Feb 18, 2012: Who’s “Mentos TMR” You Ask?

Feb 18, 2012: Good Morning! Mentos here. Who’s “mentos tmr” you ask?! Well, it all started with the launch of a Revolution. The Thinking Moms’ Revolution. A group of moms (and a Dad) united in efforts to heal our children from the medical conditions often called “autism.” We decided it would be a good idea to start a website and write a book.

Our kids are RECOVERING and we’re taking our message to the streets! At our site, we share laughter, tears and friendship as we talk about what works for us and much, much more. Always with a side of FUN.

I’m honored to be collaborating with this talented group. My real name is Rebecca Ferguson. Come find out why I’m nicknamed “Mentos” and check out today’s TMR blog by Lisa Joyce Goes… aka “The Rev.” THE REVOLUTION starts NOW… don’t miss it! www.ThinkingMomsRevolution.com

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