Protect the Vulnerable?

May 18, 2020

I will admit that every day of this triggers A lot of emotions.

It’s hard to hear how everyone should be “in it together,” or that we have to “protect the vulnerable,” with nobody comprehending that this is the same thing that we have said for decades now.

We have asked for studies into why our children suffered, begged for studies on susceptible/vulnerable populations, screamed about the importance of accurate data so we know how many are being harmed, cried about how our children mattered and weren’t just some statistic or acceptable numbers of those harmed for the greater good.

It’s hard to hear the voices of those discussing asymptomatic carriers, shedding, underlying health conditions, comorbid and co-occurring illness, natural immunity, vitamin D, isolation, homeschooling, rashes, Kawasaki disease, cytokine storms, wrong predictions, inaccurate numbers, no access to tests, and no access to medical care, when those have been our very concerns for many years.

It’s hard to breathe when you hear the same people who have done everything to paint you as crazy, now being the ones who are asking where is the CDC, why did the WHO’s plan crumble, why is Gates in charge of health policy, and how safe is it to skip parts of trials, and demanding the science on treatments. Now they want accurate labeling/counting of deaths and illness, and to know who is in the vulnerable or at-risk populations. It’s okay now to discuss whether or not they want the government to make their health care decisions, and to question the media’s influence and ability to create a narrative.

All of a sudden safety and efficacy matter, and everyone is wondering why politics are playing such a huge role in science. Those same people can now understand that there is a need for courageous people to speak out when things aren’t right, and that sometimes the experts are absolutely wrong, or lie, or are just plain clueless. Now they can ask for a plan going forth so we dont continue to harm others. They can now understand that one size doesn’t fit all in medicine, predictions, outcomes, treatments, and prevention.

And it’s devastating to see people attack one another, knowing this is just the tip of the iceberg. For my community, experience tells us that the hate is just starting.

It’s a lot. When you realize how nobody cared about your child being harmed, nobody has demanded answers, science is asleep, medicine won’t treat them, and the corruption is so rampant you will probably die before anything ever changes, it’s tough to sleep at night.

When you realize people are arguing over face masks because they are so concerned about others, and yet they threw a fit about bringing special foods to school to accommodate an allergy kiddo, it’s infuriating.

When you see them post about how worrisome it is because they or their loved one may get sick,  while you have already been living that nightmare every day for decades and nobody cared, it definitely elicits some resentment.

And while it sucks that kids are out of school and teachers are exhausted trying to find new ways to teach, it’s a world we are all too familiar with. Try adding abuse rates, seclusion and restraint policies, violations of IDEA, FAPE, 504, and IEPs, new laws removing medically fragile kids, bullying, and of course the kids that can’t even make it in a traditional classroom due to medical or physical needs. Some of us may be a little triggered when we have to hear about how awful it is to have to endure this for a couple months.

And yes, we understand the stress of losing your job or career, and the worry over how to pay the bills. What we don’t understand is why nobody cared when it happened to our families and certainly not in all the years since.

For almost two decades, I have been called every name in the book, and the most accurate of all those names currently is probably angry. And while I don’t live in that space, times like this make it hard to avoid completely. What was done to our children isn’t fair or right, and they are the ones who paid and continue to pay the price.

But the one word no one ever mentions is sad. Above all, I am sad for our kids. They didn’t sign up for this life. They weren’t born to be sacrificed. They should have been loved on and cared for, instead of tossed aside and ridiculed for taking one for the team. They should know what it’s like to have friends and not live a life of isolation. They should have answers to their health problems and medical care, so they can be healthy and happy. They should be welcomed into their schools and communities. They should know when something like a new virus happens what their own risk is, and have doctors who know enough about their bodies that they can navigate what this means. They should have politicians fighting to make sure they will have jobs or housing or medical care. They should know that they matter.

And I am sad that, during all this crazy, nobody has even bothered to ask how they are doing.

~ Crush

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9 Responses to Protect the Vulnerable?

  1. Pat Slattery says:

    Due to lockdown I have started a new service for gifted children using zoom. First is the TRY OUT, standardized est to make sure the child age 6 to 12 is far enough ahead. Then 8 session lessons will start next month. We need teachers in more time zones. They must be registered with clear police check and gifted themselves . We are in Oceania.See www, . Contact [email protected]

  2. Tracy says:

    You expressed many of my feelings much more concisely and eloquently then I could.
    Thank you for telling the truth. I hope everyone hears you.

  3. Tracy Talbott says:

    And that no body cared when it was babies and children and now all of a sudden it’s grandma or grandpa and that makes us care more? Crazy.

  4. Norene says:

    Thanks Crush, and well said. Hope you and yours are doing okay. Yes, parents like us have years of practice: dealing with sadness that nobody’s listening, anxiety over bills, loss of jobs, battles with the education system and more. In recent weeks, I’ve become heartened by the fact that people are waking up and asking questions. Friends started to thank me for sending them information and told me that my efforts would not be wasted. My son is able to smile with me. That’s a thing of beauty. Turn to beauty as much as you can. May this steer you towards additional love and hope.

  5. Aurea says:

    I agree with Elaine, and find some measure of hope knowing that more and more people world wide are becoming aware of vaccine injuries, the lack of truth, Informed Consent and all that entails including censorship. Take care.

  6. susan welch says:

    Well said! Great blog. Thank you.

  7. Gram says:

    I feel sad with you, Crush. Grief work is part of my daily prayer time.

    And, I feel hopeful, even excited. The bizarre circumstances surrounding us are SO BIZARRE, they are waking people up. The deep corruption in every system in our culture is being revealed, especially within Big Pharma. Basic human rights; the right to walk on the beach in the sun absorbing unmasked fresh air, the right to earn a living in order to feed and shelter your family, the right to privacy, the right to speak freely, the right to medical choice, the stealing away of these most very basic freedoms is being realized on a global scale.

    ‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one’. I envision awakened healthcare workers joining together in a world-wide revolution — a medical revolution! I envision the creation of a new medical association which doesn’t waste time and energy fighting the current one, but focuses their collective awakening by withdrawing their once unconsciously given consent/membership to the dangerous dogma of the indsutrial-medical industry, i.e. AMA. The synergy of an awakening industry, combined with a newly developed honest judicial network, can transform healthcare in short order.

    As the goddess Kuan Yin transforms the tears of the world into compassion, the visions of the future we choose can transform the world we live into.

    I invite you and your readers to join with me and these healthcare workers and many, many others, in reclaiming our innate soverignty.

  8. Elaine says:

    Can I share your meme?

  9. Elaine says:

    You have every right to be both sad and mad.

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