What Is BodyTalk? Interview with Heather Fraser


Interview with Heather Fraser, MA, BA, B.Ed. CBP. Heather is one of five Energetic Practioners who will be presenting in our upcoming eConference on Energetic Healing for Children with Autism and Their Families.

Heather Fraser1How did you go from writing a book on Peanut Allergies to becoming a BodyTalk practitioner? Did any experiences in your own life lead to your interest in energy work?

My formal training in energy-based therapies began before I wrote The Peanut Allergy Epidemic (2011)

The_peanut_allergy_epidemic__32145.1327980754.1280.1280In 2007, I trained in a modality called BIE (bio-energetic intolerance elimination) which is electro-acupressure intended to help relieve clients of allergy symptoms.  My interest in BIE sprang from a need to better understand and address my son’s many allergies, which included anaphylaxis to peanuts and other nuts.  He had developed atopy (allergy, eczema, asthma) following severe reactions to his first year vaccinations (he is 19 now and doing well).  I began studies in BodyTalk in 2010 in order to expand the efficacy of my dissonance work.  For example, I wanted to understand better the roles of emotion and memories in the continued and ongoing production of IgE.  How and why is the body/mind hanging on?  The answer is invariably individual.

Can you give us the busy parent’s quick definition of what BodyTalk is?

Fundamental concepts in BodyTalk are:

1) Every cell, substance, organ in the body holds consciousness (awareness) of how to grow/heal in dynamic relationship with other cells, substances and organs.  The healthy body just knows what to do.  For example, we do not have to tell a cut finger how to heal.

2) However, the ability of cells, substances, and organs to ‘talk’ energetically with each other can become impaired by toxicity, unhealthy thoughts, experiences and more.

3) BodyTalk helps re-establish this communication so that the body can heal on its own.

For example, a recent client struggling suddenly with digestion had experienced a ‘final straw’ stress in his life that impacted the exocrine pancreas — enzyme production had diminished dramatically.  In general terms, the client was struggling to digest life.  By bringing awareness to these elements in the client’s ‘story,’ communication was restored, and recovery from the symptoms began.

In a BT session, the practitioner follows a very specific series of yes/no questions (using protocol charts) that she poses to the body through muscle testing.  The stories that emerge from a session are about re-establishing communication within the body (and mind) of the client.

What kinds of progress are parents reporting from the work you are doing with their autistic kids?

The children have many injuries, and sometimes not enough is known about what occurred exactly; so recovery can take time.  Over the course of several months or a year of BodyTalk sessions, some children have experienced a marked increase in awareness of their environment and their bodies in space where there was little before.  Other changes include potty training, joint attention, reduction in inflammation and pain, improvements in digestion and sleeping patterns, reduced anxiety, relief from symptoms of eczema and more.  And BodyTalk has helped in recovery from sudden illness (flu, fevers, etc.).

Potty training! I know some parents would be thrilled to hear this.

Does BodyTalk interfere with other therapies? Is it okay to do other treatments at the same time?

A BT session cannot interfere with another therapy.  In fact, it can support other therapies by helping the client through detoxification, for example.

Thank you Heather Fraser, for this great explanation. If you are interested in learning more about Heather’s work, you will find her presentation at the eConference on Energetic Healing for Children with Autism and Their Families where you will also have the chance to view presentation by four other terrific Energetic Practitioners.

~ Mama Mac (Alison MacNeil)

* For more by Mama Mac, CLICK HERE.

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