March 6, 2012: Bye Bye OT!

March 6, 2012: Jerry here…. Wanted to share a little good news from my home and hope it happens soon at yours.

I was just reading the OT report for this week’s CSE.

“Based on test scores, as well as her performance in treatment sessions, Occupational Therapy services are no longer recommended.” 

We CAN do this, people! We CAN recover our kids, one issue at a time. ~ Jerry

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    • Melissa BlackLilly Pinel mine was excused from speech therapy! woot!

      March 6 at 10:57am · Unlike ·  4
    • The Thinking Moms’ Revolution Good job, Melissa! That’s next on our list. Then they can just plain ole’ delete her from their computer system. As in, “buh-bye, gotta go now”!!!

      March 6 at 11:04am · Like ·  3
    • LeeAnn Carpenter God, please help us get there some day!!!! Great news:)

      March 6 at 11:23am · Like ·  1
    • Rebecca McGarry Ferguson YES WE CAN!!! Congrats on the discharge!!!!!

      March 6 at 11:25am · Like ·  1
    • Diane Glickman Yellis LeeAnn – you will, you will. This is 6 years in the making. Some get it done more quickly, most do not. But many do it and your baby will be one,
      Hey Rebecca McGarry Ferguson – get back to the mouse!

      March 6 at 11:46am · Like ·  2
    • Jacey Smith Capurso Yeah Ferguson ….

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    • Janet Ullrich Riley We got excused from OT this year too (and got Speech down to once a week)…and my kid complains because it was so much “fun”! LOL! I look at the progress we’ve made with my sweetheart, and I honestly cry with joy. My go-to phrase that sums up my journey with my kid is that when your child falls down the rabbit hole, the only way to find them is to follow them down there walk around in their perception of the world around them…and rise back up to this world together. Congrats Jerry on this VICTORY!!

      March 6 at 11:57am · Like ·  2
    • Rebecca McGarry Ferguson Minnie’s biggest fan is asleep… I’ve got a break!! Being here has been a great reminder of how far we’ve come since the last trip (when she was 4). Now, almost 6, HUGE difference. Awareness, language, engagement, noticing her surroundings, calmness, all of it dramatically different. Day-by-day sometimes we don’t notice, but what we’re doing adds up and is all more than worth out struggles to get there! Cannot believe she wanted to buy a Minnie doll and take it back to show to Minnie. That’s not autism folks!! 🙂

      March 6 at 12:08pm · Like ·  3
    • Laurie Artcliff my 6yr old grandson made great strides with the snow we had here in ky…he went out with grandpa and some other boys were making a snow fort…now he generally will play around other kids but not with them…once grandpa showed him the basics of gathering snow and packing it down, Jacob actually engaged and started helping the boys..laughing the whole time…he even got excited to race another little boy down the hill on his sled…it was a very good day!

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    • The Thinking Moms’ Revolution Good for you, Laurie! Good for HIM!

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