Insistence on One-Size-Fits-All Vaccine Policy Is Making Kids Sick

June 2, 2016

I grew up with epilepsy, and we had to test different medications and dosages to figure out what would work for me. When someone gets cancer, they often test a part of the tumor to ensure that they are using the ideal treatment option to get rid of the cancer. When a child is diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, they have to go through different medications and dosages to see what really works for them. When I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, the initial medication worked, but the dosage needed to be higher.

We understand this is a part of our structure, that all people are “wired” differently. We get that some suffer mental illness, metabolism issues, or things like allergies. We are capable of understanding that opening up a bag of peanuts in front of the wrong person could take their life while everyone else in the room is fine. We gripe that we gain 10 pounds by looking at chocolate and our spouse can devour an entire cake with no problem.

So why are vaccines “one size fits all”? How did we go from 7 shots (24 doses) being “fully vaxxed” to 50 (69 doses) in ONE generation and not think twice about the effects of all those chemicals and diseases being injected to our children’s newly and still developing bodies, and assume that there cannot possibly be ANY repercussions from this? Why do so many choose to refuse to acknowledge that possibility?


Vaccines are claimed to have “eradicated” so many childhood diseases and to be the reason why so few children die each year because of them. Really? The cold used to kill children by the dozens. We don’t have a vaccine for it, and our kids aren’t dying off from it. The plague: no vaccine for it, but not really an issue anymore either, is it? Could it possibly be that medical science itself and the progress of things like steroids, antibiotics, and better hygiene practice, both in the home and environmentally, had something to do with this? Maybe the invention of central heat and air, allowing us to keep ourselves a healthy temperature all hours of the day wherever we go? The invention of convenient and quick transportation to medical facilities that did not wear our already-sick bodies to the bone, unlike when we traveled predominantly by foot? Possibly the ability and convenience of getting clothing that suits the area we live in? Of course not. None of these things could possibly contribute to a healthier immune system of their own accord. It was vaccinating for everything else that made the common cold go from life threatening to merely a nuisance, right?

Allow me to explain, but first let me be perfectly clear about one thing: I never wanted my children to be vaccinated. Not even a little bit. And up until today, I have only been honest about that with a few people that I went to for support when I was pregnant with my first. I did not get that support. If you are a believer in vaccines, then anyone that thinks twice about it is “the problem.” With my oldest, I was open with our pediatrician about my concerns and the fact that I was totally against what I was about to do. She was completely supportive and offered a *VERY* delayed schedule, and I took it. I felt like I was getting what I wanted, just a little bit. She was constantly sick with colds and ear infections the first two years. She was on Claritin for allergies, but all in all seemed “fine,” so we stuck with it.

Then Izzy came along . . .

Izzy was vaccine-injured at six months old. She was a rapidly developing smiley baby that just got her brand-new jumper and playmat and could not be happier jumping all day long, sitting up *almost* unassisted, and holding her head up just fine on her own. She went in for her six-month checkup and first round of shots and became a newborn. She went dormant. Minimal eye contact, no more playing, minimal smiling. No longer holding her head up or sitting up. She wanted to be put in her swing and left alone. By the time her 10-month appointment came around, I was more than worried even though she seemed to be “coming around” again. I explained the situation, my concerns and the sudden changes, but honestly? It had not even crossed my mind at that point that it could have been the vaccine until her doctor piped up. No sooner did the doctor explain that she believed she was vaccine-injured than my heart sank into my feet. I had failed her. I allowed society’s opinion of what makes me a “good mother” to determine how I handled her medically, and I failed her. She was in this position because I did not trust my instinct and allowed someone else to influence me. Because I did not want to be labeled “neglectful.”

Fast forward a couple months to her one-year checkup. She still isn’t even crawling, but she is happy, making eye contact, sitting up again by herself with full head control. She still refuses anything but a bottle and will not have anything to do with “real” food. I am told how lucky we are that the damage wasn’t permanent and that she seems to be recovering beautifully. That she will be behind developmentally for a while, but it looks like she is going to completely “snap out of it.” This of course brings me relief, but my gut is still talking. Loudly. To top it all off at this point? My daughters’ pediatrician (who was also my pediatrician) refers me to another doctor because Promedica now has a “get caught up or get out” policy, and she can no longer see my children. Wonderful.

Fast forward a few more months to the summer. Hives. Everywhere. Her whole body was pink from head to toe.


Pediatrician is stumped, and Izzy is on a constant cycle of Benadryl and ibuprofen for weeks at a time with minimal results. The hives are constant. Some weeks are good, and she only has about 75 small ones on her body at a time. Some weeks are awful, and there are so many that all you see when you look at her is solid pink. Specialist sends her for allergy testing, and nothing comes back. The kid isn’t allergic to anything. At all. No answers.

August rolls around, and she has an awful breakout again with a new purple tinge to it. Back to the pediatrician who immediately sends us to Toledo Children’s Hospital. They keep her overnight, and the meds work. They decide she must have an infection of some kind, coupled with her body having an allergic reaction. New specialist, now they think she must be allergic to her own stress hormone. Placed on a daily med and sent home.

Fast forward to this past January. Hives again. Purple rash again. Toledo Children’s Hospital again. She is there a week with the IV in her the entire time. She is diagnosed autoimmune with erythema multiforme. Her pediatrician is adamant we no longer vaccinate (we had not since her six-month checkup anyway) and certain this was caused by the vaccine injury. The hives outbreaks that keep landing her in the hospital? From a cold. This is now what the common cold looks like for my daughter because of vaccines. We face a lengthy hospital stay and a freaked-out, absolutely miserable child when she gets a cold. Why? Because society thinks that *possibly* protecting her against *maybe* getting the chicken pox for a week is somehow, in some way, better for her.

But it doesn’t end there, does it? Nope.

Back to my oldest for a minute: their doctor now has her under observation. Her activity-induced asthma? Gone. Her allergies? Getting better with every season. Her constant colds and ear infections? Not like they used to be. But . . . she is about to start kindergarten. Oh, joy.

It’s bad enough when you are labeled a “conspiracy theorist” simply because you don’t trust that science knows, through some method of testing, that these vaccines can accommodate every possible genetic structure on the planet. What’s worse is now I am “neglectful” to my children. They “should be taken away from me.” I am the reason why “all these kids are getting sick” (even though I and my children have never had these diseases we are apparently spreading everywhere). My oldest? Should not be allowed in public schools, or parks or anywhere else. She is to be treated like a disease-riddled parasite — and, oddly enough, by those injecting said diseases into their children. But mine is the one carrying them? I have to fill out special forms for her to attend school. All because she does not have a formal diagnosis.

Izzy? Will be protected by the world. They will all bend over backward to protect the autoimmune children. This is what the fight is for, right? Wrong. Not when the vaccines cause the autoimmune disorder. Not when my daughter would be perfectly healthy today had I had the guts to stand my ground in the first place and not care so much about what society thinks of my decisions. It’s impossible. It’s absolutely everywhere, and my emotion behind it stems from not wanting to do it in the first place.

So before you run around telling everyone that vaccines are “one size fits all” and ranting about all the horrible, neglectful parents whose children should not have the “privilege” to share a classroom with your child, ask yourself when “one size fits all” has ever worked in the medical industry — or anywhere else for that matter. Understand that your judgmental opinion could cause another mother to make the same horrible mistake that I made. Realize that you have no clue what other people are dealing with, and find a way to share your opinions on it respectfully. No matter who is listening.

~ Michaela

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30 Responses to Insistence on One-Size-Fits-All Vaccine Policy Is Making Kids Sick

  1. Jenne says:

    I want to assure parents out there to listen to their own intuition & do whats best for your childrens health. 28 years ago, my daughter was born, I never liked the vaccine agenda. By age 2, I ceased all vaccines for my child.
    Couldn’t have been happier! At that time, we didn’t really have too much info about the dangers of vaccines, but I informed myself about them and did my research.
    My son, now 21, also had less than 4 vaccines. Both of my children have been healthy their entire childhood, no ear infections, no allergies, and barely ever got sick.
    Please be a strong advocate for your children, parents are parents for a reason!

    • CJ Golden says:

      Same deal in my family. Few vaccines mandatory, few given. I had polio, now post polio. My brother died from a heart disease that destroyed his heart. My remaining brother had a 4 way by pass and has a pace maker. Intelligent study, and doing your best to deceit what is safest is a parents only weapon. No poisonous mercury is a no brained. Please don’t lump every vaccine in with the proven harmful ones. A few hideous deaths, or sick children still do not outweigh thousands even millions saved world wide by vaccine. Even much improved medicin and conditions Connor make the numbers come out right. It angers me when people come up with inadequate reasons for disease because they refuse to give vaccine anything but a bad name

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Every. Single. Vaccine. has harmed someone. Your polio vaccine caused many cases of paralytic polio (read about the Cutler Incident) as well as giving millions of people a simian virus that is associated with several forms of cancer. Read the inserts. Read the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). It’s easy to dismiss the dead and sick children when they are not your own. Far less easy for the child’s parents, especially when you know that in industrialized countries the likelihood of death from the disease is extremely low, and in most cases that was true even before the vaccines were developed.

        Not sure what you mean by “inadequate reasons for disease,” but my children are in the category of “quite likely to be harmed by a vaccine” and you cannot provide “adequate reasons” for causing me to knowingly inflict harm on my child.

      • JeffCraig says:

        Every vaccination causes harm. Online there is (or was last year) available a work called “How to recognize vaccine damage”.
        This information WAS AVAILABLE by 1935 ! (yes, there were some honest doctors that long ago; a lot harder to find today).

        Remember the druglords who make toxic vaccines have very much controlled and made up all the so-called ‘good’ about them – and censored and murdered doctors and pharmacy ceos who came out and dared tell people the truth.

        As for polio and heart disease, the natural prevention of these and/or the prevention of any harm from polio for specific instance, has been known for centuries, and CONVENIENTLY COVERED UP by those who benefited most by the cover up.(the druglords).

        With laws and legal censorship becoming more and more prevalent, find out while you can , IF you can, the TRUTH.

  2. Laura says:

    I couldnt read past the remarks made about how the ‘cold’ used to kill people and how the plauge. First, there are more than 200 different viruses that cause a ‘cold’, it would be utterly ridiculous to try and immunize for every single one, especally when the majorty are not deadly nor that harmful. Second, the plague is a bateria not a virus, so the irrelevant point is even more so irrelevant.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You completely missed the point. Yes, there are over 200 different that cause colds and there would be no point in a vaccine, but that doesn’t change the fact that a “cold” rarely kills today and that fact is clearly NOT due to a vaccine. The same is true for the plague (and it’s odd that you think it’s irrelevant that plague was due to a bacteria when diphteria, tetanus, pertussis, and meningitis due to haemophilus influenzae are ALSO caused by bacteria for which we DO have vaccines).

  3. Jeff Craig says:


    Remember so many, so very many, are lied to outright by everybody around them (all around us no one considers it wrong to lie ! (that includes professionals in every occupation / category/ business/ job ) .

    So REJOICE IN TRUTH , When God Reveals it, yes = as in this >
    world wide, a few years ago (maybe 8 years now), I was over-joyed to find out that
    the one man I had cured (accidentally, btw) of agent orange exposure
    was repeated many times all over the world (gxxgle searching finding results)
    though ducks practicing medicine and the VA in the usa would not tell them.

    It just now stuck me – occurred to me by God’s Own Grace (who else!?)
    that babies , children, and people of all ages might just benefit likewise.

    It’s also the oldest remedy in the country, starting in Vermont publicized by Dr. Jarvis in the famous book “Folk Medicine” , for sinus trouble and heart-burn/ acid indigestion/ reflux, etc etc etc….

  4. Mary Lu says:

    Take your vaccinated injured children to a classical homeopath. they truly can help reverse some of these horrible symptoms.

    another thought: If you truly believe your child’s immune system is maturing through breast milk, why then would you vaccinate when the child is finished nursing at age 2 – 2 1/2 yrs.? Why mess with what Our Creator has so beautifully put together?

  5. Dee Smith says:

    i would take that girl to DR ISSAM NEMEH! He’s in Ohio, and has cured many many vaccine injured thru Healing Services! Listen to some of his patients on Dr. Oz show that tried to dispute the results, but couldn’t. However, the Blind Faith Live podcasts are the best testimonies of what this man has cured thru the power of prayer!

  6. Jeff Craig says:

    “I grew up with”…… is true of most people not just today but for the last 100 years.
    People think it is normal to have such a life as if all the problems are ‘normal’ and to be expected.
    It takes a long time, years, decades even, to learn that that’s not true.
    Not one little part of it. (we do NOT have to be sick, or suffer at man’s hand if we get sick, IF we know the truth)…. (there’s only rare exceptions to this)
    No one told us (me anyway) the truth growing up (from the 1950’s thru the 1980’s).
    Remember ‘they’ gave away billions of FREE CIGARETTES, wwII thru the 1960’s.
    Remember ‘they’ gave away (caused?) millions of sick days. For Free – here you go, it’s yours! (most people didn’t want to be sick, even if they did get a sick day …. it’s better to be healthy; but ‘they’ completely did not care!)
    Sorry if this is a bit cryptic. Remember the true honest doctors who heal people TODAY don’t want their names published. Too many have been …. …. well, let’s not go there here.
    So, as I learned UNexpectedly in 197? “all men are liars” . This is true and has been proven ever since.
    Why is this good ? 🙂
    Because that opened the door to learn the truth.
    If or while or when I thought men were telling me the truth in their occupation (health, politic, education, science, social, legal) , then I couldn’t explain all the contradictions and problems THEY caused.
    When I sought and loved and learned the truth, TADA ! Everything was explained! It all made sense.

    • Aliekat says:

      I read recently that acetaminophen depletes an important antioxidant known as glutathione, or GSH. Glutathione helps to protect the body from free radicals, heavy metals, and other harmful toxins. Being that vaccines contain mercury and/or aluminum, it baffles me that doctors and nurses recommend Tylenol after routine vaccinations. Acetaminophen is hepatotoxic by itself, nevermind being given with vaccines.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Amen, Aliekat, Amen. At this point, recommending acetaminophen in conjunction with vaccines should be considered malpractice.

      • Jeff Craig says:

        I think acetaxxxxx is at least 10,000 x LESS toxic than vaccines.
        People can take acetaxxxxx frequently with no long lasting effects.
        Not so with vaccines – see Andrew Moulden online, a famous doctor across canada, britain , the usa, and now the world who was murxxxed (well, died suspiciously) 2 weeks before his book came out. “Every vaccine Produces Harm”, including seizures in everyone.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        There is a great deal of evidence of long-lasting harm due to the use of acetaminophen, including a strong association with childhood use and asthma.

      • Jeff Craig says:

        I didn’t and don’t advocate taking it.
        That was the point – don’t take something that’s harmful,
        and don’t take something 10000 x as harmful either.

  7. Dawn_S says:

    My daughter was vaccine injured by something in her 12 month immunizations in 1998. She was a bright, active, happy, hyper-verbal toddler before the 12 month immunizations – with a vocabulary of over 50 words she said with perfect clarity. Within a couple hours of her shots, she spiked a 104.3 degree fever, refused all fluids or food, would scream bloody murder for 45 minutes straight while arching her back with her head almost reaching her feet. Then she would suddenly become basically unconscious (we could not wake her up) for 45 minutes and the cycle would begin all over again. Calls to the after-hours nurses (who contacted the doctor on call for advice), resulted in directions to alternate Motrin and Tylenol, which we followed. Her fever eventually came down to 102 degrees and was back to normal within two or three days. I wish we had gone against the doctor’s orders however and taken her to the Emergency Room that night. It was not reported to VAERS by her doctor as an adverse reaction and her records were not updated to say she had had an adverse reaction.

    She eventually recovered from the fever and strange behavior, but after that she began to come down with every virus she was exposed to and then developed an ear infection after every viral infection she developed. Antibiotics were prescribed after the ear infections developed and once the ear infections would clear, she would end up with another virus a few days later and then another follow on ear infection (lather, rinse, and repeat). Then the ear infections wouldn’t clear until she had two, three, four, or finally, five courses of antibiotics. She gradually stopped making eye contact, did not want to be touched or held, screamed often, bit everyone within biting distance, stopped smiling, could not be soothed, and her vocabulary dropped to five words at 18 months at which point her pediatrician finally allowed me to take her to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. The ENT doctor listened to our story and when he found out about the loss of language, immediately scheduled her for ear tube surgery. The surgery prevented her from needing multiple courses of antibiotics, but did not lessen the number of viruses or ear infections she came down with. Thankfully her language skills returned, but she was still frequently ill, still had behavior issues, and was rarely happy.

    She had developed a learning disability and ADHD although she had a 128 verbal IQ (120 to 140 is considered “very superior intelligence”). She was diagnosed with

    Since then (she is 18 years old now), she has developed other medical issues that are probably genetically caused. I believe that her underlying genetic disorder set her up to be sensitive to the immunizations, but that the immunizations triggered the severe reaction.

    A specialist we took her to when she was seven years old told us that she was seriously vaccine injured and recommended we not vaccinate her further.

  8. anonomyssy says:

    I went through the same issues with my youngest child, taking him in public always garnered stares and the occasional “what’s wrong with your baby???”. I have very few baby pictures of this little guy.

    He was so agitated that he rarely slept for more than 45 minutes at a time (so I didn’t sleep for about 3 years either, zombie, brain function los big time!)…

    BUT his stuff started before he was vaccinated…so I didn’t vaccinate him…he got his first vaccine at around age 4 (he’d outgrown the most of skin stuff around then), but he didn’t feel well afterward, so I didn’t take him back. We did do the MMR at age 7 (pressure from well meaning friends and an outbreak).

    I’m not a fan of vaccines, I have older kids who had been vaccinated on that short list, and are healthy adults, so I’m not sold on the threat of that lengthy list…but I can tell you, my son had similar skin issues without vaccination.(I stayed away from doctors and meds though…not bathing him helped a bit, as little dairy as possible seemed to help, very careful with soaps, detergents, etc…).

    What my son did have was a vitamin K shot at birth (he was sunny side up and came out bruised as all get out, homebirth, midwife suggested)…and some donor breast milk early on. Did those impact him? I cannot say.

    He still spent most of his days uncomfortable, even after he outgrew the skin issues…pretty sure he’s never felt “good”, so I found a woman who does “muscle testing” and she put him on almost 3 months of a parasite cleanse. Where? How? What? PARASITES? (something I would not do without help, as some of the herbs are said to be toxic, esp. for small children and long term)…but he feels better now…in fact he started to feel better after a week or 2 on the parasite cleanse…for what its worth.

  9. Chris says:

    This is why my wife and I have yet to vaccinate our 14 month old. He got the Hep-B shot in the hospital when he was born and that was it. My wife nurses him and he gets his immunities that way. Only been sick with bronchitis once the entire 14 months he has been alive & it cleared up in roughly 3 days- One day he napped way more then usual, nursed off and on the whole time and the following day he was better.

    I have friends on Facebook that speak ill of Anti-Vaxxers so I commented on their recent post as I was just gettin a little annoyed of the constant narrow-minded thinking on the subject. So far, and I am awaiting a deluge of replies, one friend said this:

    “The difference between the vaccine regimens then and now is that they actually *can* vaccinate against a lot more than they could when we were kids. Don’t take the risk, not with your own, and not with the kids he’s going to be around. The risks now of having them are no more than they were then, and the protections he gets will be far greater.”

    I responded: “I see it the opposite way, vaccinating him at this age I feel would be a risk also. He get’s all of his immunities from his mother’s breast milk so after the 2 & a half year old marker when his immune system is fully developed and mature, we might vaccinate him. This is what I see in these arguments all the time ‘Vaccinate your child or he/she will be in grave danger.’ ‘Don’t vaccinate your child or he/she will be in grave danger.’ Each side puts out facts backing up their viewpoint and the one with the most credible sources wins the argument. At the end of the day, I only have 1 child & if there are 100 cupcakes and 10% of them were contaminated with poison, I wouldn’t’ take the chance giving one to my little guy.”

    Then, he replied: “Breast milk immunity wears off fast once he stops nursing. And faster for a boy than for a girl. They should be able to test whether he’ll have an allergic reaction before giving him something. Ask your pediatrician how they can do that. There are also more options for several of the vaccines than we had, so if he’s allergic to one brand he might be fine with another.”

    And this is how all conversations seem to go. What is so annoying is there seems to be no one way to tell people “I don’t want to risk injuring my child, he is the only one of him I have!” and have them just back off. They believe with every fiber of their being that vaccines are good, someone else believes the opposite. No ground is ever gained it seems.

  10. Manuela Rechsteiner says:

    What a sad but amazing story. Writing from Australia….here we have same issues but few are listening. My eldest daughter has four unvaccinated children..they had whooping cough last year which they got from a fully vaccinated family!!!!!! Looking at the difference between what kids got in the 80s to now is mind blowing and scary. The powers that be talk about herd immunity but what we now have is herd compliance connected with money. So many people are (being) brainwashed into believing that vaccines are totally safe and necessary and anyone saying otherwise is a crank. If I had my time over and knew then (in the 80s) what I know now I would not have had my girls so readily vaccinated…I am so glad that they had no resulting issues. Michaela…I wish you and your family all the very best.
    Manuela (a nurse of more than 30 years)

  11. Natasha says:

    I feel your pain. I have not vaccinated my children (ages 2 and 5) but I feel the pressure. Luckily I have a homeopathic doctor that is on board with this. If we ever the same law that was passed in CA that prohibits non vaccinated children from entering school, I’ll have to consider home schooling or relocating.

  12. Dani says:

    The American schedule scares the crap out of me. I’m an Aussie, there are 15 immunisations for those up to age 4 – one that can be done at either 18 months or at 4. Then at the start of High School (In my state) there’s the OPTIONAL Chicken Pox, the “Please do” HPV, and a DTaP booster. I guess that’s why it the anti vaxx movement seems so strange to me. We don’t require all of our kids to have flu shots. They ADVISE that asthmatics have it, that pregnant women have it and that anyone over 65 has it. But it’s not forced. Neither is the chicken pox vaccine. My son is currently having the HPV set and had his chicken pox jab in January – because he’s never had Chicken Pox. And I had it at age 13 – for the 3rd time – and it damn near killed me. We also have the option to do the staggered jabs – the only one that most, if not all of our kids get on time is that first Hep B one – that is usually done in hospital.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      The schedule in the blog above is the “recommended” schedule. Not all states require all parts of it. Though most states require the bulk of it, very few actually require flu shots for school children, which is good because there are lots of reasons not to choose them. Interestingly, a mainstream study a few years back found that hospitalizations for flu-related complications were three times higher in asthmatic children who got the flu vaccine than those who didn’t.

      And there is very good reason to believe that vaccines are causing asthma in the first place. A large mainstream study in the UK gave ridiculously flimsy excuse for explaining away a rate of asthma that was 12 times higher in vaccinated children versus unvaccinated children. I’m not really sure what the point was in doing the study if they were going to ignore a correlation that strong.

      You might be interested in the reports all over the world of formerly strong, athletic young girls getting very ill following vaccination with HPV vaccines.

    • Aliekat says:

      Look up Dr. Diane Harper, as well…the HPV series is completely unnecessary, and has a rising death toll.

  13. Mysti says:

    Just this morning I boldly compared vaccines to a game of Russian roulette and the parent pulls the trigger. It’s terrifying the more I learn because so many believe I’m crazy. I’m not. Neither are you. Hugs!

    (I’m mom to one SIDS death post DTaP, one vaccine injured at 12 months, and one former preemie who has been through hades… And the NICU threatened to take custody when we requested NO vaccines.)

  14. Yvette says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I too have a vaccine injured child (autism, epilepsy, food intolerances), and one who has not been vaccinated, and they couldn’t be more different health wise. It is very hard to go against the social pressure, especially when it comes from family just parroting the propaganda, who have obviously not done any research or seemed to engage some basic logic – that one size does not fit all.

    May I suggest, that if your little one needs to take all these medications now just to get through the day (which is completely understandable), that she might be in a magnesium deficiency cycle that could be making things worse. Some epsom salts in her bath, and magnesium oil you can apply topically that you can put on just before they go to bed can make a HUGE difference.

  15. maureen ellis says:

    HI, writing to you from europe…a good homeopathic physician with knowledge of CEASE vaccine-draining protocol CAN help you to help your children. But you must swear off pharma meds that are ALSO destroying their systems. Good luck and Godspeed, it’s a worthwhile journey (for them and for you).

  16. Lu says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am in shock and awe when I see what parents of vaccine injured children go through every day of their lives. Hats off to you all. And I hope you might locate in your area a qualified practitioner of the ultimate in individualized medicine, homeopathy. Such a person , in my humble ( and medically trained ) opinion, is the most likely to be able to help Izzy regain health.

  17. Lori says:

    Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing your story to help other moms feel more confident about breaking step with the expected norms of society. We really do know what is best for our own children. I hope you’re able to find the help your children need to get their immune systems back in balance.

  18. Jericho says:

    You poor, sweet momma! I totally feel your pain, anguish and frustration in your words. The pendulum will swing…..we have a very strong community that is getting louder and stronger every day – sadly because more vaccine injured parents are joining us every day. I hate thinking that all of my pregnant friends are subjecting their precious babes to the whims of the pharmaceutical and medical community’s latest ‘get rich quick’ scheme at the risk of their kiddo’s lifetime health. Keep pushing on. It’s all we can do at this point.

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