To the Doctor that Injured My Child

September 17, 2018

To the Doctor that Injured My Child:

I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I will never be able to forget you.

I vividly remember your kind eyes and gentle touch, your sense of humor and calm energy.

I remember the tiny toy duck that you always had with you. The one you would slather with hand sanitizer every time you walked into our room.

I connected with you as a fellow mother and felt like you had my child’s best interest at heart. I knew I had made the right decision by choosing you as our pediatrician, and I felt lucky since you were in high demand at one of the nation’s top hospitals.

I figured that I had won the Doctor Lottery and eagerly scheduled our well-baby checkups anticipating our conversation. You were always so nice.

And then I started to question vaccines.

I told you my worries, my concerns, the stories I had read, and how something wasn’t sitting right with me. I talked to you about a delayed schedule and how I wanted to space them out. I asked you to make sure we only did the “absolutely necessary” ones.

I listened intently as you reassured me that nothing would happen to my baby. I nodded in agreement when you told me that if I was an immigrant then I would feel differently because mothers in underdeveloped countries have seen the ravages of disease. I felt ashamed that my white privilege was suddenly so apparent, and I finally agreed that at my son’s 6-month appointment he would have his second round. I walked out of your office feeling safer and more confident that I was making the right decision to vaccinate my child. You handed me a neon-colored VIS [vaccine information sheet] on the way out and assured me that in your 20 years of practicing medicine, you had never seen a single serious vaccine reaction.

And then his 6-month appointment came.

He received the DTaP, the rotavirus, and the Hib.

I have never told you this outright, so I will say it here, in the bizarre safety of social media: Those vaccines (the ones you told me were safe) injured my son.

He screamed for weeks and arched his back, refusing to be touched during his “episodes.” The chronic diarrhea started and so did the double consecutive ear infections. His skin was inflamed, he stopped sleeping, he was always sick, and then he started to regress.

You told me that he just ate too many vegetables. You told me that lots of kids go through this. You told me that half a year of continuous ear infections and numerous rounds of antibiotics were “normal.” You told me there was nothing I could have done. You told me that I just had bad luck. You told me it was his genes. You told me that this is what babies are like.

And then I stopped believing you.

I started to research. Every single day. I looked up the vaccines, their ingredients and their known side effects. I read peer-reviewed studies and books written by doctors. I found thousands of stories that mirrored mine exactly. I discovered the term vaccine injury. I unearthed the corruption behind the vaccine industry, and most importantly I realized that I could heal him. I began our family’s journey into holistic medicine and gathered a tribe of Crazymothers who echoed my experience.

I began to feel strong.

I had always known that my son had a bad “reaction” to the vaccines, but when I came home one day from getting groceries and saw him standing by the window staring, rocking back and forth, ignoring my loud calls to him, I knew.

I knew that if he ever had another vaccine, that I would lose him into the world of autism.

I never went back to your office after that day. We moved and I looked for a holistic doctor and found an amazing naturopath and chiropractor who helped me bring my son back to this world. We did years of diet, vitamins, toxic elimination and treated everything without pharmaceuticals.

So, Doctor, I am writing this to tell you that . . .

You. Were. Wrong.

You were wrong about so much I could never put it all in writing. You were wrong about vaccine injury being rare. You were wrong about my son being fine. You were wrong about his health problems being normal. You were wrong in telling me to give him Tylenol. You were wrong when you told me only antibiotics heal ear infections. You were wrong about vaccines not causing regressive autism, and you were wrong to scare me into getting vaccines for my child.

You were wrong.

And you were also wrong about me. You were wrong to think that I wouldn’t spend every waking second to try and heal him. You were wrong to think that I wouldn’t catch on. You were wrong to think that I wasn’t educated enough to read. You were wrong to think I wouldn’t be appalled at the corruption of Big Pharma. You were wrong in thinking I wouldn’t find millions of mothers saying “Me too.” You were wrong in believing that I would stay silent. You were wrong to think that I would eventually give up. You were wrong to think that I would forget what you did, and you were wrong if you ever thought I would forgive you.

We injured my child.

I healed him.

And because of that I will never stop telling the world just how wrong you were.


~ Crazymother

Hillary Simpson is the founder of Crazymothers, a nonprofit that was created in order to raise awareness about vaccine injury and recovery. After her son was injured by a series of immunizations, she spent years researching vaccine ingredients, side effects, the risks and benefits and finding alternatives to using vaccines. She also learned how to heal her son from his injury using holistic methods and is now on a mission to get this vaccine safety information out to other parents. Hillary lives in the great state of New Hampshire with her husband and their three beautiful children. When she is not advocating for vaccine injury awareness you can find her outside (enjoying the occasional margarita) on the patio watching her babies play, running after their 12 chickens and working with flowers.

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71 Responses to To the Doctor that Injured My Child

  1. John Collins says:

    For what it’s worth, I think the change in age for immunization with Giardisil is a shameful ploy to immunize a larger population with providing substantial benefit to that population.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      It’s worse than that. It’s callous disregard of the consequences of a shameful ploy. When Gardasil was originally licensed, they discovered that the risk of cancer actually increased for people who had active HPV infections at the time of vaccination. (A friend of mine developed virulent cervical cancer within a couple of years of her Gardasil injections that nearly killed her.) There is no recommendation to do a Pap test BEFORE vaccination to discover these infections (and what test would be appropriate for men?). In the new age bracket, there will be many, many people with HPV infections that are undetected, who will likely be at greater risk of cancer AFTER the injections than before.

      • John Collins says:

        My understanding is that the vaccination, at least initially, was recommended for administration before the onset of sexual activity (which is why there weren’t recommendations for PAP smear – now somewhat less recommended in lieu of screening for HPV).

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Pap tests are STILL required, even for girls/women vaccinated with Gardasil, because HPV vaccines do not cover all strains of HPV and type replacement is an extremely valid concern. It is still possible to develop cervical cancer even in the absence of prior HPV infection.

        The recommendation IS that children receive the vaccine before onset of sexual activity, but that doesn’t take into account children who are sexually active, either by choice or by abuse/assault, at a younger age. And now that the recommendation has been extended to older sexually active people, there is still no mention of prior screening.

        A Pap test, by the way, would not be adequate screening for the presence of HPV. The Pap test checks for pre-cancerous/cancerous cervical cells. It is possible to have an active HPV infection that has not caused changes to cervical cells. And the HPV screening isn’t adequate for the detection of cancerous lesions. Sometimes the HPV infection appears to clear even when cancerous cells are present.

        This new recommendation is a disaster waiting to happen.

      • Dawn says:

        OMG! Do you have links to the original data showing the higher risk of cancer for people with active HPV infections?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Let me see if I can track that down for you. I don’t have it at my fingertips.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Table 17, note -44% “efficacy” for the vaccine. That means that the vaccinated (with Gardasil) group was MORE likely to have “vaccine-relevant” lesions.

        On page 218, Table 136 also indicates negative efficacy for Cervarix:

        From the new book HPV Vaccine on Trial:

        “The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a leading US professional association, goes even further. It recommends that physicians not prescreen patients. In a 2017 opinion, it stated:
        Testing for HPV DNA is not recommended before vaccination. Vaccination is recommended even if the patient is tested for HPV DNA and the results are positive. Even if a patient previously has had an abnormal Pap test or history of genital warts, vaccination is still recommended.

        “Given what we know about the trial data, it’s hard to understand why this association would counsel its members to intentionally remain ignorant about their patients’ HPV status. One must at least consider that this recommendation concerns legal liability. If it turns out that those with positive HPV DNA results have enhanced risk, then gynecologists might be more vulnerable to successful malpractice lawsuits if they test.”

  2. kathleen says:

    I have to correct some of my comment as where I stated Herd immunity does exist in vaccines was meant to state Herd immunity does NOT exist in vaccines. The science is correct it is just many do not understand it and/or twist it to support their point. Vaccines have not prevented any disease and history also clearly shows this. Vaccines are poison. Only 50 hours a year on continuing medical education is all that is required? and what portion of that 50 hours is spent on vaccinations? Many doctors say they do not know much at all about vaccines. All they know is what the drug companies tell them. ‘The truth about vaccines’ is a great place start in becoming more aware of what is going on with the lies and corruption that is within the pharma companies and cdc. There is not enough outrage when it comes to vaccines and innocent people dying or being seriously injured from them. People rarely die of these diseases today and not because of vaccinations but because of better living standards in some parts of the world. The HPV vaccine has caused many deaths. Luckily many people are waking up and researching more and learning the truth.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Vaccines can and DO prevent acute cases of infectious disease to varying degrees of efficacy, based on the particular vaccine. We look foolish if we argue the opposite. There were 3-4 MILLION cases of measles in the United States in the days before the first vaccine was developed (with a very low mortality rate). Today we average a couple hundred. That is by no means the only dramatic reduction of acute infectious disease that happened as a result of large-scale vaccination. The question is whether or not that reduction in acute infectious disease is worth the concomitant rise in chronic neurological and/or immunological disorders as a result of the frequent immune activation to which we are subjecting our citizens, and particularly our most vulnerable citizens, infants and the elderly.

      • kathleen says:

        give me strength vaccines have never been proven to prevent anything. No study done to prove this. Someone looks foolish to argue the opposite if someone challenges the lies people like you post and the pharma companies state re their vaccines. Really sad you have this arrogance. but thankfully many are waking up and that is a blessing. History shows these diseases were on a decline before the vaccines were introduced. Very simple. Herd immunity has never been proven in vaccines. Keep researching everyone and question everything. Please educate yourselves so you can make the right decision for your family when it comes your families health and well being and do not just do something or get something done just because your doctor tells you need to.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Thanks, Kathleen, but I RUN this blog, which was cited among the top “anti-vaccine influencers” in Eastern Europe in a UNICEF report and gets regularly trashed by so-called science bloggers for calling them out on their bullshit. “People like me” do not post LIES because that hurts our cause.

        Please be a bit more judicious in both your statements AND your insults.

    • John Collins says:

      Where to begin?

      Smallpox, which in the 20 th century, killed untold millions, is gone as a disease, thanks to immunization.

      Polio is essentially eliminated in the developed world, thanks to immunization.

      Researchers are looking for vaccinations for HIV, Ebola, Zika viruses because other health measures don’t prevent the disease as effectively.

      Does autism (and the the other diseases attributed to vaccinations) exist in a non-vaccinated population (control)? Of course. Calling all vaccines poison is of the order of flat earth, dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark, or the age of the Earth under 7000 years.

      Likely, you will never get a disease that immunization can prevent. People in the US are healthy, by and large, and herd immunity does help. Vaccinations aren’t poison, and while Big Pharma does have a giant profit motive, Physicians don’t make a lot of money (and many lose money) on vaccinations.

      The minimum of 50 hours of continuing education is likely more than any other profession, and much of it isn’t on vaccination, because that is a small part of what Physicians need to know. I understand that most everyone on this site think that vaccinations have irretrievably changed their lives, but there are a great number of things health care people are responsible for.

      My unsolicited advice – if you have reservations about immunizations, don’t get any of them. Likely, you won’t get anything that is vaccine preventable, but if you do, don’t blame anyone else.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        “Likely you will never get a disease that immunization can prevent.”

        Most people HAVE gotten influenza at some point or another in their lives, whether or not they have ever been vaccinated for it.

        Me, I got measles despite two different kinds of measles vaccines and mumps as a result of the vaccine (which I promptly passed on to a friend of the family, an adolescent male who had a very severe case, because the doctor didn’t inform my mother that it was a live-virus vaccine; good thing I wasn’t visiting my older brother in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit).

      • John Collins says:

        Professor, you are correct about flu immunization, as I was thinking of childhood immunizations when I made my observation. The year the flu immunization was only 23% effective was the one time I got the flu, and I was as sick as i’ve ever been, and thought I would die. Really.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I’m sorry you were so sick. I have never had the flu vaccine. I have had the flu twice. Neither time was that bad, though I did have an infant the first time, which made it difficult.

      • Melissa Jackson says:

        Very well stated

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Smallpox is a very interesting case. There are thousands of distinctions between smallpox and other vaccines, including the fact that it was COWPOX that was used rather than smallpox to create immunity. It also caused a huge number of adverse reactions, including death (Google Marcella Gruelle, inspiration for the Raggedy Ann doll). Smallpox was finally eradicated after abandoning attempts at universal vaccination. The approach became isolation and ring vaccination of near relatives. This was successful because smallpox isn’t that contagious, go figure.

        There are another load of complications when it comes to polio, like the fact that polio was an almost completely benign illness that virtually everyone got as an infant or toddler and didn’t notice until the 20th century, when the virulence level changed drastically. Why? The best explanation I’ve seen is a combination of DDT spraying (which invades the central nervous system and was common in areas where “polio” outbreaks occurred, such as public pools). And the definition of “polio” was dramatically altered after the vaccine was introduced, automatically causing large immediate drops in incidence. Polio was recently declared “eliminated” in India after widespread vaccination campaigns. There’s just one problem, as the incidence of “polio” has dropped the incidence of “non-polio acute flaccid paralysis” has gone up. In other words, this huge campaign has not changed the actual rate of paralysis in India significantly.

        Your “of course” about autism is also too casual. Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted did a huge literature search for their book Denial and found virtually NO description of anyone with severe autism anywhere, despite extensive description of far more obscure childhood disorders. Were there a handful who could conceivably have been diagnosed with Asperger’s? Yes. Severe autism? No. Our world has become toxic to the point that more and more children could reach their toxicity thresholds without vaccination these days, but that does not mean that vaccines have not been a factor in their parents’ epigenetics, making the children more susceptible in the first place.

        If you had a child today, you would be expected to bring your (healthy) infant/toddler to a pediatrician 10 times in the first two years to get vaccines. If you think that is not the bread and butter of a pediatric practice these days, you are deluding yourself. When I was a child, healthy children rarely went to a doctor where they could be exposed to sick children. And the funny thing was, that MOST children were far healthier than the average child today.

        Saying “vaccines are not poison” is no better than saying “vaccines are safe and effective.” To some people, they clearly ARE poison, and as the number of vaccines grows so do the number of people being poisoned.

        My children got rotavirus and chickenpox (which can be transmitted through shingles, which is MORE common now than before the chickenpox vaccine was licensed). Shockingly, people whose children are not vaccinated tend to just deal with the illness rather than bothering with “blame.”

    • kathleen says:

      I stand by what I have stated Professor tmr and if you are more concerned about your reputation then so be it. Not sure how I insulted anyone but a spade is a spade as far s I am concerned. Vaccines are not safe, period.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        “Someone looks foolish to argue the opposite if someone challenges the lies people like you post and the pharma companies state re their vaccines.”

        You honestly don’t consider it insulting to say that I post lies, while actually posting things that are incorrect yourself? Stand by it all you want, but I WILL correct things that are simply untrue.

        That has nothing to do with my “reputation.” I am on the record as having extreme views about vaccination. It has to do with the credibility of this website and the people who read it. We care about truth here. Safety and efficacy are two different arguments. Saying they are not safe in no way contradicts the fact that they can and do prevent many cases of short-term acute illness and probably have saved some lives.

  3. John Collins says:

    By the way, Hillary, why denigrate yourself? You’re not a crazy mother, but rather a passionate advocate for your child, and something you believe in strongly. Donygive your opposition words to tear you down.

    Passionatemothers – that’s a term everyone can agree with.

  4. Jim S. says:

    John Collins is a shill – do not answer his/her antagonistic, ignorant responses. They are only there to infuriate us which is a negative emotion and vibration he/she/it feeds on.

    As a father of 10 children and who vaccinated 6 and none of the last 4 the case is closed for us.

    The subtle effects on the first two of the vaccinated, the dramatic effects on 3 others vaccinated and the 1 total loss of 8 years of his life and counting on our last child vaccinated compared WITH NO NEGATIVE EFFECTS neurologically for the UN-VACCINATED! My family is a case study for the IGNORANT!
    Oh and by the way we don’t get measles, mumps, polio, flu, rubella, ad nauseum….It’s all fear BS created by soulless minions.

    This letter is right on and I appreciate the succinctness. Nuff said!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      He is not a shill. He is a passionate advocate for people with autism. He happens to be almost completely wrong on this subject, but that doesn’t mean that someone is paying him to post his opinion here.

      • John Collins says:

        Completely wrong? Maybe misguided from the prospective of some. Definitely not a shill. Never took money or worked for Big Pharma, and I dislike them in ways and for reasons I doubt anyone on this list even knows about.

        Bottom line is this – in the US, you are unlikely to get any serious manifestations of any of the vaccine preventable diseases. That’s true. Additionally, you are unlikely to get any serious complications from any vaccines. Unlikely, not no possibility.
        As i’ve Said in other posts, Society makes a decision about a variety of health (and other) topics – seat belts, airbags, tobacco use by those under 18 (and smoking is initially a pediatric disease), alcohol use under 18, what is a prescription versus non-prescription medication, and, yes, vaccination for school age children.

        Short of homeschooling, or fighting about exemptions, does anyone feel that FOR THE SAFETY OF AN AT-Risk POPULATION IN SOCIETY, no vaccinations should be used?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Unfortunately, you may be unlikely to get “serious” complications from any vaccines, but that doesn’t mean that the likelihood of any injury at all is small enough to justify their use.

        “Preliminary data were collected from June 2006 through October 2009 on 715,000 patients, and 1.4 million doses (of 45 different vaccines) were given to 376,452 individuals. Of these doses, 35,570 possible reactions (2.6 percent of vaccinations) were identified. This is an average of 890 possible events, an average of 1.3 events per clinician, per month. These data were presented at the 2009 AMIA conference.

        “In addition, ESP:VAERS investigators participated on a panel to explore the perspective of clinicians, electronic health record (EHR) vendors, the pharmaceutical industry, and the FDA towards systems that use proactive, automated adverse event reporting.

        “Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. Although 25% of ambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.”

        An adverse event rate of 2.6% of vaccinations (do I need to remind you how many vaccinations children are receiving these days?) does not add up to a small risk of harm.

      • John Collins says:

        Thanks, Professor.

    • John Collins says:

      Jim, it’s not the case that’s closed, it’s your mind. I hope you never need the services of a medical community which you apparently despise. But then, we all die eventually.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Oh, sure, he sees the effects on SIX of his children, then modifies his behavior with regard to vaccination and the REST of them are healthy and that’s “a closed mind.” *extreme eye roll* That’s actually how scientists are supposed to work. Observe, develop a theory, test it, then observe some more. It’s also a huge stretch to say that someone “despises” a medical community whose instructions they followed for SIX CHILDREN. How about opening YOUR mind just a tad?

  5. Hans Scholl says:

    Its a CULL
    A Kulling if you will allow me to introduce a new made up word.

    Kissinger et al

  6. #WeDid says:

    @Colleen, she wasn’t talking about ALL doctors, she was talking about HER CHILD’S doctor, so get your panties out of a wad.

    @JohnCollins, educate yourself before you question a mother sharing her own experience. Since you haven’t done your own research, I’ll share a bit of mine.
    1) “Do no harm.” This is the Hippocratic oath and the doctor absolutely did harm by administering those vaccines.
    2) Perhaps it wasn’t intentional, but I refuse to believe he/she had not seen a single vaccine injury in his/her career. Just like in the case of this child, doctors refuse to admit the vaccines cause the injury.
    3) Wrong. Do your research.
    4) This mother did not ask for your healthcare advice and after reading your post, no intelligent person should ever follow said advice.
    5) Ate you serious? The government banned litigation about vaccine injuries years ago! Look up the Vaccine Injury Compensation department of the federal government. Vaccines are so “safe” that this is what the feds created to compensate victims.
    6) You have a far greater risk of being injured by the vaccine than the disease you are trying to prevent. Hell, you have a better chance of winning the lottery than catching these diseases.
    7) Your “hopes” and wishes for this mother are insincere. Stop pretending g to know what is best for her child. I hate to break it to you, but SHE DOESN’T CARE.

    • John Collins says:

      Sorry you are so bitter, and misinformed. Reading the same thing over and over, and coming to a pre-ordained conclusion is not how knowledge works. You need to make an informed decision. Apparently, that’s not possible.

  7. Luluv says:

    Your story moved me to tears. And kudos on your (s)heroism in finding your way to healing your child.

  8. Colleen says:

    Feel free to thank your doctors who save lives—especially if you need emergency care. Maybe take back those fugly words

    • Doctors and nurses who work in emergency care are the very ones who deal with the horrific side effects of vaccines. They see children coming into them with an array of conditions from skin eruptions and eczema to full blown can’t be controlled seizure after seizure.

      So, you Colleen must not have experienced the shrill screams of a child whose brains immune system has created a cytokine storm so severe that their pain comes out in screams while they either push you away or beat their precious heads against anything and everything. You apparently haven’t sat holding your child while their life ebbs away, sometimes only a few short days, sometimes hours after the vaccines were administered. You Colleen apparently haven’t spoken to the NICU nurses, some who have left their jobs because they can no longer stand to see a premie vaccinated knowing the child will come to them with seizures or in respiratory arrest.

      I am grateful for the many doctors who have the stamina and abilities to save the life of someone who has sustained traumatic injuries. But I have to say those traumatic injures should never be caused by a mindset and a system that says vaccines are safe and effective.

      VACCINES are neither safe nor effective no matter what the age, whether infants, toddlers, youth, teens, pregnant, or elderly. I have personal friends whose sons have Type 1 diabetes, and an elderly friend who has pnuemonia, and my own grandchild sustained a severe reaction to catch up vaccinations after my daughter had passed and the state having custody required her to get caught up. I have read way too many stories of babies who have died after vaccinated…its not SIDS, not sudden infant death syndrome but VIDS, Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome and it is in my opinion a crime.

      I recommend that Hillary stays her course, she knows her truth, that which she and her family and child experienced. And I suggest that you, Colleen, find the time to understand why parents like Hillary and myself know in our hearts of hearts that yes, that pediatrician who administered those vaccines, that Doctor Injured My Child!

      • John Collins says:

        Vaccines are effective (different issue than are they safe) and, for the most part, are not associated with harm. Some people have experienced adverse effects after immunization, possibly because of the immunization, but post hoc ergo propter hoc is not scientific. Vaccine Induced Death is one of those contrived events which is not scientific but used to justify one’s prejudices against vaccinations.

        Skin eruptions and eczema occur with and without exposure to vaccinations. They are rarely serious, much less life threatening. Steven-Johnson syndrome is another matter entirely, but that is often associated with antibiotics, and SSSS is associated with an infection. Intractable seizures are generally of neurologic origin (may be due to an exposure or ingestion, also), and some have been temporally associated with immunization. Causality is harder to prove.

        It is quite likely that you and your family will NEVER suffer from a vaccine-preventible disease, nor would you EVER have a vaccine associated injury or illness. A blanket condemnation, however, of any immunization suggests a degree of misinformation which is becoming all too common in our society.

        I doubt most emergency physicians and nurses have seen a large number of sick children whose illness is attributed to vaccinations. I know someone who can post this very question, but my understanding from discussions is that they view people who espouse anti-vaccination stances are dangerous; they have no axe to grind, do not get “paid off” by Big Pharma.

    • Cat says:

      Feel free to keep sitting there on your high horse, smugly looking down on a loving mother and her experience. You called her words “fugly” tell me COLLEEN, which words exactly are so ugly and offensive to you? The truthful ones, that lay out the facts of her case? Cause it seems like you pulled this little rant out of your ass due to your hurt feelings being triggered, not because she actually said anything wrong. But you go ahead and you keep on blindly believing and doing what the doctors tell you. That’s never been a bad idea in the history of the world!!!

    • Wendi says:

      We will thank the ones who SAVE lives. And we will TELL the ones who INJURED our children THEY WERE WRONG. What an a****** you are to write this on the wall of a mother who has been to hell and back. Hope you don’t learn the hard way with your grandchildren …..

    • farbi says:

      Dear Colleen, please, note, this article is about doctors regarding vaccines, not emergency care which is another story.

  9. Jennifer Power says:


    Thank you, Hillary.

  10. Lea says:

    Hillary, do you have a website? I have gotten completely off fb, and know that they will likely be kicking any vaccine controversy people off in due time.

  11. ellie says:

    Dear Hillary,

    Thank YOU for sharing your story. What a blessing that you followed your gut, your heart, your inner voice, your mother’s intuition, your soul connection to your child —
    to realize what caused your child’s injuries, and to find healing for your child.

    I invite you and crazy, crazed, moms, dads, and grandparents, etc to pray with me for healing to shower down over all the vaccine injured children, as well as all the doctors deceived by Big Pharma. Along with praying our prayers, we have to keep sharing the truth, shouting ENOUGH, and demanding justice!

  12. Kaw says:

    Thank you all parents who have experienced vaccine injury for speaking out…you have saved children! Thank you!thank you! Thank you!

  13. Another Crazy Mother says:

    Our stories are very similar. We trusted the pediatrician until we could no longer do so.

  14. John Collins says:

    1) The doctor didn’t hurt your child. It is possible that the vaccinations did.
    2) The doctor didn’t intentionally offer something that may have caused harm to your child
    3) Depending on what your definition of “rare” is, vaccine reactions are rare (from the perspective of occurring uncommonly). Don’t you think that if problems from vaccine occurred in even a significant percent of vaccinated children (considering that there are millions of vaccine administered annually), that there would be widespread publicity and outrage, rather than publication on a relatively obscure site like Thinking Mother’s?
    4) I am glad that your child is doing better, and, if you attribute this to a chiropractor and naturopath, great for you and your child. Please don’t seek all your medical care from such alternative providers because neither chiropractic nor naturopathic are very helpful with other serious problems.
    5) We live in a very litigious society. If there were “thousands of children being injured regularly” by anything, there would be massive lawsuits. There aren’t. Remember lawn darts? How many kids were hurt, before they were banned? Remember chloramphenicol? It affected people on the order of 1 in 100,000, or fewer, but is no longer commonly available. There are dozens of medications whose incidence of direct linkage to disease has been established, and are off the market.
    6) How would you feel if you child developed a vaccine-preventable disease, and suffered an injury, or died? Would you have the same degree of anger about vaccinations as you do now?
    7) No one rationally says every medication or therapeutic intervention is safe. Society, and, by extension, scientists and others, make a judgement if the benefit outweighs the risk. Even homeopathic treatments which are essentially diluted products in water have been pulled off the market because of harm. Ask your chiropractor if he/she knows about injuries and death caused by chiropractic. Ask your naturopath if he/she has changed treatments because of recommendations that were once strongly espoused that are now no longer done, because they’re unsafe.
    Hope your life is happier from this day forward

    • Cat says:

      Okay. You are clearly very uninformed. Go look up The Truth About Vaccines and it will answer every “question” you have, assuming your questions and beliefs are sincere and not just a form of gaslighting and facetious, paternal condescension.

      • John Collins says:

        Physicians by and large lose money on vaccinations. They recommend them because it is protective of society at large. When was the last time you heard about polio, tetanus, disphtheria, mumps, German measles in an immunized American population? Crickets.

        Vaccines are effective and, for the vast majority, safe. Do you remember protests over mandatory speed limits and seat belt usage? Think those mandates have saved lives?

      • John Collins says:

        The question I have is why so many believe in pseudoscience which is merely a confirmation of their biases.

    • Kathy Musselwhite says:

      You obviously dont understand a lot about vaccines. First, you cannot sue. In 1986 the Vaccine Court was put in place and no one in the chain of vaccines can be sued. That is a basic.
      Second, have you seen the protests in California or Italy? The large numbers of people that have protested having vaccines mandated, ie forced. No, you havent. And the reason you havent is because the media, which is owned by pharma (read ad sponsors) does not allow this to be reported.
      I hope you look further into this subject and see how we are all being marketed into thinking vaccines are safe and effective, when they are not. We are all here because in some way or another, we have seen the horrific injury or death when that “kind and personable” doctor convinced us to allow injections of substances not studied and not safe. The doctors businesses are built on the vaccine model and they have to sell this product to stay profitable. Its really all about money and never about being healthy. I hope you take a serious look at what is happening with the very real dangers of vaccines and realize what they are doing to our children and our society.

      • John Collins says:

        Physicians by and large lose money on vaccinations. They recommend them because it is protective of society at large. When was the last time you heard about polio, tetanus, disphtheria, mumps, German measles in an immunized American population? Crickets.

        Vaccines are effective and, for the vast majority, safe. Do you remember protests over mandatory speed limits and seat belt usage? Think those mandates have saved lives?

      • Kathy Musselwhite says:

        Mr. Collins, you are spewing a lot of false info that sounds like it comes from the Pharmaceutical marketing campaigns.
        We are all well aware that many pediatricians receive a vaccination participation bonus as long as they maintain a certain percentage of their patients fully vaccinated. That is one reason many patients who refuse vaccines are kicked out of a practice-it messes with their percentage and thus their bonus. This adds up to a lot of money for a pediatrician business that has to make a profit to stay in business. So, please do not say physcians do not make money or make very little money from vaccines.
        Do you ever hear of an epidemic for which there is not a vaccine? No, because if they dont have anything to sell you for the disease, they dont make a big deal out of the disease. When they consider that 10 people out of 300 million have measles and they call it an epidemic, that is just marketing, nothing else.
        To your other point, vaccines are not as safe as they are marketed to be. Ignoring or blatantly lying about a vaccine injury does not make it less an injury. The first rule of science is observation, however you never see any exploration into the vaccine injuries that are reported to VAERS. Why arent those scientists concerned about all the injuries being blamed on vaccines?
        Mandating seat belts or speed limits does not mean you have to take a personal medical risk. You do not inject yourself with something so that you buckle your seat belt.
        And if vaccines were so great, why arent we all lining up to get them? Why do they have to mandate them? In other words, forcing them on you. There is something wrong with a product when you are forced to have to get it, but it is supposedly for your great, “lifesaving” benefit.

    • Wendi says:

      Wow you are beyond ignorant. There ARE lawsuits. There was a vaccine ominibus suit but big pharma has deep pockets to defend. Think of big tobacco in the 70’s. The omnibus suit threw out alot of our stories (thousands upon thousands btw) but they DID attribute some of the autism injuries to vaccines. might want to educate yourself before posting stupid comments. And the doctors DID harm our kids… ridiculing us into jabbing them or threatening to stop caring for our children if they didn’t. They were absolutely a party to the assault. Look up the legal definition.

    • Nancy says:

      Remember when the government gave Big Pharma a forever pass. Remember when the government said vaccine manufacturers could do whatever they want without fear of consequence. There are more vaccine injured then you could even imagine. Do some research and then offer your opinion.

    • JP says:

      Lawn darts didn’t rake in billions of dollars, and I imagine their mode of injury was pretty obvious and immediate. Many old medications have been banned, but disturbingly, many only after their patent ran out (or their manufacturer had put a brand new alternative prescription medication on the market). Federal fines for big pharmaceutical companies that get caught for off-label marketing or ethical violations typically just put a dent in the profits that were made from the misdeed. In other words, “Crime pays.” Check out the work of non-profit Public Citizen for some sickening examples. Mother Jones also has done some investigative articles. Wikipedia has an impressive list of major fines for pharmaceutical companies.

      Who knows what the profit margin is on vaccines? I don’t. I think it’s something that should be made public, at least for all vaccines on the childhood schedule. I believe the biggest reason people (generally) believe that vaccine reactions are very rare is because pharmaceutical companies, to a great degree, spend money (from medical schools, to doctors’ associations, to media advertisements, to ghost written articles in scholarly journals) to actively promote the idea, regardless of whether it matches reality.

      • John Collins says:

        Most doctors lose money on vaccinations. Look what immunizations you can get at a minute clinic, where the pharmacy gets reduced costs due to volume. Try to get one of the more expensive, less common vaccinations there.

    • Anonymous says:

      1. Possibly, but the doctor pressured her and lied to her to get her to vaccinate her child.
      2. Yes, the doctor intentionally vaccinated, likely to meet a quota or base don faulty research. If a pediatrician claims to be an expert, it is their duty and responsibility to research and learn.
      3. There is widespread outrage, but due to the media being payed by the pharmaceutical companies, it is silenced.
      4. I’ve never personally met a helpful doctor. Why do you think a naturopath is ineffective?
      5. Vaccine companies are immune to being sued. There are no massive lawsuits because the pharma companies are protected. The govt has paid out billions in damages.
      6. Nobody wants to lose a child. Most of the diseases that are vaccinated against are not serious and not deadly. They *could* be, but with proper nutrition and care are almost always benign.
      7. Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the us. Not really the crowd I want to be trusting for…anything.

      • John Collins says:

        Hope your naturopath has a good treatment for cancer (25% of all deaths), trauma (major cause of death under age 45), ways to prevent heart disease and stroke (50% of all deaths), since you’ll be avoiding the medical community. Ask your naturopath where he/she would seek medical care for a serious health problem.

    • farbi says:

      You know, that doctor said that in 20 years of practicing medicine, he/she had never seen a single serious vaccine reaction. After the reaction of Hillary’s son to vaccines, the doctor claimed it was too much vegetables etc. So that doctor is either STUPID or IGNORANT because who is not able to see the connections? Only someone who is stupid or just doesn’t want to know, to see. Otherwise the doctor would have to say: Oh, I was wrong! And believe me, proud doctors are so reluctant to say this, they will rather say YOU are wrong and you don’t know better about your own child. Which is – as every mother knows – not true. If you as a doctor believe, that the bad reaction that occurred to children after vaccines were caused by too much vegetables etc, then yes, you can say with clear consciousness that you’ve not once in 20 years of your medicine practice seen a single serious vaccine reaction. PATHETIC! But most of all: TRAGIC.

      • LW says:

        The Doc won’t admit what they did was wrong, that they lied and guilt tripped parents and threatened them too, that it does do harm.. talk about a malpractice suit!
        We got the guilt trip and when that didn’t work they threatened us and said we were horrible parents and that if we didn’t follow the recommended schedule we would be blackballed and if our kid had an emergency no one would touch her because she wasn’t up to date! Mind you this was because we were looking into a different vaccine schedule not because we were refusing to vaccinate. We didn’t, thank God!!

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        LW, I’m sorry I was unable to approve your other comment because it violates our posting standards. I know that people get understandably passionate on this subject, but we draw the line at name-calling.

      • John Collins says:

        A friend of mine, a physician, posted on two physician website, about seeing adverse events from immunizations. Over 100 emergency Physicians posted. One reported GBS, a recognized complication of flu shots, almost all reported fevers, sore arms, local redness. None reported eczema, asthma, ADHD, schizophrenia, autism, intractable seizures, or death same with cohort of pediatricians, infectious disease specialists. And allergists. No one says there aren’t adverse events related temporally; it is the causality that remains elusive.

        There are many neurological toxins out there, and while vaccinations MAY be a factor in triggering neurological events, there are so many other substances, we should be out at the barricades fighting. Instead, we are sitting by passively while environmental protections are being dismantled wholesale, in the name of corporate profit.

        C’mon folks, there is evil out there.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Excuse me, sir, but YOU may be “sitting by passively” while those substances are being dumped into our environment. Many of US, on the other hand, are actively vocal about those as well. You are setting up a false dichotomy by implying that there’s an either/or involved in activism. One can advocate detox of both the internal environment AND the external environment at the same time. There is indeed “evil” out there, but thinking it’s limited to “out there” and cannot be injectable is naive.

        As far as the recognition of adverse events, we’re well aware that “it is the causality that remains elusive.” We’re also aware that it’s going to remain elusive because few people are studying it seriously because they know they will not receive funding and will be “Wakefielded” if they report results that make vaccines look even slightly less benevolent than they are portrayed. Conveniently for them, there is plausible deniability in not answering a question you refuse to ask.

    • Concerned says:

      John, please look up vaccine injury court. There isn’t litigation because there was a law passed many years ago protecting vaccine manufacturers from getting sued. The department of HHS has a special court and the US govt pays out damages for vaccine injury.

      There are countless scientific studies that show that significant neurological damage does occur when the adjuncts in vaccines are administered. Unfortunately those studies are mostly ignored. Look up studies done by Dr Shaw and Dr Exely, and another whose name escapes me who JB Handly has been writing articles about. I’ve read the studies.

      Look into Dr Thompson’s (from the CDC) statement stating the CDC discarded data from the study that “proves no link to autism” until the results showed no link. Theres a whistleblower lawsuit going on because of this.

      So much info out there, but you do have to look.

      • John Collins says:

        There is a vaccine court so that vaccine manufacturers won’t be sued out of existence, and will continue to make vaccines to allow those of us who want to vaccinate their children, and themselves, will have a way to do so.

        There is a great deal of information out there, much of it contradictory. I don’t believe there are countless studies that show significant neurological damage occurs, but I am sure there are many. It is, or was, the adjuvants in many cases (aluminum, for one) that may have been associated with some of the neurological damage. There is no product that is 100% safe, even homeopathic products which are essentially water.

    • Marie Klarich says:

      John Collins, I was once pro-vaccine. I will start by quoting what someone once said to me “Until it happens to your child….”
      The vaccine industry is no different to the tobacco industry which lied for decades before they were caught out – they hide the truth because it damages their bottom line. In response to some of your statements:
      2) The doctor did intentionally offer something that could cause harm to a child. Any doctor who has done any research WILL find that vaccines can cause harm. Those who do not research simply believe the drug companies who push their wares.
      3) Vaccine reactions are not rare; there are varying degrees of reaction from eczema and ear infections to death. Problems from vaccine are widespread and there is outrage. However, the mainstream media will NEVER publish those stories. In fact, in Australia, simply installing a billboard with the question: “Do you know what’s in a vaccine?” causes political and media outrage. What is the harm in asking a question that should be easily answered?
      5) There are thousands of children being injured regularly by vaccines, and there are massive lawsuits. Almost US$4 BILLION has been paid in compensation – and that is only from the parents who have the wherewithal to withstand years of court proceedings.
      6) How would you feel if your child regressed or died immediately after a vaccine? Would you have the same love of vaccines as you do now?
      Here are just some of the babies under 6 months of age who died soon after being vaccinated:
      And here are some parents who would give ANYTHING to go back in time and choose to NOT vaccinate:

      • John Collins says:

        Post hoc ergo propter hoc reasoning isn’t science, and your child having an illness or injury after an immunization doesn’t NECESSARILY mean causality. Society makes risk-benefit determinations all the time. No one doubts that someone suffers harm because of a societal choice. It may be urban legend, but some people believe wearing a seat belt could lead to their suffering an injury in a car accident that they wouldn’t have otherwise suffered. No disputing that seatbelts (and airbags) have saved far more than they’ve harmed. Like vaccinations.

        The sad truth is that Physicians don’t make money on vaccinations. They don’t get some secret stash of cash from Big Pharma. If you ask a physician candidly, he/she will tell you of dismay regarding rapacious pricing of even common, older medications which have become inordinately expensive due to greed.

        It’s not that I have “a love of vaccines”, but rather a dislike of the diseases that vaccines can modify or prevent. Perhaps, you have never seen someone die from tetanus, or meningitis, or chicken pox, or made sick by rubella(German measles), or sterilized by mumps, or needing a liver transplant from Hepatitis, but it happens.

        Choose wisely; from an individual perspective, nothing bad is likely to happen to you whether or not you choose to immunize, but society and some members may be harmed if you choose wrongly.

      • Marie Klarich says:

        John, you assume much about my situation….
        The truth is that I was first warned about the dangers of vaccines before I even had children. Needless to say, I didn’t listen – I was a true believer! However, my daughter had a vaccine adverse reaction at about 12 months of age. The DOCTOR CONFIRMED it was a reaction and advised we not get her vaccinated again. This was almost 40 years ago when doctors were not afraid to speak the truth. My daughter had no more vaccines until she was bullied into getting the rubella vaccine at school when she was about 14 years of age – then she had another reaction. That was 2 vaccines and 2 reactions – 13 years apart…. that’s not a coincidence. I have found nothing in 40 years of research to convince me that vaccines are safe.
        And as for doctors not receiving money for vaccinating children, perhaps you should do some real research:

        “which will include incentive payments to GPs and other immunisation providers to identify children in their practice overdue for vaccinations and catch them up.”

    • kathleen says:

      A doctor should not be giving this poison to to child period. And if a doctor cannot spend the time to educate themselves then they are one of causes for many children unnecessarily dying or being seriously injured from these vaccinations. the disease would not be from an injection a doctor had given so you point is not relevant. There is outrage from vaccine injured children and adults but it is all dismissed and ignored. From your comments you clearly ignore the facts and that can only indicate ignorance or arrogance. You dismiss anyone saying vaccines are not safe for everyone and heaven forbid non conventional medicine helping anyone. Yes and lets look at vaccine injury with the oral polio vaccine causing cancer. Many kids get these diseases today and survive and some do not, but it is rare. Whooping cough young ones can and do die but it is not caused by those who do not vaccinate. Herd immunity does exist in vaccines. Many kids get these vaccines which have never been proven for safety nor effectiveness and die or suffer serious injury. It is about informing a parent so they can decide what is best for their child. Not a doctor and a doctor should know the facts as should all parents. The problem is the FACTS are not told. There are no lawsuits for vaccine injured as the pharma companies are protected and exempt from lawsuits. Vaccines have never been proven to work throughout history. So how would you feel if you vaccinated your child and they died from the vaccine. So if your child was that 1 in 100,000 that died then that would be ok as they were only after 1. in Would it be ok then. I doubt it very much. And such an ugly way of dismissing the issue here. You are talking about a human life. Vaccines have never been proven to be effective nor safe. You should research more to find the facts.

      • John Collins says:

        Where to begin?
        1) Vaccinations are not poison. Some people suffer adverse effects; the vast majority don’t.
        2) Physicians, and providers like nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and other ancillary personnel spend considerable time educating themselves on current topics. Physicians are MANDATED to spend 50 hours a year on continuing medical education.
        3) There AREN’T many children unnecessarily dying; there just aren’t. There are some children who have adverse health problem which are temporally, and possibly causally, related to vaccination, but scientific method is the best way we have, to date, of demonstrating a relationship, and, to date, this isn’t the case.
        4) no one is ignoring the outrage from people with injuries, but screaming it over and over doesn’t make it any more valid.
        5) Non conventional, also known as alternative medicine, helps lots of people. Homeopathy has not been scientifically shown to have merit better than placebo, anyone who goes to a chiropractor for cure of cancer/heart disease, etc. is asking for disease progression. Just because an alternative provider agrees with your view on, say, vaccines, doesn’t make his/her opinions right about anything else.
        6) Early polio vaccines were contaminated with a virus associated with cancer. You may not be old enough to remember the scourge that polio was, but ask someone older than 75, or read a bit about it. That and smallpox, two diseases essentially gone in the world in the 20th century are major advances in societal health…..because of immunization.
        7) Polio is exceptionally rare at present. People rarely die of the disease, but it can be exceptionally disabling.
        8) Your observations about whooping cough (pertussis), and other disease betray a lack of understanding about transmission of disease.
        9) I will avoid any further comments except to mention that a lack of understanding of science has led to an appalling ignorance of climate change, disease prevention, health, the role of medicine, and a breakdown of trust for people in general.

  15. Effie says:

    U are an amazing mother! I’m so happy to hear of your triumph. Keep following your gut. It will never steer your wrong! Power to the mamas!! ❤️

  16. Robin Gaura says:

    Amen, sister!

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