but without the readers and the people who support the blog – there *is* no TMR. TMR is about giving us all a voice. That’s why we strive to welcome guest bloggers and include readers in our videos and promotional materials. You guys are the heart and soul of this thing.

      For the record – we met in a homeopathy group, but homeopathy did NOT work for a large number of us. Some of the TMR members are still doing homeopathy, but many of us are NOT. We will continue to maintain there is not a one size fits all for these kids. After reading your comments, I wish I would have made that clearer in the piece. My son was one for whom homeopathy did not work.

      If you ever see us creating a “TMR status quo” – I beg you to call us out on it. Yes we started out as a tight knit group, but TMR belongs to the readers now. It’s gone WAY beyond a dinner party and drinks with friends at AO. The proceeds from the book are going back into TMR. None of us are profiting from it. Our goal/mission is to help other families and continue the dialogue in an open and collaborative way. We have ideas of how TMR can give back and reach out and really truly *help* families who are struggling. We’ll keep you and the rest of the world posted as those things come to fruition.

      Please keep the feedback coming. It’s appreciated!!!!

      • BB says:

        THX! I appreciate the humility, I really do.

        Moms with special needs kids get shoved out of every door if they dare suggest it was preventable.We scare the hell out of em all .They should be scared and they should be mad as hell, but until they stop drinking the Kool-aid they all become great illusionists and make us all disappear form sight.

        You make me feel like the baker thanking Don Corleone in
        The Godfather Part 1:
        ” you understand everything.”

  9. Congratulations ladies, what an awesome accomplishment! You are an inspiration to so many out there. This is such a great opportunity to show other moms and dads that they are not alone in their struggles. You are a team with many different strengths, and it seems your strengths have worked well together to form a group that will change the future of autism. Congratulations on all you’ve done! I look forward to seeing what else you will do! Keep on thinking!!

  10. Gilded Thinker says:

    Tex, I was a year late to those Autism One get togethers, but I felt like I had come home when I finally got to meet the sisters (and brother!) who live in my computer.
    Funny, I’m one of those “idea” people. Full of ideas, no clue as to how to bring them to fruition. And scared as hell to even throw those ideas out into the light.
    I am so proud of y’all, and so grateful to call all of you friends.

  11. Susan says:

    Go Tex and TMR!! We thank you for being our voice …. And for inspiring us to keep on thinking and doing …..

  12. Mama bird says:

    Can not wait for the book!!!

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