Who We Are, and What We’re Not

You’ve probably figured out that we’re mostly a bunch of parents. We all have some sort of job, be it a recognizable career or an ethereal mission. Some of us maintain full-time positions while others only clock part-time hours. A few of us choose to stay at home wondering how you career people do it-balancing regular family stuff and special needs-amazing! All of us dabble in the art of networking, writing and revolutionizing.

We’ve each logged extensive research hours across several specialties. Sometimes it feels like we could walk around with a degree or license in the medical field for all we’ve learned. But we are not practicing medical professionals (please always remember to seek medical advice from your primary care physician). The occupation we hold first and foremost is parent of a great kid. What stems from that calling includes having some sort of knowledge in health, nutrition, healing, nursing, legalese, therapeutic remedies and every now and then a little bit of accounting.

What we offer you on this site and in this movement is our collective experience, a peek at our ideals and the how we got to where we are today. Sometimes our behind-the-scene efforts are full of shenanigans as we use humor as a remedy to survive another day. You’ll want to LOL and ROTFL with us because sometimes all you can do after wanting to beat your head against the wall is laugh. Through the laughter and later through the tears we stand together. As a group we promise to continue to learn, and as a force we will make damn sure that changes are made for our kids’ health.

We come from several places across the United States.  We hail from different countries across the globe, and we are scattered miles and oceans apart. We are here to raise our voices to shed light on issues that plague our children. Our children are growing up with problems that could have been prevented. We strive to change that. That has brought us closer, has made us tougher and has enlivened our spirits to make things better for all children. We are here for them. We are here for each other. We are here for you. We are here because we are the revolution.

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3 Responses to Who We Are, and What We’re Not

  1. karmen wagler says:

    Count me in!

  2. Lindy says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the gusto and am SO glad to be along for the ride:)

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