Schuessler Twelve Tissue Salts—Natural Healing Support for You and Your Family

January 17, 2020

Last week TMR mom JuicyFruit wrote a blog on “My Alternative Medicine Kit.” I would like to build on her work and offer an important addition: a Schuessler Twelve Tissue Cell Salt Kit. These tissue salts go by several names: cell salts, tissue salts, biochemic salts, bio-chemic gems, and Bioplasma.

What Are Cell Salts?

Have you heard of them? When I asked people “What was your first experience with Schuessler tissue cell salts?” the replies ranged from  “I have never heard of them,” to “cell salts help with headaches, overcoming hot summers, after surgeries, against fatigue and after illness. I LOVE them! For my family and my pets.” These are some other responses that can give you some idea of what cell salts can do:

Ferrum Phos, for low iron

Mag Phos for leg cramps

Helping with remineralizing teeth

My first experience was with a tissue salt combo called 5-Phos (Calc Phos, Ferrum Phos, Kali Phos, Mag Phos, and Nat Phos), which my chiropractor (at the time) recommended as a nerve tonic while I weaned from an antidepressant 10 years ago!

I was introduced to cell salts during my study of homeopathy and wanted to learn more, so I have continued with self study. I couldn’t imagine being without them now.

As a homeopath and online educator, I am well aware of just how intimidating it can be to purchase a homeopathic remedy kit and then look at your 36 or 40 remedies and go “Huh . . . what is this remedy for? Or this one?”

With the Schuessler Kit, you have only 12 little remedies to learn, and once you have mastered them, you will be able to use them for everything from menstrual pain to ear infections, bone spurs to coughs and colds, and support for brittle bones, hair, and nails. You can even use them in pregnancy to help maintain the health of both mother and the developing baby.


Quick Cell Salt Tip:

Have the flu this year and it left you feeling “down”? 

If the flu left you feeling exhausted and worn out, you can take Kali Phos to help you recharge and regain your energy.

How Do These Twelve Salts Do So Much to Support and Maintain Self-Healing?

Cell salts were and are, much like homeopathy, ahead of their time. Only in this last decade has there been so much interest in an information on the microbiome, the importance of health at the cellular level, and how to self-heal at the cellular level.

Dr. Schuessler was an outstanding intellect of the late nineteenth century: a doctor of medicine, a homeopath, a physiological chemist and a physicist who was well ahead of his time. His goal was to make homeopathy simpler. He developed his unique system of cellular therapy using biochemistry. Dr. Schuessler found that there are 12 basic inorganic minerals present in the body which he called “tissue salts.”

Tissue salts are specially prepared micro-doses of essential minerals. These minerals are important for the functioning and health of the body; if deficiency or imbalance occurs, common ailments or illness may result. These 12  tissue salts address the cellular mineral deficiencies and imbalances which can lead to illness, making this a useful, simple system to support self-healing.

Are Cell Salts the Same as Homeopathy?

Similar . . . but different.

Cell salts are prepared in the same way as the homeopathic pharmacy process—trituration (grinding) and dilution. Unlike high-potency homeopathic remedies, however, the trituration and dilution process leaves trace amounts of the mineral in the final product. Instead of a pure material substance like calcium, which can be difficult to digest, you have a “potentized” version that is much easier to assimilate at the cellular level. As the cells heal, so the unhealthy state resolves.

Quick Cell Salt Tip:

Low Iron? 

How many have had the experience of low iron in the blood? And how many have taken iron supplements only to realize one of the side effects: constipation? With the micro-dose of Ferrum Phos in tissue salt form along with Calcarea Phos in tissue-salt form, you can help restore iron levels at the cellular level—without the constipation.


Cell salts can be used as an adjunct to help support the whole person while they are under a homeopath’s care for constitutional treatment. Miranda Castro, an eminent homeopath and teacher, likes to call cell salts the “supplements of the homeopathic world.” This means that as a home prescriber, you can use the cell salts safely and effectively for any acute illness (short term with a beginning, middle, and end, such as colds, sore throat, flu, headaches, menstrual cramps, or ear infections) while on constitutional support. Be sure to let your homeopath know, though.

One main difference between homeopathy and cell salts is that cell salts are based on Schuessler’s theory of mineral deficiency at the cellular level. Homeopathy, however, is based on the tenet of “like cures like”—a triturated and diluted substance can be used to treat the same symptoms that the substance would cause in a healthy person. This is more a matching of symptoms in the person— whether chronic (ongoing illness like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, heart disease, or diabetes) or acute—to the symptoms associated with the remedy.

The homeopathic materia medica includes over 3,000 remedies. Schuessler isolated twelve cell salt remedies. While tissue salts are obviously less specific, you can imagine how much easier it is to learn how to use the tissue salts than even the 30–40 remedies in the average homeopathy kit.

How Can I Learn about the Twelve Tissue Salts?

If all this sounds intriguing to you, I am offering a course “The Schuessler Twelve Tissue Salts” by popular demand from former participants in some of my other homeopathy courses.

Follow this link for all the finer details—dates, times, and orientation class. The cost? $57.00 USD (early registration before January 22, 2020) for 14-15 weeks of lessons. After January 22, 2020 the cost is $77.00 USD.

I have been on a mission to get a homeopathic remedy kit in every home and to teach home prescribers how to use their remedies safely and successfully for acute illnesses (even epidemics or pandemics) and accidents, whether at home or traveling. I have since expanded my mission to include a Twelve Tissue Salt kit in every home!

I intentionally keep the cost of all my courses to a minimum. For some folks, even this may still be out of reach financially. Vets, retired folks, families with vaccine-injured children, chronic disease, fixed income—there are many reasons why a person may feel that education is only for the financially secure.

I understand that a lot of families dealing with health issues may also have financial problems as a result. More than once in my life, I have been financially vulnerable. I know what it is like, and I know that when we get back on our feet, we joyfully give back to others or pay it forward.

To ensure that what I teach is accessible to all, I am pleased to offer a Pay-What-You-Can-Afford-Model. To access this scholarship please email me at [email protected] in confidence, and we can individualize a price that works for everyone.

My promise is that no one will be left out of my courses because of a lack of funds.

If you wish to pay it forward and gift a course to a friend or stranger, you can do that too, with gratitude and thanks.

If you have any questions prior to the course start (January 22, 2020), send me an email or watch for a Facebook Live presentation on Monday January 20, 2020.

~ Donna Powers, DCH

Donna is a homeopath, online educational teacher and is also available as a workshop consultant, speaker and writer. Donna is the founder and owner of Powers of Homeopathy and publisher of Homeopathy First Magazine.

As a homeopath and educator, Donna provides information about infectious childhood illnesses and teaches parents how to use homeopathic remedies to help support self-healing. Outbreaks of infectious childhood illness are happening more frequently worldwide. In an emergency, having a system of medicine that will support healing at home is critical. In epidemics and pandemics (especially in viral outbreaks) conventional medical support will be limited.



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3 Responses to Schuessler Twelve Tissue Salts—Natural Healing Support for You and Your Family

  1. Jolene Steen says:

    Consulting a GP about homeopathy, or any natural form of healing would be nothing more than banging my head against a wall. Not one allopath has been helpful in solving any of my chronic issues; not one. I’ve received more answers from my homeopath, chiropractor, and NP, plus all the MD’s, DO’s, NP’s, and PhD’s who’s books and materials I’ve read, than all the allopath’s combined in my 48 years.

  2. Billie Rubin says:

    I would caution people about taking iron without knowing why you’re anemic (menstruating women included) as a generation of our parents’ age went to their deaths prematurely after taking Geritol for their anemia (low iron) which was actually due to slow blood loss from colon cancer. Additionally, if you have kidney disease, be careful about taking magnesium, phosphorus, or potassium salts, as these may accumulate to toxic levels. You might want to check with a physician (whose study of metabolism and physiology is more rigorous than that of a chiropractor, naturopath, or homeopath) before starting on any of these regimens.

    • Paige S says:

      A trained Homeopath (such as the author of this article) is quite literally an expert at these classifications of remedies and how they interact with the body and has no doubt invested far more hours studying this exact “drug” interaction than a GP. These are NOT the same as taking mineral supplements and are impossible to “overdose” on, as there are almost indetectable quantities of the actual mineral salts in these types of remedies.

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