March 17, 2012: Other Triggers and Causes?

March 17, 2012:  A mother wrote on The Thinking Moms’ Revolution Wall-

“I love this page. So many stories I can relate to when i feel alone in this battle with Autism. I share some of the stories on my facebook page in hopes of awareness and understanding. In my daughters case there is a difference in the well writen stories on here. My daughter has never been vaccinated and she has Autism. I stayed aware from vaccinations with both my children because of the many stories resulting in Autism. Any of you great blogger/writers out there have a write up that does not include vaccinations? The other triggers and or causes of Autism?”  Cheryl Coppa

    • Professy Tmr

      I, personally, am not aware of any write-ups, but in my travels I have come across a number of cases of autism in unvaccinated children. Some of the triggers seem to be excessive antibiotic use, especially augmentin, certain anesthesias, excessive aspartame use, vaccinations done during pregnancy, and excessive level of mercury in the pregnant mother, either due to large consumption of fish, especially tuna, or many amalgams in the teeth. The essential components seem to be something that compromises the gut to short circuit the immune system, and then some toxin that crosses the blood-brain barrier and poisons the brain.
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    • The Thinking Moms’ Revolution

      Tex here. My son only received 3 very well selected vaccines. None of which triggered his Autism as far as I can tell. That being said…. he came home from surgery for a hypospadias at 12 months old a *very* different boy. He’s a twin and his sister is NT. I had them side by side to compare. There is no question in my mind – anesthesia triggered his Autism. I believe there can be many other triggers as well. Toxicity is the issue here. We live in a toxic world. I like your idea about doing a write up that doesn’t include vaccines. I think I’d probably be the most likely Thinking Mom to do it. Do you have any thoughts on what triggered your own daughter’s Autism? You can friend me at Tex TMR if you’d like. I’d love to hear more.
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