Homeopathy May Have Saved My Daughter’s Life and Prevented Autism

peacemakerFourteen years ago, I took my then three-month-old daughter to the doctor to get her DTaP vaccination. She’d had a cold at two months old; so I waited until she was better, worrying the whole time because I was delaying the life-saving vaccinations. She was my second child, so I knew the drill and loaded her up with paracetamol before we went in for the shot. Before we got out to the reception area after receiving the shot, my daughter was screaming. She didn’t stop until one week later.

She also started vomiting profusely – something she’d had problems with since birth. The vomiting didn’t stop until she was about seven months old, by which time she’d been diagnosed with failure to thrive and put on a changing cocktail of drugs, one of which was later withdrawn from the market due to safety concerns. She also stopped sleeping, catching only 20 to 40 minutes night and day. After a week of all this, I anxiously took her back to the doctor, who looked up the drug information sheets and assured me it couldn’t possibly be due to the vaccines – it must “just be one of those things.”

Despite my misgivings, I knew how important it was to protect my children from the common childhood illnesses, so I took her back in two months later for the next round of shots. This time she only screamed non-stop for three days. She was still vomiting anyway and already not sleeping, so that didn’t change. A day or so after her shots, she finally fell asleep in my arms while I was sitting holding her. I was exhausted, so I fell asleep too, only to wake up in a complete panic. I knew something was wrong, but I looked down to see her sleeping peacefully. Except that she wasn’t breathing.

I watched her stomach and chest carefully, but could see no signs of life. Stroking her cheek and hand produced no reaction, nor did gently calling her name. That’s when I totally lost it and screamed her name while shaking her. She took a huge, gulping breath and another few catchy breaths followed before she also started screaming. Part of me wondered if I had still been half asleep and had just scared her – maybe she really had been breathing.

homeopathyIt happened again a few days later. I  put her down in her cot (note: in American English cot = crib) when she had finally fallen asleep and went to check on her a few minutes later because I was still paranoid. She was once again not breathing. It was a repeat of the first episode. From that moment on, my daughter was not put down for the next two months. I carried her during the day in a sling, and at night she slept on me, or right next to me, with me waking constantly during the night to check on her.

She had also started eating solids around that time, and I noticed that, when she was sitting in her high chair, her eyes would go slightly out of focus, and she would get a weird tremor that started with her head and worked its way down her body. I did not take her back to the doctor, as by this time I knew I couldn’t trust doctors anymore – they had lied to me the first time, and they had lied to me when they had told me that vaccines were perfectly safe. Instead, I rang my midwife – the weird lady who didn’t vaccinate her own children.

My education on the dangers of vaccines began. I realised that my daughter had sustained brain injury from the vaccines – that is what had caused the screaming, and we had been very lucky not to lose her. The literature I devoured recommended trying osteopathy or homeopathy to help reverse the effects. I couldn’t afford the osteopath; so we went to see a homeopath. That was when my love of homeopathy started.

Homeopathy HandbookOur homeopath gave us weird little pills with even weirder instructions: “Dissolve in this much water, stir this many times.” The tremors went, she started sleeping and the vomiting lessened. She started to tolerate more foods, and I finally overcame my fears and put her down to sleep rather than carrying her on me constantly. My daughter is now a very healthy 14-year-old, who is completely neurotypical with no signs of vaccine damage.

We also received help for the health issues that had been troubling my older daughter – issues that the doctors had not been able to clear up, but a few doses of homeopathic remedies completely solved them. I saw a homeopath when pregnant for my last four children, and the remedies helped with pregnancy, labour, and afterward. We sporadically saw homeopaths for constitutional treatments over the years, but it was really when my son was diagnosed with severe autism that we became much more aware of what homeopathy could do for us.

We saw a homeopath to help clear some toxins out of my son’s system, and will be embarking soon to clear some more out. The beauty of the homeopathic remedies is that I can dissolve them and put them in his drink. There is no nasty smell or taste that I have to try and disguise. They are also far less expensive than supplements!

We use homeopathic remedies instead of pharmaceuticals. Whenever one of my girls has an upset tummy, a headache, or an anxiety attack, they know which remedies to reach for. We’ve had great results with first aid remedies for bruising, splinters, bee stings, cuts and shock. We also use remedies to treat more chronic conditions such as migraines, frozen shoulder, sleeping issues, period pain and also ear infections. We have remedies for helping alleviate itching from mosquito bites, as well as avoiding them in the first place. We use a remedy to help with PANDAS flares. Earlier this year, I was able to enjoy my airplane flight as my remedy kept me from feeling airsick. Last night, my 12-year-old came out and, while scratching madly, said, “It was urtica urens I take for hives, wasn’t it?” While I was away at a MINDD conference earlier this year, I got a text from my 14-year-old asking me which remedy to take for chest pain.

homeopathic_remedies_rowWe are truly a homeopathy family. I would love to study to be a homeopath, specialising in treating children with autism, but finances and time prevent me from doing that. Instead, I do whatever courses I can find – some for free, others that don’t cost a fortune and specialise in autism. I’ve learnt a lot through those and am able to treat many more of our family’s health issues now, without needing to book an appointment with our homeopath for every little thing. The next thing I am really looking forward to is TMR’s Homeopathy eConference. Different homeopaths use different approaches, and by learning about them it helps me pinpoint which approach may be the next tool to add to our arsenal for recovery.

If you haven’t already discovered the healing benefits of homeopathy, I would highly recommend starting. One great, free resource can be found at HomeopathyPlus.com, as well as case studies for treating autism with homeopathy.

Impossible CureOne of my favourite easy-to-use first aid books is the Ainsworths Remedy Prescriber. Or if you’re after more detailed information, try The Complete Homeopathy Handbook, by Miranda Castro.  If you’re after books on how homeopathy can be useful in treating autism, read Amy Lansky’s The Impossible Cure, Tinus Smits’s CEASE therapy book, Autism Beyond Despair: Homeopathy Has the Answers, or Rudi Verspoor’s Heilkunst homeopathy book, Autism: The Journey Back, Recovering the Self Through Heilkunst.

Like any other specialist, not all homeopaths are created equal. Some will be a better fit for you and your family than others. You may start off with one type of homeopathy and then move to another as your knowledge and experience grows, or as you outgrow your homeopath’s experience. The key point about homeopathy, however, is that it stimulates the body to heal itself – something that many of our children are greatly in need of.

~ Peacemaker

Peacemaker is a mum to six children. Three of her girls have been diagnosed with Asperger’s, and one of her sons has severe autism. Their quirky family lives in Australia, where every day presents a new dietary challenge. When she’s not busy homeschooling her kids, Peacemaker can be found researching autism, or reading a relaxing autism biography.


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4 Responses to Homeopathy May Have Saved My Daughter’s Life and Prevented Autism

  1. gina tyler DHOM says:

    more cured cases of autism via this link http://www.CEASE-therapy.com

  2. Terry says:

    Every time I read articles about autism it’s always child-related. What about those kids who are now adults? Can autism be reversed in a 28 yr old? I would like to see more articles on this about adult-children. A lot of these kids have already grown up before we see information like this.

  3. Outstanding! I’ve had the same success with helping my dogs with vaccine-induced damage. The one I have left that sustained bad damage from a rabies jab will never be the same again as he was pre-vaccination, but homeopathy and ABFE have improved his situation dramatically. It’s helped with my own vaccine damage, too. Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully other parents of vaccine-injured children (and adults with damage themselves) will at least research homeopathy as a result of your success story.

  4. Erica says:

    Bravo! So enjoyed reading your journey which is so much like my own. My son mirrored your daughter’s experience. However, he did develop autism but was recovered using homeopathy as well. I share his story at recoveredfromautism.com. My family is a homeopathy family now, too. It is so comforting and empowering to be able to handle acute illnesses on our own.
    I have spent the past ten years studying and learning homeopathy which will always be a lifelong pursuit for me. It has helped my entire family in ways I never imagined possible. Thank you for sharing your story!

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