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Vaccines Cause Autism – Part 4: Postnatal Immune Activation

September 29, 2016 If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we recently initiated the hosting of a series of blogs, with permission of the author, from the website Vaccine Papers that compile the scientific proof that vaccines can … Continue reading

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Vaccines Cause Autism – Part 3: Immune Activation Causes Autism in Monkeys

September 16 2016 Third in a series of blogs reprinted by permission of the author from the website Vaccine Papers. The original is located here. This paper covers the experimental evidence demonstrating that the same prenatal immune activation that causes … Continue reading

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Vaccines Cause Autism – Part 1: Immune Activation and Autism

September 6, 2016 Last week, we promised to take you through the science that proves that vaccines can and do cause autism. This is the first installment of that promise: the scientific evidence that immune activation is the root cause … Continue reading

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