Reflections from The Rev: We Are Winning. No, really.

Rev PreacherSo HERE’s how the autism community rolls. Bit of a bump in the road Monday what with a major chain restaurant bowing out of it’s agreement with NAA. Sadly they caved to bullying tactics, fearing the controversy they would face for supporting an organization that acknowledges the REALITY of autism would affect their profits. Cannot blame them; when you see what happens to the doctors, scientists, researchers, educators and parents who are sounding the alarm bell — you realize it takes a special kind of person with tremendous courage to hold tight through the storm. The truth is the truth. Corporations are not people. They do not read legislation; they do not read vaccine package inserts. They do not nurse seizing children through the night, or collect stool samples by day. They do not know metabolic panels, IEPs, SCD diets or the difference between IGG and IGE. They do not know courage. They know two things: profit and loss.

During “awareness” month most folks want to see stories about rainbows and sunshine. Downplay the numbers. Up-play the manufactured hope and lots of great photos of cute autie kids in Tommy Hilfiger clothes. NO thank you, we need practical tools and real help for our children. THANKFULLY, the restaurateurs who run Charleston’s in New Lenox get this! If you happen to be in the south suburbs of Chitown Friday night, May 2nd, 10% of your bill will go to support NAA!!!!! BAM!!! Thank you Julie Bennett Trafton and colleagues for your real commitment to our community.

Those who have followed us for awhile now know that TMR is the very definition of grassroots. It’s hard work. No glory. Lotta sweat, tears and ridicule. Why is this particular month of awareness so difficult? Because WE ARE WINNING. My good friend Marci Piper-Terry of VaxTruth reminds me, “It is always darkest before the dawn.” The opposition knows people are starting to read the science for themselves. And once the general populace starts to realize they can understand and interpret data for themselves, once they are permitted to hear our stories — the truth, once they realize they have the support of many, many doctors who are doing the exact same thing (waking up), they just might start to believe they are capable of making decisions for themselves.

Scary stuff when you make untouchable money off the fear of infectious disease.  Which, is real, I might add. As is, vaccine-induced autism, vaccine-induced SIDS, vaccine-induced SUDC, vaccine-induced autoimmune disease, asthma, allergies, etc. It’s all real, and we are ready for the true intellectuals to stand up and start talking about this with the calm, measured competency one expects of real researchers. Not the utter hysteria and mindless War-of-the-Worlds-type gibberish that garners the front pages of our most popular new magazines who rely upon pharma dollars to stay in business. What do you think happens to USA today if pharma pulls their ads? They become USA yesterday and it is OVAH.

You really don’t have to worry about that with TMR because we make jack squat. We get paid in sisterhood, recovery, and justice. A little fabulous champagne every now and again when Dragon Slayer visits, but that’s about it. Oh, and of course the countless stories we receive from parents of children who’ve been spared. Those I save to read just before bed so I can forget about all the other stuff that doesn’t matter. The fighting, ignorance, and cruelty does not matter. You are taking your place in history, and when you are interviewed in your golden years for your contribution you will not remember that nameless, faceless person (or bot?) on Facebook who said horrible things about your child. Because, your child is what’s real. Their recovery is what’s real.


So, if you are so inclined, if you have a friend who runs a restaurant, a Dairy Queen — heck, a hotdog vendor on the corner, TALK TO THEM. Talk to them about your child, about your life, and about what they can do to help. NAA, TeamTMR, TACA, The Autism Trust, NVIC . . . whoever it is who pulled you to the truth. We accomplished the Charleston’s fundraiser with a few texts and phone calls in one morning. YOU CAN DO IT. No effort in this movement is too small. We look forward to hearing from you about what great fundraisers you were able to bring to fruition for your favorite organization!!!!!


~ The Rev

P.S Please watch this short video if you have not yet, about two other really simple things you can do to help us help EACH OTHER and change the future for all our kids <3

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7 Responses to Reflections from The Rev: We Are Winning. No, really.

  1. says:

    Finish, follow up and revise if there is a need to.

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    The journey is slow so that your body can adjust without being threatened, and
    to promote patience.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been a thinker all of my life, but having 3 kids with chronic illness (2 of them recovering from being on the fringes of the spectrum) has challenged me more than anything else. Thank you Lisa for your inspiring words. You truly have a gift to encourage and motivate people. And I appreciate the thought and research you put into your pieces.

    I don’t know if any other thinkers out there watch the Charlie Rose show on PBS, but I would love to have Charlie interview Lisa. He has a history of interviewing people who think for themselves and create new things. Maybe Mama Mac could pull some strings and see if her dad could get you on. I sent an email to their show today asking them to check out TMR’s blog and FB page. This would truly be a chance to bring “awareness” to a much broader group of thinkers. – I would love for other Thinking Moms to contact the Charlie Rose show and let them know that their viewers are interested in our children’s future.

    Keep up the great work!! People are listening!!!

  3. Lynn says:

    How do I become more involved? I am just needing some guidance, some specific guidance. Vaccines are of real concern to me, and the fact that our exemptions and rights are being threatened freaks me out. I have talked to some friends and family about vaccines and a couple actually did listen, I think they listened because I was the first one to have children and not vaccinate and they saw how healthy and advanced (normal) my kids were. But of course most think I don’t know anything because after all I am not a doctor and I did not go to medical school (Sigh). Also the past year or so I have spent countless hours researching more on vaccines both pro and con. But apart from that I haven’t done much else. I would like to be more proactive. I just need some guidance in what to do. Also I would like to come to one of your meetings sometime in fact I would like to volunteer to help at one. What has happened to children because of vaccines is just plain wrong and for the government to ignore it is disgusting. They will be all up in arms about 22 cases of measles BUT NOT OF THE 1 IN 68 DIAGNOSED WITH AUTISM!!!!!! And then for them to say it’s just better diagnosing is just a big fat lie. I can’t stand peoples inactivity on the issue including my own. I can no longer sit by and watch peoples lives being ruined and our rights slowly being taken away from us. So back to my original question, what can I do to be proactive?

  4. NNF says:

    Awesome read!! Tackles so many good points. Keep up your work, people ARE listening.

  5. Marcella says:

    AMEN, Rev!
    A new dawn is on the horizon. Lots going on in my little small town, and lots more to come in cities and towns of all sizes across the country!
    Can you FEEL the ENERGY???

  6. hps says:

    Amazing article. But whilst diseases are real – vaccine preventable ones are not.

    We can’t win a war of who can make the populous the most scared – us or the mainstream media/governments etc.

    For as long as people are terrified of measles and cold sores they will flock to vaccines.

    On the other hand, if we tell them the truth – ie that vaccines had nothing to do with our longer life spans and all that happens is that diseases just get renamed because doctors prefer to diagnose other conditions if the child has been vaccinated – then people will start to turn around much more rapidly.

  7. Donna Powers says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! There is a mighty reckoning coming soon. Your work is brilliant. With you all the way.

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