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Flu Shot Clinic — “Thimerosal Causes Autism-Like Features”

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We’re rerunning this blog today in light of the recent release of a new video at the Autism Media Channel with some very damning quotes about the effect of the mercury in flu shots when administered to pregnant women. “You … Continue reading

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When Intuition Fails

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Zane Brodie Hampton 8/17/2002 – 8/19/2002  This originally ran two years ago today.  This is Zane’s twelfth birthday, and I felt the need to share his story again.  Ten years ago today I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy: … Continue reading

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The Autism War: Fiction or True Crime?

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I recently finished The Autism War, by Louis Conte, a fast-paced thriller in the style of John Grisham or Dan Brown, featuring international intrigue, corporate corruption and some seriously bad guys.   Much as I enjoyed the book on those merits … Continue reading

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Anti-Vaxxers Say “You Vaccinate, So We Don’t Have To!”

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The folks who work behind the scenes here at Thinking Moms’ Revolution have noticed a number of odd pingbacks to “An Open Letter to My Facebook Friends,” written by our own B.K. on the subject of her numerous Facebook posts … Continue reading

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Autism Policy Reform Coalition: Be a Part of the Solution

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AUTISM: The latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) say that 1 in 68 12-year-olds is on the autism spectrum. Given that those numbers represent a 30% increase from just two years ago, with no changes in diagnostic … Continue reading

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The CDC’s Autism Tracking is Lacking

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If you’re not living under a rock you know the CDC came out with new autism numbers yesterday, 1 in 68 children who are currently 12 years old, and 1 in 42 boys.  These numbers come from their Autism and … Continue reading

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“Opting Out”: New York City Flu Vaccine Exemptions

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As many of you know, the New York City Department of Health, at the instigation of then-mayor Mike Bloomberg, recently approved a new requirement for “all” New York City schoolchildren under the age of six to get an influenza vaccine … Continue reading

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Un-Investigative Journalists Miss the Obvious: Jenny McCarthy’s Son Has Autism

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I keep thinking I’ll write about something other than vaccines because, believe it or not, I am interested in many other health-related topics that I’d love to share with you.  But then the propaganda machine cranks up to promote some … Continue reading

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Vaccine Injured? Sorry! You don’t count.

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This blog is dedicated to the memory of Lorrin Danielle Kain, who died four years ago today at the age of 15 from complications directly related to a vaccine injury she experienced at the age of six weeks. March 14, … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Grey: Autism Style

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I’ve noticed lately that there are a lot of folks who seem to believe that if you don’t agree with them about everything, then you are “the enemy” – even if you were best buds last week.  My daughter pointed … Continue reading

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