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New Information: Vaccines’ Efficacy May Be Affected by Gut Bacteria

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While doing some reading, I came across a very interesting article regarding vaccine efficacy and the gut, titled, “Researchers Link Vaccine Effectiveness To Gut Bacteria,” based on a study titled “TLR5-Mediated Sensing of Gut Microbiota Is Necessary for Antibody Responses … Continue reading

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Featured Guest Blog: Their Ounce of Prevention Is Not Worth Your Pound of Dysfunction

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The FDA has exclusive authority to approve and license vaccines. The FDA also oversees vaccine safety, and herein lies a vast problem that demands correction. This conflict of interest creates inherent flaws within the FDA. Additionally, the FDA’s deficiencies are … Continue reading

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So, You’re Going to Get a Vaccine: things to consider while weighing the pros and cons of vaccination

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A hot topic for many, vaccines discussions can make or break a conversation.  Like politics and religion, to vaccinate or not is a personal choice.  Increasingly though, the push to get vaccines seems to be gaining more public attention.  So … Continue reading

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