March 9, 2012: Between 2 Worlds…

March 9, 2012: Grab your tissues…Cupcake is getting real.

“I know my husband has yet to walk through the 5 stages of grief, but men tend to deal with things differently.  For me, a person that has always been sensitive and could easily cry at the sappiest of commercials — this mom has yet to mourn that loss.”

Please read the full article Stuck Between Two Worlds by Cupcake.

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    • Cathy Brennan Reilly I’ve always thought of our grief as the unending grief. This didn’t have to happen. Frequently we are shunned. Or ridiculed. Our prayers are for the recovery of our children’s health and minds. Then maybe, we can grieve the loss of their childhood and move on.

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    • Kelly Hauser Steffens This is so hard. Because I am really not the crying kind either. More of the, “I’m going to fix it!” kind. Of course, everyone deals with this grief in different ways. The way that works best for me is to know that my daughter chose me to be her mother. Probably because she knew I would fight like hell to get her back. Or maybe because she knew that I would try to help other kids along the way. Or maybe just because I needed to grow spiritually. I don’t don’t why she chose me. But I’m just glad she did. I will treasure all the lessons I have learned form her. (And there have been many.)

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    • Maggie Floyd This really connected with me today. Well done!

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