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Life After Autism: A View from an Awesome Autism Recovery Mom

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Everyday, we autism parents persist in the quest to find that one magical treatment or intervention that will bring our children to recovery.  But how many of us actually know someone who has successfully helped their child come out from … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget Your Oxygen

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A couple of weeks ago, the Rev wrote an amazing piece called, “Heal Yourself, Heal Your Child.”  If she hadn’t already written it, that would definitely have been the title of this one.  The heart of LJ’s blog has been … Continue reading

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Superman or Clark Kent? On Being an Autism Superhero

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The other day, a fellow autism mom posted to a Facebook group, asking for other parents’ feedback and suggestions for how to cope when things feel too stressful – and feeling on the verge of a breakdown. Typically, being a … Continue reading

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How YOU Can Make A Difference During Autism Awareness Month

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 A couple weeks ago, I ran out of my ‘subscribe and save’ bulk diaper order for my nonverbal, not yet potty-trained four year old with autism, so in a bind, ran into Toys R Us to grab some diapers.  At … Continue reading

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AUTISM: Curse or Opportunity?

I’m sure that just even reading this blog post title, I already have many of you feeling on the angry or perhaps, feeling defensive.  But don’t worry – I’m one of you.  I have lived with severe autism in my … Continue reading

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