You Are the Change: Moving from Fear to Faith

Tex(One of the — many, many — things I love about being part of TMR is the way we grow as people together. You may have noticed a subtle shift in vibe here over the last three years. That’s no accident. Individually, and as a group, we have made it a priority to use our tremendous creative power to create the good we wish to see in the world. Today, Tex reminds us all of what we already know.  — Editor)

I was suicidal in 2012. I had planned my death and my son Lance’s as well. It’s been a very conscious and intentional process for me, but three years later, I truly am living my dreams and am (mostly) in my joy and purpose. If any of you are struggling, please feel free to contact me here on TMR’s Facebook page privately. Some thoughts based on recent observations:

A lot of our community is really frustrated with the way things are going. GMO, vaccines, government conspiracies, the deaths of the doctors, etc., etc . . . I just want all of you keep your vibration and your faith high during all the chaos. The truth is — thoughts become things. The more we feed our fears to these kinds of manifestations, the more it energizes and grows exactly the things we are trying to guard against. I don’t support burying our heads in the sand, but rather going into our day-to-day battles armed in courage, faith, and a knowing that we can make a difference.

mind power

If your faith is in any sort of religion, then your faith should ground you enough to know that your God is bigger than the powers on this earth, nothing happens without His will, and that He is the ultimate protector. Rejoice in Him and his His perfect will.

If you are “spiritual” in any sort of sense, your faith in Source, in Higher Self and in your Divine Nature should ground you into a sense of purpose and knowing you can create the change you want to see in the world. Take confidence that ALL is as it should be, and enjoy the experience of co-creating with one another to make the world a better place.

If you’re atheist, then take faith in the strength of the human spirit. It is the momentum and energy of a united people that creates change and makes a difference. Find your joy in gratitude and in the eagerness of finding your well-being.

If you’re living in anxiousness and fear, please stop. Your focus on what’s wrong with this world is CREATING and feeding exactly that. This world and our lives are EXACTLY as we (or we in co-creation with God if you’re religious) have created them to be. We must take responsibility for what we have created and for the free will we are given in this life. Either you believe that we have the power to create our world exactly as we want it to be or you believe that you can do all things in Christ (or God) who created you. Either way . . .  it’s THAT vibration of confidence and faith that will change the world. Not our anxieties. Not our fears. Not our paranoia. It’s our constant looking over our shoulder for the Boogie Man that keeps us from focusing on the path and tasks laid out IN FRONT of us and our children.

It’s that metaphor about where your eyes are looking is the direction you drive. Thoughts become things. Make sure yours are good ones.

Anyhoo . . . I don’t mean to project, but I sense so much low frequency and I think it stems from fear. If I”m wrong, then please ignore. But if this was helpful to anyone . . . well . . . then I guess I’m glad to I took the time. That is all.

~in joy
~in gratitude
~in love,

~ Tex

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9 Responses to You Are the Change: Moving from Fear to Faith

  1. Kathryn P. says:

    Thank you for your post. Definitely struggling with this.

  2. Suzi Rayve says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t tell you how afraid I have been for my 13 year old girl in CA. I haven’t slept, pretty much since the disney measles bs. She has severe reactive airway disorder and one shot could kill her. She has a medical exemption, but who knows with that broad horrific law if it will keep her safe. I will homeschool her if it comes to that, but I was always afraid for her.
    Then a few days ago I looked in the mirror (that many nights of no sleep made for a scary mama) and I said no. I will fight for my daughter’s safety with all my soul, but I will not let them destroy me for doing so. I win simply because I have the knowledge to do so. I win because I have such amazing people like you in my corner. I win because I love me for the person I have become in the fight. I win because my daughter is an award winning Aerial Dancer, a 3rd degree Krav Maga fighter, and a soul who would help another in danger immediately without a thought for herself. I win because I have faith in the Love that created her. I have faith in the Angels that guide her. Thank you.

  3. Lea says:

    I ordered Restore for myself. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks.i don’t always eat at home, so I’m having trouble taking it before every meal. Is it better to take 3 Tb. Before a meal if I’m not taking it the rest if the day? Am I wasting the other 2 Tb. Should I take the others with just a snack. If I forget all day should I still take 3 Tb. At once?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      First off, Lea, it’s ONE tablespoon divided into three teaspoons. I don’t think it’s a problem to have more, but the recommended dose is only 1 T/day, preferably spread out as 1 teaspoon three times a day. Like they say, that’s just “preferable.” I don’t think you’re “wasting” it by taking it all at once, it just may not heal quite as quickly. The point to taking with food is that glyphosate and gluten tend to be rough on the gut lining and it you take the Restore WITH the food, you are not only providing protection against the damage, it will even IMPROVE the situation.

  4. Allimama says:

    Thank you for this! Just what I needed to read this morning.

  5. angelina says:

    This was helpful to me as I have been feeling so isolated lately. My faith in Jesus Christ is strong, but being human, its still so hard not to get caught up in that negative vibration that you referenced. I am so brought down by the state of the world and when I try to talk with anyone about it, I’m always told that I take things too personal! What’s more personal than my kids??? lol I guess its good to know that Im not alone in that fear based thinking that is so hard to reject. Thanks for reaching out. I suspect there are so many moms like us out there, but unable to connect….

  6. I am so glad you make this into a blog post. So powerful. I already shared from when it was your post.


  7. Amy Winter says:

    Great topic Tex! Fear is part of the human condition. We all have it. The question for me is and was what are you going to do with it? I have lived with numerous fears for decades and autism was the catalyst for me to start facing my fears and embracing them and acknowledging their purpose. The more I do this the more my daughter recovered. She too is afraid. Afraid to come out into an environment that shot her full of pain, an environment full of loud noises that cause her pain. She and I are the same. The day I realized that was a day of triumph for both of us. Fear is a huge part of recovery and together we are facing them one at a time, hand in hand.

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