Neither Rain Nor Snow Day

MamacitaWhen I have run out of writing ideas I appreciate being able to peek at the calendar that we’ve set up in our TMR blog group. The calendar lists upcoming national holidays, historical events, famous people’s birthdays and some rather unusual celebrations. Unusual can be fun, like this past Wednesday . . .

Wednesday was National Cheese Pizza Day. My typical son thought it was the coolest day ever, but by the end of the day he wondered why a piece of cheese pizza hadn’t magically appeared for him to eat. Silly boy. I explained to him that it was just a day on our calendar. I told him that some lucky people hoist a piece of cheese pizza in the air in and say thanks for its tasty goodness, but others, like our family, eat what their mothers set before them.

He was not amused.


Other unusual holidays and celebrations on the calendar have a more solemn meaning. Take for instance today’s celebration. It’s Neither Rain Nor Snow Day, a day created in honor of the opening of the New York City post office in 1914. The name of the day, which stems from the Pony Express’s motto, reminded me that I have been meaning to send out some thank you notes to a few dear people in my life. Of course I could easily just text or email a message. But I want to send something that will last longer than a quick glance on a phone or computer screen.

The people I am grateful for have guided me through past dark times. Despite how dark and dismal I was, they stuck by me. Those people believed in me and still do now. I don’t get to see them every day, but I feel their presence and know that they cheer for me constantly. They do this on my good days. They cheer harder especially on the bad ones when I lose my footing and feel like I don’t have the courage to go forward.

These dear friends say peaceful prayers for me when there’s so much going on that I can’t think straight. They lift me up as I feel the weight of the world trying to bring me down. They lend a hand when I don’t realize that my own hands are trembling. They are not only ready to catch me when I fall, but also teach me how to pick myself up.


These people have promised to stay in my life not matter how much it zips, zooms and flies out of my control. I really couldn’t do what I have had to without their support, and I am forever grateful.

With how busy I am, being able to find time to sit down with my thoughts to send a message may sound somewhat foolish. Words don’t always express everything I want or need to say. But I know that a simple act of kindness—like sending a handwritten note, will go a long way. And, for me, and because of our circumstances, it’s a heartfelt gift sent in return for someone’s thoughtfulness.

Maybe you also have a few supporters who encourage you with endless cheer. Maybe your loved ones love you, too, no matter what. Maybe they would be open to receive a handwritten note full of eternal thanks as well. Who knows? Maybe today’s the day to take time (that you don’t really have) to sit down (when I know you’re as busy as I am) to send a message (that would be easier to text) to someone who loves and cherishes you (more than life itself).

~ Mamacita

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  1. cam pearson says:

    This is such a beautiful reminder. I will be making time this weekend.

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