March 13, 2012: Blaze at CDC Part 1 & 2

March 13, 2012: Have you ever wanted to tell the CDC what’s really going on? Give them a piece of your mind? Our own Blaze had that chance. So read on, dude. And be excellent to each other.

“The answers to those questions???…We don’t know!!!, not a whole lot!!!, probably nothing!!!, who knows!?!. To say it was enlightening…well, it was…but not in a good way.  When it came time, half way through the day, for the public comment section, I was agitated, and my other autism mom friends who came to speak were as well.  No urgency, no new answers, none of the desperation that we as Thinking Moms are feeling.”  

Please read the full article Blaze’s Excellent CDC Adventure: Part 1 and Blaze’s Excellent CDC Adventure: Part 2

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    • Blue Skies in a “non-typical” world WOW! Good for you! I dont know what Id say. I’d probably write something and than throw it out the window last min and speak from my heart. What a amazing opp u had! I think you send it perfectly and called them out and what needed to be called out. I cant wait to hear about the rest :

      March 13 at 9:28pm · Like ·  2

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn Great job–and key audience members there not-to-back-you-up from AS. Ironic.

    • Andrew Love Hats off to Blaze. That was excellent.

    • Andrew Love Sorry that was most excellent. Party on.

    • Karen Wood Fuller Me?
      I would say to Autism Speaks …Change your name, you speak for no one.
      To the CDC…You have had your chance. Time’s up. You’re fired.

      March 14 at 12:49am · Like ·  4
    • Rebecca McGarry Ferguson I second what Karen Wood Fuller says. Perfect!

      March 14 at 5:53am · Like ·  1
    • Susan Ullman Regets Blaze, Tonight more than ever, I love that you are my friend. You are a true warrior. This is beautifully written and impressively timed. Keep roaring mama. Everyone can hear you. One by one we are listening.

    • Helen De Groot And cheering!

    • Trudy Snyder If I would have looked up and seen the “pre murderous bitch” Singer NOT paying attention and playing with her phone…I would have tapped the mic and said “Excuse me, Ms Singer? Ms Singer, I listened when you and your cohorts spoke now I would appreciate the same curtosy from you. Thank you”. I would have called the bitch out in a public way. WTG Blaze!

      March 14 at 9:51am · Like ·  1
    • Julie Vargas when i had given birth to my daughter he nurse at the hospital tried to bully me into vaccinating my little girl for hep b DESPITE a direct family history of adverse reactions of both myself and my brother to the vaccien. She even went as far as to talk trash about me to the other nurses. My husband overheard her and made her look like a complete fool and made her look like a quack

      March 14 at 12:54pm · Like ·  1
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