Welcome to TMR’s Third President!

March 8, 2016

SunshineIn accordance with the TMR bylaws, it is time to hand over the proverbial reigns to a new president. I am absolutely honored and thrilled to announce that Marissa Ali, a.k.a. Dragon Slayer, has been elected President of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution! The job could not go to a more deserving member of our organization and I am certain that she will lead TMR with the confidence and love that she approaches everything with.

Marissa has been serving on the board for the last two years as Vice President and has had her hand in everything we have done since the beginning. The blog would not run without her! When she isn’t spending time working for our organization, she is dedicated to the school, Brightstars, that she founded in Malaysia. Brightstars — Life Skills for Exceptional Kids is a holistic school for children with autism, ADHD and learning disabilities, ensuring that each student receives the best education tailored to their needs and abilities. Marissa saw a need for a more appropriate learning environment for these exceptional students, and rather than waiting for such a school to be built for these children, she created one! I know that she will continue to grow TMR with the same dedication and enthusiasm that she has put into this remarkable school.


I will continue on at TMR and TEAM and keep working to make sure that our organization is able to help as many families as possible. The last four years have been amazing. I feel privileged to have been able to watch TMR blossom from the very beginning, when we were just starting out and had no clue what we were taking on, through the foundation of TEAM and our grant program and beyond. I am honored to have served as both Vice President and President of this unique and dynamic organization, and I will ALWAYS continue to serve. TMR is much more than just another autism organization. It is family, community, and a part of who I am.

Please join me in welcoming our next amazing President to the table. Congratulations Marissa and the rest of the third board of TMR! Thank you for your service.

~ Meg Davenhall (Sunshine)

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7 Responses to Welcome to TMR’s Third President!

  1. Scout says:

    Welcome to our TMR family Marissa!!! 🙂 Im really excited and have lots of hopes. Thank you dear Sunshine for everything you have done and will do. Thank you for your dedication and loyalty. Thank you for being part of us.

  2. Ginger Taylor says:

    The Queen is dead! Long live the Queen!

  3. Christine polanco says:

    Congratulations Marrissa!!
    Hello, I am a single parent of a beautiful 10 year old boy. I joined your site years ago and read the book ” “thinking moms revolution” My son Jonathan has been on holistic medicine / supplements/ vitamins since he was 2 years old. He has progressed slowly but progress non the less. I was always very skeptical of medicine but have noticed the improvement in 2 other children in his class so I am actually considering it. I took Jon to a pediatric neurologist and he prescribed vyvanse to help Jonathan focus and be able to put his thoughts together. I filled the prescription but have yet to start him on the medication- I am still afraid. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you

  4. pammypies says:

    Congrats! Onward and upward we climb!

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