Please Allow Me to Introduce Ourselves!

A revolution (from the Latin revolutio, “a turn around”) is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time. A fundamental change in power…sounds lovely. Sounds necessary. Our children are counting on it.

The revolution has begun. The revolution is happening. We are making it happen. So who are WE???

We are your neighbors, your co-workers, the mom in the checkout line at Trader Joe’s. We are everywhere, and we are tired of what has been happening to our children. Our children are sick. They have autism, sensory processing disorders, food allergies, ADHD, asthma, and the medical community is failing them. We believe what has happened to our children is preventable. They have suffered due to an inflated vaccine schedule, the overuse of antibiotics and excessive medications compounded by the indifference of the medical profession as a whole. We don’t want this to happen to another child…we want to stop this madness in its tracks. We don’t want these epidemics to become the ‘norm’ for the next generation of children.

We are a group of moms (and a dad!) who happened to come together online, who have one common denominator…we have sick children. We met on facebook, many of us seeing the same professionals trying to heal our children from the damage that has been done to them by our modern medical community. We became a team. We are now a tight knit group dedicated to helping our kids shed their diagnosises. We are now dedicated to banging the drum about what has happened. We laugh together, we cry together, we research…we share…we learn. We want you to join us and learn from our collective wealth of knowledge.

I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m Sunshine, and it is a pleasure to meet you all! One of my esteemed colleagues has taken it upon herself to give us all nicknames. There is an interesting story behind mine, but I’ll save that tale for another time. My son will be nine in April, and he has autism. I believe that children can recover from autism. Some have already, many more will thanks to their parents who work tirelessly to make that happen. I want my son in that number…I want recovery for him. He deserves my best effort toward that goal, and I intend to give it my all.

Whoa! Pretty serious stuff! But don’t worry…we are actually a pretty entertaining bunch when you get right down to it. I promise we will make you laugh in the midst of our outrage and tears. Even though we are parents of children with special needs, we want you to know that we will be talking about things that are relevant to EVERY parent. We will discuss topics such as how to avoid toxins in your home, how to talk to your doctor about your child’s health, how to feed your kids healthy food, and how to survive those AWFUL parenting days that seem to never end! We hope you will come along with us for the ride! ☼

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4 Responses to Please Allow Me to Introduce Ourselves!

  1. I hope that you will go back and log all of your facebook notes as entries. You have a gift, thanks for sharing with us, may we all grow better for the path we’ve been given….blessings!!

  2. glp says:

    I saw a link to join this from facebook, but I’m not sure I belong here.
    The post above says that children have suffered because of an inflated vaccine schedule.
    My daughter died because of vaccines, while on a selective and delayed schedule. (yes this was confirmed by specialists- a pediatric hematologist, a PICU intensivist).

    I truly wish I would have never read Dr. Sears’ “The Vaccine Book.” I knew I couldn’t vaccinate according to schedule, but his book made me think a selective and delayed schedule was safe.

    Please don’t forget about the children who’ve died because of vaccines.

    • noahspins says:

      GLP, Not sure if one of my colleagues has yet responded, but one of authors knows the pain of the loss of a child. We discuss autism, death, chronic illness and the environmental impetus to all. It is heart breaking. I am so, so sorry for your loss. You belong here. We want to help others understand what gives the appearance of safety is not necessarily so…we all found out, the hard way. Best, and hope you will remain with us. The Rev

  3. Cathy R. says:

    Viva la revolution!

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