How Electromagnetic Field Pollution Affects The Body

rebelMy first introduction into the real dangers of electromagnetic field (“EMF”) pollution was back in 2012 when I connected with a woman in my ionizer company named Beth Sturdivant.   Beth is also the author of the recent book Backyard Secret Exposed .

At the time we met, Beth was recovering from electromagnetic poisoning.    This led to a friendship and many subsequent conversations.  In the course of our conversations, it did not take long for Beth and me to discover the similarities between electromagnetic field syndrome and “autism.”  In particular, the symptomsskullemf of high anxiety levels and not sleeping at night stood out for me.  There was hardly a night that went by where my daughter, who was then a teen, did not wake up and come into our room.   She also experienced high anxiety; however, this had improved greatly after raising glutathione levels to the point where extreme violence was under control.  When I opened the refrigerator, she would make a high-pitched noise as if in response to either a sound or EMF the refrigerator was emitting.  I would hear these noises from her when we entered the school grounds, too, where I observed a cell phone tower standing close by.  Beth shared with me how her own body would physically hurt and writhe in pain when she went on a computer or near a TV.

Beth’s wellness journey took her to Dr. Corrine Allen’s brain camp.  I considered Dr. Corrine my mentor, and I am very familiar with her work.  Hearing that Beth knew her spoke volumes to me.  It was at this camp that Beth learned her blood-brain barrier was at 4%.   I knew enough to know that in “autism” the blood-brain barrier is also compromised.   Another similarity!

After reading Dr. Jerry Tennant’s book Healing is Voltage I learned more about how our bodies really work.  We are electrical!  The frequency of the cells determines what they do in the body and how our bodies and brains perform.

I asked my very smart Facebook autism community what they are doing to combat EMF pollution.  Here is a review of what they posted:   A number of them are turning off the WiFi at night.   Himalayan salt lamps are becoming more popular.   emfEMF blockers are available to shield smart meters.   Some of my friends are putting Qlinks on all their electrical devices.  There is even a flower essence for radiation:  Electro Essence.  There are many wonderful companies that carry these protective devices, one of them is EarthCalm, which  focuses on products that provide home EMF protection and those that protect against cell phone radiation, smart meter radiation, and WiFi radiation.  EarthCalm is the platinum sponsor of our 2014 eConference on Energetic Healing for Children with Autism. To learn more about the Conference and to register click here.

What have I done?  I placed a diode on the back of my cell phone.  A few years back when my microwave died, I never replaced it, much to the chagrin of my family.  I also have an EMF card for when I am working on the computer that I purchased from an amazing autism mom from Australia whom I met online and had the privilege of meeting when she went on an Autism Advocacy  tour of the U.S. and Canada.  The card sets up a barrier in front of you to deflect radiation.  Currently, my oldest daughter is the only family member using this kind of protection.

In summary, it is my belief that low frequency is a big part of “autism” or any chronic health condition. The last thing our children on the spectrum need is to “plug in.”  It has been my observation that many of our children are constantly on their electronic devices.  I cannot help but wonder how these devices make their bodies feel?  What is the attraction when everything points to this activity being detrimental to the frequency of their cells?  I have heard from parents of “autistic” children who had the opportunity, and made the choice, to move to an electrosmog-free environment and now report  that their children are recovered from the symptoms we know as “autism.”

Maybe this is where we all are headed . . . back to simple.

Whenever you look at yourself or your loved ones embrace the truth that “We are fearfully and wonderfully made!”  There are more ways to heal our bodies than we have been led to believe.  It is time to change our medical paradigm and explore the outside of the box.

This journey awaits you . . . See you there!

~ Rebel

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7 Responses to How Electromagnetic Field Pollution Affects The Body

  1. Johan says:

    Personally I prefer something what physically shield radiation as products for EMF protection:
    Simply because it is working for me. I wear shielded clothing when go out and my house is shielded. But of course a lot depends from a budget.

  2. Ann Moore says:

    Hi, What is the best gadget protection against EMF? Ann

  3. reducing EMF... says:

    One major way to reduce EMF is to use an ethernet cord for every computer in the houses – or at least those that mostly stay in one place. And only use wifi when absolutely necessary. Have them installed in your office, bedroom, kitchen – wherever you use the internet. More of a hassle, but worth it. It reduces a major EMF exposure.

  4. Ed says:

    Good article however, it’s important to not lump all EMF’s as harmful. For example, I have been using a PEMF technology from an established European Medical device manufacturer for over 14 years. Their multi-patented system oxygenates virtually all the 80 to 100 trillion tissue cells in the body w/NO negative side effects. When our cells are oxygenated, our systems work in harmony providing all the positive energy to perform naturally at their best including removal of toxins and waste from the tissue.
    Many with autism and their “loved ones” benefit from the long lasting calming effects
    of this particular physical vascular therapy. For example, this technology reverses the pulsed harmonic signal every two minutes actually helping to reduce the negative effects of so many EMF’s that we are faced with daily.

  5. Sunflower says:

    Excellent blog Rebel! I agree wholeheartedly. EMF’s play a significant factor in our lives. I plan to get the protection for my phone and computer as you mentioned. Especially our kids on the spectrum are quite susceptible.

  6. Erin says:

    How do you handle your child’s day at school? This is my primary concern as if we get all geared up at home, and frankly spend that kind of money, but as soon as we leave the house we are hit with ALL THE THINGS. My child loves his iPad and it goes everywhere with us so specific protection for it for when we leave the house??? This EarthCalm website is great but it would be nice if they had specific ways to protect a child with autism daily or just specific ideas on attaching it to him as he won’t wear a necklace. Do you have specific recommendations or can you demonstrate how you use it with your own children and in your own household?

    Thank you for all that you do!

    • Erin!!!

      Great question! The only way to totally protect your child is from within. Food is thy Medicine…Medicine is thy food…. I use to ask this same question for myself.

      If I am so protected in my house, how will I ever go out in the world with no protection. I spent a lot of money on gadgets that did not work, some that did. Unfortunately! I had a body that could test instantly.

      One day I was thinking, as I was reading, and decided to take a nutrition course; to help better understand the depth of how our cells work and need nutrition and why this could heal me more efficiently.

      I learned about the importance of why I must focus on a better balanced clean diet.What really happened to my body and why I got so deathly sick… I was raised totally natural, with no immunizations to give a little back ground, but even that did not matter…

      I am extra pro-active now, on cell available protein (amino acids).. along with the right sequencing of vitamin, minerals, and nutrients naturally occurring in a plant. Now after 22 months on this diet, I am going places and feeling free er of the EMF’s that once totally took control of my life, Praise God. *8* years have now passed, so do not get discouraged, once the body gets damaged it takes time to reverse the damage.

      Kind Regards, Beth Sturdivant

      Feel free to contact me through my website if you have any more questions.

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