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To the Doctor that Injured My Child

September 17, 2018 To the Doctor that Injured My Child: I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I will never be able to forget you. I vividly remember your kind eyes and gentle touch, your sense of humor and calm … Continue reading

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The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: A New Book that Will Mean Healthier Kids

August 23, 2016 If you listen to the mainstream media, you might be under the impression that United States parents are sharply divided between those who believe all children should be vaccinated according the CDC-recommended schedule and those who believe … Continue reading

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The Pharmaceutical Rep

My son was not feeling well and was spiking a very high fever. He had a dry rough cough and was complaining that his throat hurt. I scheduled an appointment for him at our pediatrician’s office to see the nurse … Continue reading

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