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Anaphylactic Food Allergy: The Role of Adjuvants and Injection

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May 15, 2017 This is Food Allergy Awareness Week. Here at TMR, we wish to highlight one aspect of food allergy around which there is little awareness: how food allergies can be created with the use of aluminum adjuvants. Life-threatening … Continue reading

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Ending the Peanut Allergy Epidemic

In 1995, my one-year-old son Woody reacted violently with anaphylaxis to a taste of peanut butter. In hindsight, he was part of the “first wave” of an epidemic of life-threatening peanut allergy in children that in just 20 years has … Continue reading

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How to Cause a Peanut Allergy Epidemic in 4 Easy Steps

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(This originally ran February 27, 2014.  As the second edition of Heather Fraser’s book is now out, it seemed a great time to revisit this blog in the hopes that we can reach even more people. — Editor) At some … Continue reading

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What Is BodyTalk? Interview with Heather Fraser

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Interview with Heather Fraser, MA, BA, B.Ed. CBP. Heather is one of five Energetic Practioners who will be presenting in our upcoming eConference on Energetic Healing for Children with Autism and Their Families. How did you go from writing a book … Continue reading

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