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Autumn’s Challenge: Struggling with Transitions

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October 1, 2020 Let’s talk transitions. We are struggling here with transitions at the moment. I have always found the transition from summer to autumn has a melancholic edge. I think this is exacerbated by being in education–it always coincides … Continue reading

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GemIIni Series Part 2: Getting in the GemIIni Groove

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We started using GemIIni about a month ago now, and I have to say that my whole family loves it. You might remember from my first GemIIni Blog that, when we initially signed up, I was pretty overwhelmed by the size … Continue reading

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Featured Guest Blog: Learning To Be My Child’s Advocate

My child has always been very vocal. As a baby, she was constantly cooing, and had a wide range of sounds. As she approached her first birthday, however, I noticed those sounds had not progressed to words. I first brought … Continue reading

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