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Book Review: Almost Autism: Recovering Children from Sensory Processing Disorder

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I’ve been sitting here debating whether or not it is appropriate to start a book review with “STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING, AND GO GET THIS BOOK!”   I don’t know the exact etiquette of book reviews, but surely if that’s … Continue reading

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Autism, Reflex Integration and The Brain: Building New Connections With MNRI

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I have two children. One is on the spectrum with anxiety and sensory processing challenges.  The second (unofficially) has ADHD and some sensory issues.  We have been working on recovery for more than four years.  We have spent that time trying … Continue reading

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Meeting Sensory Needs On A Budget

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I have a sensory seeker, which means I have a kid who loves to move and groove. She loves to jump, swing, run, body check me, be squeezed–anything that provides input to her body, she craves. When she was a … Continue reading

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