March 2, 2012: Feel Free to Insult Me…

 March 2, 2012: I bet you’ve been here too! What is the most insulting thing someone has said to you? ☼

“Please feel free to insult me and/or my children”

“People really do shock the hell out of me sometimes.  I truly believe in the innate goodness of mankind, but come on people…invest in a filter for your brain.”

Please read the full article If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say by Sunshine.

    • Danielle Spada Steffe I was told that I’m a ” rancid cu*t” for not vaccinating my children anymore. Good times.

    • Michelle Hurd My mother in law said we should let the dog out of his crate and put my then newly diagnosed 3 yr old into the crate.

    • Rachel ‘Saunders’ Imdieke Oh, Michelle! I am speechless….horrible! I hope she realized later how awful and cruel that was of her to say.

    • Jennifer McMahon Biggs Someone handed me a book called “How to have a better behaved child by Friday” or something like that. She’s lucky she didn’t walk some with that in her ass.

    • Karla Wiersma Really?? Your MIL said that??? Oh it would be game on here. It never fails to amaze me the things people say. I had a woman tell me my son was “strange”. I told her that she was a moron and Id take strange over stupid any day.

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    • Sunshine Tmr Danielle, that is just plain awful! Michelle, I can’t believe that a family member said that to you. Go ahead and email this article to her…perhaps she will think a little about what comes out of her mouth. And, Jennifer…you showed great restraint. Perhaps you can return the favor and give a book of your own? Dude, That’s Rude!: (Get Some Manners) (Laugh & Learn) (9781575422336): Pamela Espeland, Elizabeth Verdick: Books
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    • Bonnie Skala Kiladitis There’s been a few doozies:
      “What is *wrong* with him?”
      “Keep your kid QUIET!”
      “He really shouldn’t be jumping like that. I haven’t said anything up till now but he really shouldn’t be jumping around….”
      Each time, a TACA card was given out along with “the speech.”
      But the one that hurt the most came from a young relative, “Brayden is a trouble-maker.” It was said in observation, not maliciously. But I died inside. That is how other kids see him.

    • Allie Sheffield Pence Well, let’s see. The parent of another student in Aidan’s Kindergarten class relayed through a mutual “friend” that Aidan didn’t really NEED an IEP – his IEP was just MY excuse for his bad behavior. That same parent later filed a POLICE REPORT on my six year old son, over an incident with her child on the KINDERGARTEN PLAYGROUND. An incident in which NO ONE visited the nurse, NO parents were called, not even a note was sent home. She never tried to contact me directly, or to ask the school to intervene before she went to the police station. Ridiculous!

    • Sunshine Tmr Bonnie, I had something similar happen to me. Another child innocently asked, “Why doesn’t he talk or listen to me or you at all?” It was when we were first getting diagnosed. Painful.

      Oh and Allie…fire up that blender girl. I am definitely coming for a margarita! A police report? Come on!

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    • Allie Sheffield Pence I kid you not, it was ASTOUNDING. The school principal gave me the news. She said in 35+ years in the public school system, she had NEVER encountered a situation anywhere close to this one. Not EVER. On the bright side, the nut job’s police report gave me the ammunition to get Aidan OUT of his horrid teacher’s classroom, and in to a MUCH more capable teacher’s class. The second half of Kindergarten was MUCH better! In some ways, the heifer did me a favor (I’d been trying, unsuccessfully, to move Aidan for a few weeks at that point), but I’d still like to tell her to STFU! Margaritas anytime, Sunshine! And the tequila’s on Blaze! Come on down! 😉

    • LuvBug Tmr Did someone say Margaritas? After this thread, we will all need them! Thanks for sharing everyone! “He’s very well behaved” stung – as if not being able to communicate with my son about his pain/fears was ok b/c he didn’t “bother” me. Or “at least he’s so cute” ~ um, yea.

    • Bonnie Skala Kiladitis ‎@Sunshine, yes, that was early on in our journey as well. There is a strange amount of solace in knowing that my son is a happy, essentially healthy little boy who did not/does not get that he is being talked about. It only hurt me. I guess the cliche is “Ignorance is bliss.” A friend of mine who also has a child with ASD went to a PTA meeting with me on bullying. We both remarked how our children wouldn’t even know if they were being (verbally) bullied. We have come so far, but there’s still so far to go.

    • Tanya Westphal Thom When my now son was 2 (pre-diagnosis) and in early intervention the OT told me straight out that he just needed discipline. Here I was a Mom in desperation not able to figure out why my kid was so different, didn’t listen, and couldn’t sit at a table for a simple art project without screaming bloody murder. And she blames me. I will never forget that moment, and some day am going to tell her just how badly it hurt.

    • The Thinking Moms’ Revolution I hope you do tell her someday Tanya. That OT needs an education. Sad that these are the people who are working with our precious children.

    • Laura Lambert Hirsch I met a new mom yesterday who told me that she was standing in line at a store and her son was stimming, and a stranger told her that her son needed a spanking. STFU.

    • Melissa BlackLilly Pinel ‎”oh, he’ll grow out of it” Really? Just like kids who are born blind or deaf grow out of that, right? Like having autism is a stage that he is going through. No. He is who he is and if you don’t like it, stfu and go away.

    • Melissa BlackLilly Pinel My younger sons friend said “your brother can’t play with us because he is crazy.” Sad, especially since that kids older brother is bi-polar.

    • Diane Glickman Yellis Best. Blog. Eva.
      ♥ it, Sunshine!

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