CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson to Compound CDC’s Crimes

May 3, 2016


CDC Whistleblower to Extend MMR Vaccine Fraud

According to multiple reliable sources, CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will soon publish a reworking of data from a controversial study first published in 2004. If true, this is of major concern. For over a decade, officials have cited this disputable study to claim no connection between the Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism and to deny compensation to parents of MMR-vaccine injured children.

Dr. Thompson has admitted in taped phone conversations and in a statement through his lawyer, that he and other authors of the study, which include senior officials at CDC, manipulated the data and violated study protocol to conceal their findings linking the MMR vaccine to autism. In what can only be described as scientific fraud, Dr. Thompson is now poised to publish “a rework” of the data in a blatant attempt to exonerate the MMR vaccine.

This rework comes on the heels of the just-released documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, which exposes the CDC’s fraud, deceit, and obstruction of justice regarding the MMR vaccine. Vaxxed has received global media attention and is waking up Americans coast to coast to the criminal activity at the CDC. It is suspicious that Thompson and the CDC have now decided, 20 months since Thompson first blew the whistle of fraud and malfeasance at CDC, to take action by publishing a rework of the data.

While the CDC claims no knowledge of a connection between MMR and autism, Dr. Thompson’s own statement to Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL) when he released thousands of documents to Posey is explicit, “We hypothesized that if we found statistically significant effects at either the 18-month or 36-month threshold, we would conclude that vaccinating children early with the MMR vaccine could lead to autism-like characteristics or features.

In fact, the CDC’s data did show statistically significant effects at the 36-month threshold, proof that the CDC knew their study found a causal connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. CDC responded to this finding by manipulating the data to make this finding disappear.

The agency and Dr. Thompson are engaging in “data raking,” utilizing scientific data designed for one purpose to achieve another end. These steps demonstrate a complete lack of scientific integrity at CDC, a federal agency charged with protecting the public health.

According to Congressman Posey, after concealing the MMR vaccine-autism link in their study, the authors met in a conference room at CDC to destroy the documents.

The data and analysis from 2004 are corrupted and therefore it is not a wise or responsible use of taxpayer-funded time or taxpayer dollars to reanalyze that which has already been illegally manipulated. In addition, as a self-proclaimed party to scientific fraud, Dr. Thompson cannot be trusted with any data or analysis, especially while in the employ of the CDC.

All these actions serve as further evidence that the CDC cannot be trusted. When the CDC insists the MMR vaccine does not cause autism or they have no research demonstrating that vaccines are linked to or cause autism, they are guilty of criminal behavior and complicit in the injury of innocent children the world over.


It is clear the CDC cannot be trusted and has committed overt scientific fraud. We, the undersigned, call on the US Congress and the Department of Justice to hold CDC officials and study authors Dr. Frank DeStefano, Dr. Coleen Boyle, Dr. William Thompson, Dr. Tanya Karapurkar Bhasin, and Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp accountable for their criminal actions.

We also call on Congress to remove any oversight of vaccines from the Department of Health and Human Services. We call on Congress to immediately repeal the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which gives immunity to vaccine manufacturers thus removing the necessary incentive to ensure the safety of vaccines. Finally and most importantly, we call on state legislatures to immediately repeal all vaccine mandates nationwide as it is each person’s inalienable right to determine what is put into their body or that of their child.

Weston A. Price Foundation
Age of Autism
Alliance for Natural Health
Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI)
Green Med Info
Thinking Moms’ Revolution
Producers of The Greater Good

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15 Responses to CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson to Compound CDC’s Crimes

  1. Joanna Pondue says:

    Thoughtful analysis – Coincidentally , if anyone has been searching for a GA WC-10 , my colleagues came across a blank version here

  2. Tonya says:

    Hello all, I’m new to this forum. My son, Josh, is seven.Had a seizure on the Drs table immediately after the shots. Never been the same. Just had an MRI yesterday because his EEG showed absent seizure activity. The MRI shows damage and increased fluid on the brain. Left untreated it could be fatal. It is all neurological damage which is exactly what the Dr said we would have to watch for after the shots. I just also learned that the number of holistic Drs dead in America has risen to 33. It would just be a coincidence if it wasn’t for the victims telling friends and family they are being contacted by FEDS before their murders. GcMAF is what they are dying for. It is the antidote to Nagalase. An ingredient appearing in every vaccine that puts the human immune system to sleep. It works with vit D which we get from the sun. However, what do they tell us to do?? Stay out of the sun!! Or put heavy metal sun block on! Their food pyramid has wheat and indigestible grain has the main staple of our diet?! After Dr Bradstreets death all the sudden certain communities were innoculate with the measels?? To scare us into vaccinating!! Something horrible is happening. We HAVE to take a stand NOW!! Also, they have been putting aborted fetal cells in our vaccines for decades. They grow them on Petri dishes called fetal cell lines a.k.a WI-38. Google it. It’s disgusting. It’s cells from a preborn baby girl. Autism research suggests the cause may be from antigens from the pregnant Mother. No one has studied this baby girl to see if she has the autism causing antigens. What is going on!!??

  3. Hans Scholl says:

    “I have stopped lying for 13 years but started lying again after 2 years silence” – CDC – Center for Disease Control Whistleblower
    Revealed: CDC Whistleblower Who Falsified MMR/Autism Safety Study (Vaccines)
    William Thompson CDC: “It’s the most honorable point of my career that I went along with Brian Hooker’s phone calls … we should have reported significant findings before congress.”
    William Thompson CDC: “The higher ups wanted to do certain things and I went along with it. Having thought it over , plus the revolver to my head , it seems the higher-ups were right”
    William Thompson CDC: “I’m completely pathetic & ashamed of what I did (on all occasions)… I have great shame now when I meet families with kids with autism because I have been part of the problem.(yes you certainly have & this will always be the case WT)”
    William Thompson CDC: “Oh my God, I cannot believe we did what we did. After a dozen years I finally told the truth only to recant 20 months later”
    William Thompson CDC: “I have stopped lying up to August 2014. But have resumed again 17 may 2016”

  4. Bill Pembry says:

    Brian Hooker already published a paper using the data Thompson was worried about, and it was retracted for statistical flaws and undisclosed conflicts of interest.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      No, it was retracted for “too dangerously close to the truth.” 😀 Thompson had nothing to do with its withdrawal and a great deal to do with the fact that it got published in the first place. This turn of events is beyond bizarre, given the tremendous amount of regret that Thompson exhibited in the recorded conversations about the 10 years of silence, and his statement about “feeling complicit” in the rise of autism cases (which, of course, he is). This is hardly going to wipe the slate clean. The inconsistency makes it likely that there are influences at work that are strong and silent. It would probably do the world good to expose them.

  5. Linda says:

    One can only imagine what pressure Mr. Thompson is under. Once the reworked of the reworked data is scrutinized by others who are capable of doing a peer review perhaps the truth will come out. I will never forget what I heard when listening to the telephone recording of Thompson with Mr. Brian Hooker when Willian said to Brian, “so you found it”, the ‘it’ being the apparently unmistakable MMR effect to black boys. It is impossible to forget “oh my God, I can’t believe what we did, but we did”. Anything that will be presented now casts serious doubt and mistrust regarding further published information from Thompson AND the CDC.

    Can we say that the ‘cat is out of the bag’? I dare say yes and like Pandora’s box there will be no turning back. The inquiry must happen, the investigation is LONG overdue. It is time all involved parties be subpoenaed. It is time!

  6. Lor says:

    I’m seeing the future already:
    Fox News, CNN, GMA, and more and more TV shows will talk about the “NEW” study made by a senior CDC researcher which “again” shows there is “no link between vaccines and autism” and then, more now silent politicians will rise up writing this stupid forced vaccines bills.
    How many people can go to Atlanta and protest? (I did not see a good crowd) how many moms contacted their legislators? let me guess. Not too many either.
    I do not know what should we do in order to be heard: Civil Revolution?
    What exactly are we all waiting for?

  7. Pissed Off Mama says:

    Why don’t we all just give him a call and ask him? 404.498.3845
    Fax 770.488.5486 Internet e-mail [email protected]

    Or better yet, why don’t we have our vaccine injured children give him a call or send him a video? Yea – let’s all have our kids send him a video.

  8. Lo says:

    If only it were as as easy to ‘rework’ the vaccine injuries done by the MMR…

  9. Beth Secosky says:

    What’s up with Thompson? He had the courage to step forward. What changed his mind? Greed, threats to him or his family, what???

  10. Hans Scholl says:

    The cheek of these child murderers is limitless .

  11. Lauren Ayers says:

    I don’t get it… Dr. Thompson is a whistleblower who regrets massaging data to show an untrue claim of effectiveness for MMR – yet he’s going to participate in “data raking” to make the data even MORE misleading?

  12. APV says:

    Vaccines cause the development of food allergies: the latest evidence

    Drs. Commins and Platts-Mills were the first to describe tick bites causing red meat allergy.[1⁠]
    A case of a naturally injected allergen causing the development of allergy.
    Vaccines of course are artificial injections of food allergens, causing the development of food allergies.[2⁠]

    The same team above, now describes their findings regarding food allergy and vaccination.
    Changes in IgE Levels Following One-Year Immunizations in Two Children with Food Allergy

    Case 1 in the above study
    “Case 1: At 8 months-old, her serum IgE values (in IU/mL) were total 61.4, peanut 13.6, almond 4.04, milk 3.84, egg 2.01, soy 1.6, and wheat 0.98, compared to total 44.1, peanut 11.2, almond 1.54, milk 2, egg 1.71, soy 1.62, and wheat 2.2 at 12 months-old. After the 12 month-old labs were drawn, she received the vaccines Prevnar13, hepatitis A, MMR, and Varicella. 3 weeks later, at 12.7 months-old, her IgE values were total 75.6, peanut 16.5, almond 2.18, milk 5.06, egg 3.4, soy 3.64, and wheat 3.75.”
    The vaccines caused increases in peanut, almond, milk, egg, soy and wheat IgE.
    Let’s look at the food proteins contaminating the vaccines the patient received.[3⁠]
    Prevnar 13 contains casamino acids (cow’s milk derived) and soy peptone broth.
    Polysorbate 80 from EMD Millipore may contain wheat proteins.
    Polysorbate 80 is present in many vaccines including Prevnar 13.,MDA_CHEM-817061#documentation
    “The following materials are used as raw material but are not present in
    the final product: Maize, Wheat
    We point out that we do not perform any testing on allergens in the
    above-mentioned product.”

    Polysorbate and other excipients derived from vegetable sources are present in many other vaccines and most suppliers do not have allergen information. So polysorbate and other excipients could also be a source of peanut and almond protein contamination of vaccines.
    MMR contains chick embryo culture proteins and the vaccine package insert [4⁠] has a warning for patients with egg allergy. Some egg proteins may be common to or cross react with chick embryo proteins.

    Case 2 in the above study
    “Case 2: At 12 months-old, the boy’s IgE values were total 21.1, egg 1.16, and peanut, milk, wheat, soy, cod, and shrimp <0.1. A week later, he received Prevnar13, MMR, and Varicella. 3 weeks later, at 13 months-old, his IgE values were total 23.8, egg 4.02, and peanut, milk, wheat, soy, cod, and shrimp <0.35 “
    For case 2, again, MMR could have been the cause of the increase in egg IgE.

    Clear evidence that food proteins in vaccines turn them into food allergy booster shots that boost the severity of food allergies. Children are taking longer to outgrow allergies.[5]⁠ How can they outgrow their food allergies, if we insist on giving them food allergy booster shots?
    This latest evidence adds to the solid body of scientific evidence,[2]⁠ demonstrating a causal relationship between food protein contaminated vaccines and the development of food allergies.

    1. Commins SP, Platts-Mills T a E. Allergenicity of carbohydrates and their role in anaphylactic events. Curr Allergy Asthma Rep. 2010;10(1):29–33.
    2. Arumugham V. Evidence that Food Proteins in Vaccines Cause the Development of Food Allergies and Its Implications for Vaccine Policy. J Dev Drugs. 2015;4(137):2.
    3. Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary [Internet]. 2015 [cited 2016 Jan 16]. Available from:
    4. MMR II Vaccine Package Insert [Internet]. [cited 2016 May 3]. Available from:
    5. Wang J. Management of the patient with multiple food allergies. Curr Allergy Asthma Rep. 2010;10(4):271–7.

  13. ang says:

    And any woman with a damaged baby from Dtap or Tdap in pregnancy (microcephaly and other problems), and baies who caught whooping cough from a fully vaccinated carrier, (ususally siblings) should also be able to sue the manufacturers of these vaccines. As for CDC recommending these vaccines be used in pregnancy, with no authority to do so, as these vaccines are specifically not meant to be used in pregnancy. Why cant babies of these microcephalic damaged in utero vaccine damaged babies, also sue.

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