Irish Philanthropist Jonathan Irwin Vows to Stand Up For Gardasil-Injured Girls

May 10, 2017

Jonathan Irwin is a former stud owner and racetrack executive who, in his mature years, devoted his life to a foundation he set up with his wife Mary Ann called the Jack and Jill Foundation. He set up the foundation in 1997 to provide in-home nursing care for severely disabled children, or babies born with life-threatening, debilitating conditions, whose parents would otherwise be unable to afford such services. The Irwins set up the foundation in response to a tragedy which befell their own family in 1996, which would change the course of their lives.

Jonathan Irwin’s son Jack was born healthy, but for an unknown reason, he developed severe brain damage due to complications which occurred two days after his birth. According to Jack and Jill’s website, “While history does not reveal the immediate aftermath of this drama, it is probable that he died and was resuscitated. Certainly from that moment on, Jack could not swallow and was probably blind and deaf.” The doctor treating Jack advised the Irwins to leave him at the hospital so that he would not be a burden on his family and moreover, this would be the only way the state would be forced to provide care for him.

The Irwins, outraged and finding this attitude totally unacceptable, decided to care for Jack at home with the help of a local volunteer nurse. They received no assistance from the health services executive (HSE) which they found appalling. The Irwins vowed to help as many families as they could, who unavoidably found themselves in the same tragic situation. Jack lived for 22 months under the loving care of his family and a team of volunteer nurses by his side.

In the last 20 years, the Irwins, with the Jack and Jill Foundation, have helped thousands of families fund care for their severely disabled children in their homes. It is truly a monumental service to the country of Ireland and a gift to the children and their families they have helped.

So it was with a heavy heart that Jonathan Irwin stepped down as CEO last week in a shocking announcement via Twitter. His reason? To care for his daughter who is bedridden, following what he says was a severe reaction to the Gardasil vaccine. The usual vitriolic attacks from the motley crew of pro-HPV-vaccine-at-all-costs media reps, professors, doctors, and “concerned individuals,” which normally descends on such posts, was noticeably absent. It seemed like there was a kind of stunned silence that such a prominent figure as Mr. Irwin would make such a claim.

Then something happened which was quite unexpected. The “Bring Vaxxed To Ireland” group contacted Mr. Irwin via social media after seeing his post. They asked if he would like to share his daughter’s story with the Vaxxed team who were in town screening Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe at the Tivoli Theater that same weekend, amidst some (minuscule) drama. He graciously agreed, saying that he wished to help in any way he could.

Mr. Irwin invited the Vaxxed team to his home, on a Sunday afternoon, where they recorded this extraordinarily poignant interview where he talks about his daughter’s illness. He explains his decision to support the families of Regret, much like he did for the early Jack and Jill families. It seems Mr Irwin has a deep empathy and understanding of the vilification of these families by the medical establishment and has the courage to stand up for them when he sees such an injustice.

In what seems like a tragic parallel with his late son Jack’s story over 20 years ago, now his daughter Molly is suffering in a debilitating state after being given a vaccine which he refers to as a “disaster” and “useless.” He says that his daughter has lost her teenage life. She used to compete on the Irish pony team, an experienced equestrian, but no more. He is equally as horrified at the treatment other girls and their families have received from the HSE, who have dared to speak out. He vows to bring this issue to the door of the Health Minister Simon Harris and ask him to explain how he is being hysterical when his daughter is suffering the exact symptoms listed on the patient information leaflet provided by Merck. He wants to ask him why parents are not being given this important information about side effects from the manufacturer themselves.

Mr. Irwin says he will ask Simon Harris to explain the inexcusable things he has been saying about these parents and wants to ask who has been writing his scripts? He thinks that because of the way “Harris and his team” have treated those who dare to put their head above the parapet and defend their children, the HPV vaccine program is now in free-fall in Ireland.

I cannot believe in this tiny country there are 4__, maybe 500 families so badly affected, their daughter completely wiped out, and the reaction of the Health Service and particularly the Minister and a lot of other politicians and professors and doctors, all saying that they’re absolutely disgraceful. It is entirely their fault that the take-up rate has fallen from 87% to below 50%, and they are the outcasts and pariahs of society . . . . .

. . . These aren’t parents who’ve got some great plot. These are parents in desperate straits, and they are completely blacked by the fact that the organizations that should help them are in fact really trying to turn them into criminals. And that is so wrong. If my wife and I can stop that, we will. Jonathan Irwin 5/8/2017

Mr. Irwin’s video testimony is compelling, heart wrenching and empathetic. In keeping with his selfless attitude of helping families in the Jack and Jill Foundation for the last 20 years, he has now pledged his support for the 400 or so families in the parent support group REGRET, which will hopefully bring Simon Harris to task for the insanity that surrounds this issue in Ireland.

I have been writing about this topic for two years, trying to understand how this has been allowed to go on for so long without redress from the current Minister for Health and his predecessor, Leo Varadkar. We are so very sorry for Mr. Irwin’s daughter’s ill health, as his family has suffered so many tragedies throughout the years, but we will be forever grateful for his and his wife’s support in shining a light on the plight of the Gardasil Girls in Ireland.

So very grateful.

~ Valerie Jackson

Valerie Jackson is a native of Ireland, living in the U.S. She has a degree in business and worked in banking until her son was injured following a round of vaccines when he was one. She has since dedicated her life to his recovery and raising her young family to be as healthy as they can be.


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20 Responses to Irish Philanthropist Jonathan Irwin Vows to Stand Up For Gardasil-Injured Girls

  1. Theresa Heaney says:

    Great article, it is however most unfortunate that title is truncated to read that Mr. ‘Irwin stands up for Gardasil”.- This is highly misleading to anyone who may not be aware of the bigger picture! Please adjust, if possible

    Irish Philanthropist Jonathan Irwin Vows to Stand Up For Gardasil ……
    May 10, 2017 – May 10, 2017. Jonathan Irwin is a former stud owner and racetrack executive who, in his mature years, devoted his life to a foundation he set up …

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Oy! We have no control over how it shows up in your browser, but that could work out to be an advantage, getting some people to read the article who otherwise might not.

  2. Hans Litten says:
    And look at the mercenaries filling up the comments . All fully well paid up members of Pharma Harma , not a dissenting voice with any knowledge anywhere.

    Simon Harris (shame on you , damn scoundrel)
    You will not be forgotten for this.

    “If you want to give medical advice on vaccinations, become a doctor. If not, get out of the way and stay away from our public health policy.”

  3. Niki says:

    Thank you Mr Irwin for standing up and challenging the apathy – or is it a deliberate policy of blocking attempts by any means to get an open and honest enquiry. We have been fighting this for years (our daughter was vaccinated it its first year) and the more I know the more suspicious, frustrated and shocked I have become. I’m sure the majority of girls (and boys) will be fine but there is a undeniably unacceptable high level of terrible injury which the uk government still won’t accept. Their repeated line to me is “the benefits outweigh the risks”. But not to my daughter or thousands like her. Her life is ruined for no personal benefit to her but to satisfy their policy of “herd immunity”. The official line is still – no known serious side effects – but the figures obtained under the freedom of information act reveal a very different story. If they don’t care about my daughter – why can’t they at least see that unless proper independent research is carried out (not the biassied, flawed and narrow investigations which have taken place so far) and proper information is made available, then take up rates will decline until – a) there is a reliable way of screening to identify girls who might be adversely affected and b) genuine joined up health and life care for our injured victims.
    Please could I ask you to consider broadening your conversations to include Cervarix which is what my daughter was given and which has ruined her life is n the same way as Gardasil did your daughters.

  4. Hans Litten says:

    HPV vaccine rates have fallen to 1% in Japan after widely publicized injuries from Gardasil. Merck and the CDC are still pushing the Gardasil HPV vaccine for girls and boys in the US. Americans need to wake up (like the Japanese have) and reject this harmful Gardasil vaccine that is being pushed like Vioxx by unscrupulous vaccine promoters who refuse to take responsibility for the adverse reactions that are listed on the package insert.

  5. peter duesberg says:

    I am just watching Irwin’s measured yet almost desperate case against anti-HPV vaccination!
    I would like to support his case by two scientfic papers I have pusblihed that he vaccine can not protect against cervical cancer.
    What is his email?
    Peter Duesberg ([email protected])

  6. Hans Scholl says:

    Every teenager says that they can’t wait to be a grown-up. For one young teen, however, that “dream” has become a nightmare. Zara Beattie, a 13-year old girl from Wigton, Cumbria has been struck by severe pain across her body and heart palpitations. Beattie says that the repercussions of the HPV vaccine that she was given have left her feeling like she’s been put into “an 80-year-old’s body.”

    Once a vibrant teen with plenty of friends and an active-style, Beattie is no longer able to participate in activities she once enjoyed, like playing soccer. As reported by the Daily Mail, she received the Gardasil vaccine while at school in 2015, and it didn’t take long for trouble to begin. Shortly after getting the jab, she started experiencing trouble breathing during a gym class. While her family first attributed her breathing difficulties to asthma, as her condition worsened, it became clear that something was very wrong.

  7. Hans Litten says:

    Simon Harris the Irish (Hg-enocide) health minister can be reached at this email address : [email protected]

    Shame on you Simon . Collaborator .

  8. Hans Litten says:

    Joel Gomez, a 14-year old healthy boy who had regular visits to the pediatrician’ office for periodic check-ups since birth showed no evidence of any pre-existing health issues, specifically no evidence of cardiac abnormalities, psychological disorders or substance abuse. The teenager had been training for the high school football team for the last two months before his death four to five hours a day without incident.
    On June 19, 2013, the boy was given the first dose of the vaccine, Gardasil®, in his left arm in the doctor’s office. No adverse reactions following this first vaccination were reported to the family or the physician. On August 19, 2013, the boy was given a second injection of Gardasil® as scheduled in the doctor’s office. Then he went home and went to sleep. The boy was found to be unresponsive in bed the following morning on August 20, 2013 at 7:00 a.m. by his family.
    Paramedics were called in and transported the boy to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 9:07 a.m. on August 20, 2013.

  9. Audrey Aspeling says:

    I still cannot help wondering about the amount of man-made electricity and radio waves that are also impacting those affected by immunizations. I am not allowed to have the flu vaccine now as it has mercury in it and people like me who have been exposed to too much street power lines and too much other electrical equipment and phones etc. plus toxic chemicals in our environment have a damaged blood brain barrier where brain toxic chemicals are usually filtered from reaching the brain but cannot be kept out any more once we are damaged. Otherwise why aren’t all who have the vaccinations similarly affected as those who are?

  10. B.p. says:

    Wow, brave courages people! Gods blessings, protection and healing on all!

  11. Kimberly Keller says:

    Thank you Jesus for giving our children a defender of the crime that has been committed on our chidren and the abuse that we have endured in trying to help them survive it…they have lost their lives because of this poison and all for greed of money!!!

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