Taking TMR To The Next Level

blazeHere at TMR, we are constantly brainstorming.  How can we get our book into more hands?  How can we spread our message to the masses, the mainstream?  How can we convince “Those Who Accept the Status Quo” to become THINKERS?  How do we most effectively move from creating awareness to inspiring ACTION?

One thing we’ve learned is you have to be prepared and move fast.  Mama Mac had less than 24 hours to get herself to NYC, dressed and prepared to appear on Fox an Friends a couple of Sundays ago.   One day recently, I had 20 minutes warning before I was interviewed on blogtalkradio. ( My portion starts at 26:34).  I just had to trust my professor friend when he said, “Come to my class to talk about the book…just follow my lead….”  (video to come later this week).

kimsblog1Some Thinkers have taken matters into their own hands.  These California moms were so eager to share and connect, they had their own book party!  Believe me, if one of us could have been there, we would  have been in a second. But these guys didn’t let our absence stop them!  We encourage this level of activity at any time!  Have a party and send us the pictures!  We’d love it!  And if one of us can possibly get there, we will!

Our “Buy The Book Day” went spectacularly thanks to your amazing support, and we pushed our Amazon ranking to #114 before falling back down again. So, we are again at the drawing board.  I’m reading Guerrilla Marketing for Writers and I’ve got to say….we have been doing it all right so far. Press release, media kit, blog, merchandise, email blasts to press in our cities, networking with other authors, filmmakers, businesses and non-profits.  But we can’t take it to the next level without you.

Monday, the Rev made the plea to “Buy our book” (read the blog here).  Call your local library and ask them to carry it.  Start a book club and discuss it.  Give it to your neighbor, your friend, your kid’s bus driver, the waitress at your favorite restaurant.”  What else can we do? Do you have any ideas?  What can we help YOU do?  Let us know.  There are kids out there that need saving.


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7 Responses to Taking TMR To The Next Level

  1. Doreen Kwader says:

    You forgot to mention the name of your book…..there is a start…lol…I would love to know, thanks,

  2. tstarmom says:

    I’m almost done with the book and it is excellent. I love the energy and fighting spirit that you girls have. It blows me away. I was also happy to find a chapter in the book about apraxia. I wasn’t expecting that. I am a thinking mom also and my four-year-old son has apraxia, food allergies, eczema, & asthma.

    He has been on a biomedical plan for the past 7 months & has been in speech therapy since he was 2. Since we’ve changed his diet & added supplements, his asthma and eczema have disappeared and his speech is growing by leaps and bounds. I spend much of my time researching autism because biomed isn’t really talked much about in the apraxia world. (Unless it’s about fish oil & he’s severely allergic to fish). I have been forced to think outside the box with him.

    The more I read about autism, the more I know this very easily could have been my family. So many similar symptoms – especially during infancy. I blog at http://www.jakes-journey-apraxia.com to document what treatments are working for my son. I just wanted to let you know that next week I will be writing a review on your book & I’m personally donating a copy for a giveaway. I’ll send you a copy when the review is complete. Thanks for being such strong forces & writing with such heart and soul. You girls rock! 🙂

  3. Apple says:

    Ask ASD providers (DAN doctors, homeopaths, etc.) to carry the book at their practice.

  4. holly says:

    You know how really religious people some times carry around a mini-bible with them everywhere they go? You know, just in case they need to refer back to it. We need a tmr-mini book. So, while out to dinner with friends and family, us thinkers can too, refer back to our bibles. ♥

  5. USE Hashtags in tweets IE:

    “@TannersDad: Taking TMR To The Next Level http://t.co/lA8DHGt1cq via @sharethis #TMR #Autism #SpecialNeeds Children’s Health #Health” 

  6. Lindy C says:

    DONE:) I just bought 3 more copies…one for my mother-in-law, one for my sister-in-law and one to share in some way that I have yet to decide:) I already purchased one for my parents as well as myself of course:) LOVE sharing the TRUTH!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. Hi, I have 7 year old twins who have not received the MMR vaccination. I decided not to get it done because of all the controversy and because I would rather listen to genuine parents whose children have been damaged by vaccines than people peddling these mercury laden vaccines. However, I now face a dilemma. There is a measles outbreak not far from where I live. Over 600 children have contracted measles and the media is constantly carrying the story. Thousands of unvaccinated children have lined up to be vaccinated. What do I do now? I do not want my precious children harmed in any way, either by the illness or the vaccination.

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