Thank You, Jimmy Kimmel, Vaccinators, State Representatives and Others Who Think I Should Vaccinate

roguezebraThank you Jimmy Kimmel, vaccinators, state representatives and others who think I should vaccinate.

I want to thank you first and foremost for paying for my son Crash’s medical necessities. See Crash is having more and more symptoms as the years progress, despite our efforts to undo the damage. Those first years, with just private insurance coverage, were EX-PEN-SIVE. Even with 80% covered, out-of-pocket adds up:

  • $50 a week for bi-weekly physical therapy for 18 months;
  • $3000 for ankle foot orthotics every 18 months or sooner;
  • $300+ for each specialist consultation every six months for five years;
  • luckily, no durable medical equipment.

wheelchairBack then, Crash was denied a pushchair – the evaluating physical therapist didn’t think it was really necessary, yet, connected me to a sales rep who had an older demo pushchair that would’ve ended up in a dumpster. One of many paradoxes we’ve experienced. Crash was too small for this pushchair, at four years, swallowed up by the wideness of the 14-inch seat. I found a smaller size on Craigslist for dirt cheap, which lasted through five years of growth. A Mom does right by her child – always . . . Well, usually. Duplicate everything I mentioned and double the cost since Negotiator started younger, and I didn’t have the wisdom and experience to avoid another injury.

More recently, you’ve also paid for breathing supports ($20,000) and mobility equipment ($18,000). Crash asked for modifications to the mobility equipment. So I scheduled an evaluation, which showed a change in growth and demonstrated a need for new modifications. I advocated for Crash, pointing out each and every struggle with daily living. A letter was written by his physical therapist, a signature added from a specialist and coordinated by the sales rep for the supplier. The phone call saying “the parts are ordered” came without much fanfare – no prior authorization needed and no denial.  No “please explain in more detail to determine medical necessity.” No need to prove that this progression isn’t our reality. New modifications will be $13,000 and involve a shipping crate plus 2+ weeks of loaner equipment. Crash’s mobility equipment will be more expensive than the average car.

MedicaidTypically, primary insurance pays a percentage, and we would pay the rest – eventually. But because of their level of disability, we as a family qualified for secondary insurance for Negotiator and Crash many years ago. They are certified disabled by the state, who goes through medical records with a fine-tooth comb every four years. Not every state offers this benefit. Secondary insurance pays what primary doesn’t; you pay through federal and state taxes for our Medicaid, which pays for Crash’s ongoing medical necessities. So thank you for paying for the consequences of our decision to vaccinate. These necessities make our life interactive and allow us to be a part of our community economics. Yep, partially vaccinated and in the community.

As more test results come in and I learn more from Thinkers, the more I am convinced of vaccine injury as the major contributing factor to my kids’ clinical mitochondrial disease symptoms. I made the choice to follow the herd and trust our pediatrician(s) – once after Negotiators’ stroke and once after switching pediatricians but ignoring my gut feelings. We continued to vaccinate Crash after obvious gross motor delays. No one could put Crash in a diagnostic box (no CP, SMA, RTT, myasthenia gravis or muscular dystrophy at the beginning). After Negotiator’s third life-changing event occurred (stroke, seizures, then myopathy), only then did I stop to Think and decide to make this right. See, I do get to decide medical procedures for my family  – every last one, simple or complex, if and when or where.

So maybe you want to rethink this whole idea of taking away parents’ choice to refuse vaccinations. The cost of supporting the medical needs of this generation of vaccine-injured kids is insurmountable, which is certainly not in the interests of the “Greater Good.” So why would you even consider forcing another parent or constituent to accept what should be an optional medical procedure? You parents of kids with leukemia who have been who have been speaking out in favor of vaccine mandates, you didn’t choose cancer; yet you want me to choose a known risk for my children with a 10-year history of vaccine injury?

What right would have to be taken away for you to empathize with us rather than accuse us? How long will you follow the herd and not question what your own personal sacrifice for the “Greater Good” could be? Team TMR’s CRUSH took this scenario to its logical conclusion: Imagine CPS being called because you refused Tamiflu. Imagine jail because you refuse the flu shot. Imagine parents suing each other because their kid came home sick from school and another child was sick in their class. Imagine forcing Grandma to have surgery. Imagine denying your right to choose a cancer treatment. This is the path we are headed down if we force people to vaccinate: where doctors play God and police your right to care for yourself and loved ones.

Until studies are done to see who is at risk for injury and how to prevent encephalopathy, seizures and myopathy, Thinkers will continue to question, do our homework, and make our own choices while looking forward to the day when truth will prevail.

~  RogueZebra

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12 Responses to Thank You, Jimmy Kimmel, Vaccinators, State Representatives and Others Who Think I Should Vaccinate

  1. Jackie horton says:

    Eileen can you cite where WV board if education can over rule a doc’s medical exemption? I need something more than anecdotal evidence…we are fighting to keep our exemptions here in CA right now…opposing SB 277.

  2. Erika says:

    I have two children. A girl and a boy. I made it very clear that I did not want my daughter vaccinated and luckily, I had her father and my older sister help me. With my son I wasn’t as lucky and he was vaccinated within minutes of being born. I was furious but there was nothing I could do. Sadly, those first few were enough. I now have a severely non verbal autistic son who I love with as much love as any human being can love their child. Was it coincidence that he has Autism and my daughter doesn’t? Could be… But I tell you what, I refuse to vaccinate either one of them now. We live in a state where we still, but not for Long, have the right to choose not to vaccinate but even then the road has been long. The most recent incident, was calling my doctor office because I suspected he had an ear infection and the clinic told me I had been “red flagged” and could be seen only if I waited in my car and came in through the back.( is this the type of world you want to live in? Where everyone else gets to choose what’s best for your children? I love my son, but every damn day I wonder. Why him? What will be of him as an adult? What will be of him when I am no longer able to care for him? Who knows the true numbers but they say 1 in 68 children have autism! People need to wake up! Wake up and ask questions and demand answers! These are our children!

  3. eileen says:

    First off I am in one of only 2 states that only allows medical exemptions for immunizations. Only a doctor can give you an exemption BUT if the WV Board of Education in Charleston disagrees then what your doctor said does not matter.

    Thank you to the uninformed medical community that is uninformed and LIES to cover themselves for the vaccine injury to my grandson I am raising. He was 13 months and speaking in sentences quite advanced for his age. He was also a drug baby who had months of physical therapy and needed to have surgery to fix a physical deformity caused from the drug use. In many areas however he was meeting milestones and quite a few ahead of time. All that he was behind in was his muscle tone which needed to be strengthened with physical therapy and poop issued he had until he was 3 months. One thing that is no recommended even by the CDC and Columbus Children Hospital where he got is surgery is getting an immunization while on steroids (especially injected steroids which he was on from his surgeon and his pediatrician gave to us to give him since he was going on vacation during the summer of 2009) Well 9 days before his surgery he got his DTaP even though I questioned it. His pediatrician said he had to get it so he would not get sick at the hospital and said his surgeon did not know what he was talking about,my peditrician at the time was quite a bit older than the surgeon so I guess that was his where his God complex came from. Obviously my doctor did not look up the CDC information or he never would have gotten it. To this day the doctor denies it and his knowledge of all the issues my grandson had even though he was his pediatrician from birth. My grandson did not speak a word for six months and is still in speech therapy and has some slight symptoms of autism but we have worked so hard with him and he is doing much better. We did more than the doctors suggested and they told us we were wasting our time. Now he is almost 6 and in kindergarten. He is still in speech and is a bit socially awkward and bothered by loud noises but all in all he is doing much better classwork wise he is doing well and in advanced reading. All this, because a doctor would not listen to the CDC and now this is not even listed with them because the doctor denies it and says we gave him too much of the steroid that he was supposed to give but he was on vacation. He says his covering doctor was supposed to give the shot but he taught us how to give the shots and gave us the medication and needles to give it and a schedule. I am at this point completely disgusted with the system. Right now my daughter is getting over and asthma episode, she is also a drug baby. She has no other issues. We are in one of the 2 states where you HAVE to get immunizations. She missed her second HEP b because her asthma acted up and she had a double ear infection and needed an anti-biotic and liquid steroid. I was told she cannot come back to school until she gets her shot. So here is my dilemma now. How long do I wait since she was on an oral steroid? the CDC when I asked that question did not have an answer as to when it is safe. When I called the WV immunization department they said they needed proof because I would have been lying even though she was in the ER and she needed it unless her doctor gave her a letter to hold off for a while. I then said even the CDC did not give a time when it was safe to give an immunization after steroids and told him about her brother ( my grandson). The conversation pretty ended after that and he said he had to go and just said she needed the shot and also did not have an answer.

    That ladies and gentlemen is how much the state and government cares about children. It is all about money and until people see that children will have more and more vaccine injuries. I am lucky my grandson is doing much better as a matter of fact I was told he is a text book example of what you don’t see by this speech therapist at school and she is very happy I did not listen to the doctors and did what I thought was right and doubled up on his therapy sometimes more than that even. She also said she will probably never see another child like him who went from speaking to not speaking to able to speaking again. Parents do what you think is right for your children if not and they are injured you will NEVER FORGIVE YOURSELF. I know I wont forgive myself about my grandson

    My daughter will not be going to school for at least a week to get everything out of her system. I have to keep my child out of school because the STATE does not care. If this is the case even after what happened to her brother which is supposed to be taken into consideration even according to the CDC then what else do you think they don’t take into consideration. I did by the way talk directly to the CDC about this before calling the state and making any decisions. Get informed educate yourself. Do you really want this coming to your state? Go ahead look it up only 2 states have only medical exemption and West Virginia is one. What you don’t see is that the WV State Board of Ed has the last say NOT the doctor. Go ahead and vote for this and hope your child does not get sick or have any issued then be told they cant come to school because the CDC is not always clear and the state goes directly by the CDC and if they are not specific the state is no need to wait do it now. BTW did you know that almost all legislation about immunizations allows doctors to make the choice about their child getting immunizations themselves and they don’t need to anyone’s permission to not get them. Just food for thought.

  4. stellalimelight says:

    Who should I thank for contracting german measles as adult? Surely not the kid who didn’t get vaccinated because he doesn’t have the choice. Not the parents of children who were born with birth defects because they unfortunately came in contact with the virus of an unvaccinated person (usually a child) within the first trimester of their. I was thankful my pregnant friend had the antibody in her. So i just I’ll just thank you and the others who make that choice.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      How about “thanking” the vaccine manufacturer? After all, if you were vaccinated, you were told it would keep you from getting german measles, weren’t you? Or thank yourself for not checking your titers to see if YOU “had the antibodies”? Or you might want to ask around to see if there was anyone recently vaccinated with the MMR. It’s a live-virus vaccine, and the rubella component is known to shed and cause rubella (german measles) in people other than the vaccinated. But no. You got sick, therefore it must be someone else’s fault.

    • Alex'smom says:

      The whole antibody theory is a farce!! My daughter, who has chronic Lyme, has her antibodies checked yearly, using the Elisa and the Western Blot tests. When the tests come back positive, showing antibodies, that means that the Lyme Disease is active within her system. My point is antibodies means you have the DISEASE, not that you are immune to the disease. Just like if you have antibodies to HIV, that means that you are HIV positive, not immune to HIV.

  5. Doreen says:

    What parents who have kids with leukemia fail to realize is that of the many types of damage vaccines can cause, leukemia is one of them.

    • Fran says:

      The denial is frightening. I am an adult victim of vaccine injury and acquired a very dangerous leukemia, AML (acute myeloid leukemia), as a result of vaccinations. I’m very lucky to be alive right now.

    • KF says:

      Doreen read that study again, the title is confusing. It is saying the opposite: Our results are congruent with the current hypothesis put forth by Greaves that states that reduced antigenic challenge during early postnatal development may contribute to an increased risk of childhood leukemia

  6. Eileen says:

    I am a parent of 4~ now adults, back in the 70’s and early 80’s I read & researched all I could get my hands on and made an educated choice for my family. We live in America, home of the free….no forced vaccinations will be tolerated !

  7. karey says:


  8. Maryann says:

    Don’t forget forced amniocentesis for all pregnancies. And the implications that come tin that such as forced abortions if genetic markers show defects. Or the denial of insurance if genetic defects exist and you don’t abort. What about forced sterilization with too many children, or for those with medical issues such as Down Syndrome. How about no resuscitate laws for those over a certain age? Or those that have pre-existing conditions? It will happen “for the greater good”.

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