Vow Broken…

I swore I’d never tell my kids to shut up when they recovered.

Vow broken…


Min Min: Gakk!!! A bug was in my mouth!!
Me: (frantically checking her little mouth) Where’s the bug? Did it sting you?
Min Min: No, I took it out. (Sniff, sniff)
Me: How did it get in your mouth?
Min Min: It flew in!
Me: Maybe you need to keep your mouth closed and stop talking so much ok?
Min Min: Humph!!

Btw, please excuse the dirty and torn furniture, scraped up legs and scribbled on shirt. It was a long day…

~ Dragon Slayer

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10 Responses to Vow Broken…

  1. Saint says:

    This is gonna sound BAD, but if you get that face each time you break your vow, I say do it more often :). I want to kiss her sweet cheeks!!!!

  2. Lisa Kelly says:

    What a sweet “angel” you have! You didn’t actually tell her to “shut up”, so you get a pass Lady! Glad to see i am not the only one with less than perfect furniture in the house, actually we don’t even have a couch, we have a patio swing! 🙂

  3. Ana Maria Abba says:

    Love the picture. Captures the moment so perfectly.

    I’ve been there! I think we all have. Thanks for sharing.

    Ana 🙂

  4. Jeannette says:

    Your stuff looks great- scratches and all! Everything we have is either homemade(kids, etc.) or comes from the thrift store. I am not ashamed- I am picky! And in the midst of all of our long days- the imperfect present is much preferred over the perfectly uncertain future. Hang in there, y’all! Beauty is all around.

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Thanks Jeannette. When my girls were chewing on the furniture and ripping it apart, I have to remind myself that it’s just ‘stuff’. There’s more important things in life than stuff.

  5. We used to ask our DAN! to help us get him to stop talking incessantly. He used to just give us that look, like we should be happy he could talk at all. And of course that is true, but my son used to talk from the moment he got up to the moment he went to bed and often it was nonsense. I likened it to the Chinese Water Torture only it was the M Auditory Torture.

    And thank you DragonSlayer for being human too and having a dirty couch, and a child with scribbles on their shirts. My youngest has taken to scribbling on the walls!

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Thank you Maryann. My daughters went through a phase of inappropriate talking – talking long after everyone has stopped paying attention, not noticing that the other person is not engaging or not looking at the person she’s talking to. And the non-stop talking was only for the briefest moment, but phew, it was exhausting. I never wanted her to feel that I wasn’t paying attention or that her words weren’t important.
      We’ve had scribbling on the walls courtesy of clostridia, wish it were with crayons though:-)

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