Luv Bug“We can’t catch a frickin’ break,” the hubs and I muttered as we faced yet another blow to our family’s security. We sat there feeling sorry for ourselves as we recounted how we seem to get systematically screwed: our son’s multiple diagnoses; being pushed out of key work projects; big clients stiffed us; bad business partners; our daughter’s health issues; delayed business deals – one after the other – until our budget and our spirits were almost crushed under the pressure.


How were we still surviving after all this? It was amazing that we were still in our house, still married, still kicking ass.

Oh wait – maybe there was a HUGE amount of GOOD luck there all these years.

It’s like those bumpy pictures that make the cool sound when you scratch them – you know, the ones that change when you move them around. Tilt it up and it looks like bad luck, but tilt it down and — oh, look! — good luck!!


Not easy to hold onto. Very easy to lose.


Hell yeah, we are permitted to be sad, scared, injured, pissed – that is NOT what I am saying.

But as the hubs and I sat there, focused on the cumulative losses of EIGHTEEN YEARS, it was a bit, um…, overwhelming.

So we never hit the POWERBALL of good luck. That kind of bonanza might look like autism recovery, a perfectly organized home, or the literal Powerball Jackpot. We always seem to get the kind of luck that’s like the luck you have when you brush away the sticky silver nubbies of a scratch-off lottery ticket to see the words “Winner: free scratch ticket.”


THAT’S IT!!! Hubs and I have the “scratch ticket” variety of luck:

We lost the big contract, BUT we have enough money to figure out our next steps.

We left the iPad and iPod on the train, but it was retrieved and held in safety by that friendly conductor.

No autism recovery here, but we are enjoying much better health and more connectedness.

The sewing machine malfunctioned, but AFTER I finished fixing the boy’s snow pants for a day of sledding.

The fan drying the slow leak in the basement tipped over and opened the valve on the water heater in the middle of the night, BUT the sump pump worked perfectly.

The slow leak in the basement is a worst-case scenario for repairs, but homeowner’s insurance will cover a large portion of it.


Over the past few weeks, as we’ve hit minor “wins” in life — like iPhone fell in the toilet, BUT I had not gone to the potty yet (and had insurance) — we’d stop and announce “Scratch Ticket!!” in order to celebrate a small but important triumph.

So here’s to those Scratch Ticket wins that happen A LOT more often than the jackpots! If you take notice of them, you’ll be celebrating waaaaaaaaaay more.

Try it!


~ LuvBug

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11 Responses to Jackpot!

  1. Jaci VW says:

    I feel like perspective is what has saved our bacon time and time again. The truth is, there is almost always something worse than our current circumstances and it is critical for us to be thankful for the small triumphs. Thank you for the marvelous reminder that perspective is one of our most important tools.

  2. channa says:

    love it. thank you for this heart warming post.

  3. luvbugtmr says:

    I’m so glad you all get it. I’m not saying that life is all unicorn tears and rainbows – but – many of us are blessed in so many ways…

    Remind me of that lesson in February, please!!!!!!!!!

  4. KFuller says:

    Excellent reminder that there are many, many,many small victories! And fewer big ones! That means way more celebrating! There is great power in positive thinking!!! Here’s to everyday victories!!! Whooot!

  5. carmen says:

    Ooohh! Thanks for the laugh! I visualized every forgotten item and every dropped iphone and thought, there’s a silver lining somewhere…great perspective LuvBug!

  6. Iron Muffin says:


  7. B.K. says:

    Brilliant – and something I totally needed. Love you, LuvBug!!!!

  8. BlazeTMR says:

    Love it and love you LuvBug. Thank you for this. I mean it. <3

  9. Cupcake TMR says:

    Totally needed this today. Love you LuvBug!

  10. Poppy TMR says:

    LOVE IT!!! You nailed it….it’s all about perspective xo

  11. Lisa Perez Sullivan says:

    Love this! I try to stop and count my blessings now and again as to not get overwhelmed by the bad things! Plenty of them…..somehow we always have what we need. Small gains are always there. If I look for them! Thank you for this post. Perspective is what it’s all about!

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