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Vaccines and My Autism

October 5, 2020 James Williams is an autistic self-advocate who travels and speaks all over the country. He was invited to the Vaccine Injury Awareness Walk in Grand Rapids, MI, this week, and this is the vaccine injury story he submitted. … Continue reading

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To Mask or Not to Mask: Declaring a Truce

June 29, 2020 Like today’s guest blogger, Dr. Cammy Benton, we at TMR have noticed an increasingly hostile face off between those who deeply believe that face masks are a universal good and those who don’t. We don’t feel the hostility … Continue reading

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Autism Housing Crisis: Message in a Bottle before the Tsunami

February 25, 2020 This is a topic worse than politics or religion. It is a topic that many actively address daily by way of status updates on Facebook, but posting and commenting are not going to change the urgency. This … Continue reading

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Schuessler Twelve Tissue Salts—Natural Healing Support for You and Your Family

January 17, 2020 Last week TMR mom JuicyFruit wrote a blog on “My Alternative Medicine Kit.” I would like to build on her work and offer an important addition: a Schuessler Twelve Tissue Cell Salt Kit. These tissue salts go … Continue reading

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